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In the world of casual dating, is a website that often gets tossed into the discussion. And with a catchy name, a flashy website, and big promises—it’s got to be worth it, right?

Well, there are two ways to answer that question. One—you can read our review where our team does the digging for you. Or two—you can get a free trial account to try things out for yourself. Today, we’re going to talk about the latter, what it comes with, how to get it, and help you decide if it’s worth your time.

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Here’s the bottom line upfront. The Flirt free trial is pretty limited in what it allows you to do, significantly behind what we’d consider the industry standard. Let’s start with a list of the features you do and don’t get with the trial account, and then we’ll break down all the instances of “limited” you see.

FeatureBasic (Free)Premium (Paid)
Edit/Customize ProfileYesYes
Search MatchesLimitedYes
See Match PhotosOnly 1; not full size
All Photos
See Full ProfileLimitedYes
Send MessagesYes

The limitations start with what you can (and can’t see) on someone’s profile.

Normally, we’re the one’s blurring photos during our reviews and analysis, but today, Flirt takes care of it for us. If you’re using the Flirt free trial account, you are only going to be able to see each user’s main photo. The rest will look like the screenshot below.

And for those saying that one picture is good enough, keep in mind that main picture will only be shown “small” to you. In other words, if you try to zoom in or enlarge the picture from a small thumbnail, you won’t have any luck. You’ll have to upgrade to get access to that “feature”.

Flirt Blurred Photos

Additionally, the free trial account comes with limitations on what you can see written on the profile. Specifically, you won’t be able to see what a member is “Looking for”. Seems like a strange thing to hide (especially because you can’t send messages no matter what), but to each their own.

Flirt Looking For

You’ll be limited in messaging capabilities.

In addition to limitations with profiles and photos, you’ll be limited in message capabilities during your free trial. This is a bit more inline with the industry standard, so not a huge surprise. You are able to send likes, and you are able to get 5 free chats.

While they say chats, though, it looks like it’s just the ability to send a free message, but you’ll need to upgrade to continue the conversation.

free chat options on

They claim there are limitations in how you can search, but we couldn’t find those.

Usually, when we are looking at search features, we find limitations that we weren’t told about. However, today, we were told about a limitation, but we can’t seem to find it. As you can see in the screenshot below, one thing you don’t get with a free trial is access to “Extended search”.

Extended search options on Flirt website

However, when we go to the search section of Flirt, it looks like we have access to all of the options. So, this means there is either an additional set of options that aren’t even visible with a free trial account (highly unlikely), or this is a typo/something that has changed and you do have access to things now. Not a big deal, but just something we want to point out.

Lastly, we want to point something out before you decide if you want to use the free trial account. Keep in mind that many of the accounts shown on the app are from the “Partner Network”. This means that they’re pulling profiles and accounts from a lot of different (and sometimes highly sexual) other websites. And while we can’t confirm this, what this also means, is that your profile is probably being shown on those other websites too.

You’ll see in the screenshot below one of the websites that we saw listed on someone’s profile (it will tell you who is from the partner network).

Is this a bad thing? That’s up to you. We are never really big fans of partner network type set ups (because of safety and privacy reasons), but we’ll leave the final decision up to you.

Flirt Partner Network Screenshots
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