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When you’re a farmer, life is enjoyably different. You know what the sunrise looks like, you understand the value of hard work, and songs about tractors hit you a little bit differently than they do for everyone else. But just because aspects of your life are a little different doesn’t mean that you don’t have the same romantic wants and needs as people from the city.

Luckily, you don’t have to settle just because you live acres away from town thanks to farmers dating apps. These online platforms allow you to meet people from right down the road or a few towns over who understand and embrace the farming lifestyle. And with over 2 million farms in America, there are bound to be options for you to meet. Or, if you’re looking to meet someone with a little more city in their blood—that’s an option to.

To get you started, let’s look at the best farmers dating apps, compare mainstream apps to farmers only dating options, and give you some tips to get the most out of your online experience.

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Best Overall Dating App for Farmers

eharmony for farmers screenshot and header text

For farmers dating apps, our top pick is an easy one—eHarmony. Yes, this is not a farmers only dating app that keeps city-folk on the other side of the fence. eHarmony does embrace people from all walks of life. But here’s where they shine. Number one—they have tons of singles from the more rural parts of America (aka farming country). Number two—the site is only designed for singles looking for serious relationships. And for single farmers who don’t have time to waste with games, it’s a huge win.

If you’re looking for the best farmers dating app, you’ll want to sign up at eHarmony and at the very least see what singles are available in your area (which you can do for free).

Best Online Dating Option for Rural Farmer Dating

Zoosk for farmers screenshot and header text

The biggest challenge when it comes to meeting farmers for dating is proximity. The chances are high that if you live in a farming community, there aren’t that many people who you run into on a day to day basis. What this means is that you’re going to want a way to get access to the most singles and options possible. That solution is Zoosk. With somewhere between 35 and 40 million singles on the site, your chances of meeting an amazing guy or gal in your area goes through the silo roof! If you’re looking for an option that has the most options, Zoosk is your winner.

The drawback? While we think it’s amazing that Zoosk offers service to people looking for all types of relationship goals (serious, casual, hookups, etc.), it tends to bring down the experience for those looking for something serious just a little bit. Certainly not enough to warrant moving it off our list, but you can expect to get messages from people who might not be looking for something serious. But if you’re not either or you’re just looking to dip your toes back into the dating watering hole, Zoosk becomes a great fit for this same reason.

Best Dating App for Christian Farmers

Higher Bond for farmers screenshot and header text

In many parts of the US, there’s a strong correlation between farming, family, and faith. And if you fall into that group where your faith is a big part of your relationship search, you may want to check out Higher Bond. This brand new dating site for Christian singles is designed for those whose relationship with Jesus is at the heart of their relationship decisions.

One thing we really like about how Higher Bond works that’s perfect for farmers is that the app wants to be a part of your day, but not your entire day. Other swipe-style and catalog based dating apps have the tendency to get you addicted to where you spend hours on end doom scrolling and swiping, which can cut into your already minimal free time. Higher Bond, on the other hand, sends you 3-5 curated matches a day, and that’s it. If you don’t see someone you like, you’re done in 5 minutes. If you see someone you like, you send a message, and you’re still done in 10-15 minutes.

Exclusive Farmer’s Dating Site

Farmres Only for farmers screenshot and header text

Probably the most well known farmers only site on the list is conveniently named Farmers Only. The main reason for this is that when the site launched in 2005, they went wild with spending on marketing, country-themed commercials, and getting their name out there. The problem, though, is it looks like the effort and support has dropped off significantly over the years.

Now? The website looks really outdated and just reminds us of a barn that’s been ignored for years because it hasn’t fallen over. The site may be worth checking out for you, but it’s a no for us. Why include it on this list then? Well, we wanted to make sure we shared why we didn’t have certain niche dating apps on the list, but instead more mainstream options.

Here’s a quick word on that.

Farmers Only Dating Apps vs. Mainstream Options

If you’ve seen the commercials, you’ve probably heard of dating apps that are 100% dedicated to farmers. Things like Farmers Only or Love On the Farm, or whatever it is they’re called. While you might think that those sites are what you’re looking for, we’d disagree pretty strongly. Look, we love the idea of dating apps dedicated 100% for single farmers. And we’ll even go as far as commending those that gave it a try. The problem? These apps are about as bare as a barn in a drought.

Chances are when you log in, there are going to see very few (if any) farmers in your area. These apps would be incredible if they worked, but there are just too few people on them. What you’re much better off doing is using an online dating app with millions of people and then sorting by people that are farmers or that live in your area (where it’s probably mostly farmers anyways). As a farmer, you understand the importance of planting seeds in fertile ground where you have the right resources to grow. The same is true about your love life.

Best Dating Service for Senior Farmers

Silver Singles for farmers screenshot and header text

It’s no secret that farmers as a whole in America are getting a little older. According to the most recent Census of Agriculture, the average age of farmers in the US is 57.5, which is up about 1.2 years from the previous Census (5 years earlier). Because of this, it seems like a no-brainer that we should have an over 50 dating site on the list. If you fall into the majority of farmers who are in their later seasons, SilverSingles is going to be a great option for you, whether you just want friends, something casual, or serious dating.

Here’s what we like. First, the app focuses on seniors only. You technically can join at any age, but a quick peek at the website and any of their marketing and you know that they’re only focusing on seniors. Second, you can set your notifications so you don’t get bombarded with messages and notifications all day long while you’re trying to get work done.

What we don’t like is that there isn’t a ton of great ways to target other farmers in your area. If you live in an area that is mostly farmers, this isn’t an issue. But if you happen to live close to a bigger city or something like that, you may see a lot more people from the city than you want (or you might be okay with that). This isn’t necessarily a drawback at all, but we just want you to be aware of it.

Best Farmer Dating App for Business-Minded Singles

Elite Singles for farmers screenshot and header text

If you take a real professional approach to your farming, you may be just as much a businessman or businesswoman as you are a farmer. Trust us; we’ve seen more than our fair share of dirt under the fingernails in the boardroom (and we love it)!

If that’s you, you may really like the singles that are on Elite Singles. The site boasts that 85% of its users hold an above-average form of education. And while this may favor more city-type folks, there are plenty of highly educated farmers out there—or at the very least, ones who find traditional education and success attractive. If we’re speaking your language, check out Elite Singles.

Table of Contents:

Why We Love These Farmer Dating Apps

There are quite a few reasons we’re so big on these farmer dating apps. Here are a few of the bigger reasons:

Single Farmers From All Corners of the United States

It’s no secret that most farms are in more rural areas. And with the average farm size being 445 acres, that just spreads things out even more. For that reason, the best farmers dating apps must have singles from all over the country—and lots of them. This means singles right down the road, a few farms over, or at least in the neighboring towns.

Memberships Priced Appropriately

Farmers 100% understand the importance of budgets and pricing, especially in the times of supply chain worries, inflation, and changes in how much the necessities to grow cost. For that reason, we think it’s important that the farmers dating apps we recommend are priced appropriately. This doesn’t mean that they’re going to be free farmers dating apps, though, because the drop-off in quality is just too steep. What it does mean is that they’re affordable and offer adequate value for what you’re paying. Generally, memberships range from around $10 per month to around $60 per month.

Easy to Use and Get Started

We already touched on the fact that farmers are busy. We don’t have to tell you that. Because of this, we want options that are easy to set up, don’t take hours to figure out, and can have you matched and meeting farmers in your area in no time. You may be a rock star with a John Deere, but computers and phones may not be your thing—and that’s okay. These farmer dating apps understand that and keep the process from being complicated.

Great Mobile Capabilities

While you may spend a lot of time on your farm or property, that doesn’t mean you spend a lot of time in one spot. And because of this, we think it’s only right that farmers dating apps cater to those needs. So, if you’re on the tractor, in the barn, or just sitting on your front porch sipping some sweet tea (yes, we’re from the south), then you should be able to meet and match with other farmers without having to get up from that comfy chair.

Data on Single Farmers

One way to get a leg up on meeting another single farmer is to have a good lay of the land. If you’ve ever wondered what the community in the US looks like, we’re right there with you. What our team did was take the recent Agricultural Census data on the make up of the farming community and compare it with the percentage trends of singles for the entire population. While it’s not a perfect metric, it should give us a pretty good general idea of what the single farmer population looks like.

As of the most recent Census data, there are 3.4 million farmers in the United States. With an average of 50% of the US population being single (not married), that means that about 1.7 million farmers across the US are still single. Here’s what those numbers look like when we break things down by a few more metrics.

  • 64% of farmers are male; 36% are female
    • What is exciting is that from 2012 to 2017, we saw a 26.6% increase in the number of female farmers in the US.
  • The age of the farm producing population:
    • 8% < 35
    • 58% 35-64 years old
    • 34% 65+
  • The ethnic makeup of the farm producing population:
    • 95.4% White
    • 3.0% Hispanic
    • 1.7% American Indian/Alaska Native
    • 1.3% Black
    • 0.8% More than one race
    • 0.6% Asian
    • 0.1% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
farmer census data

This should give you a little insight into what dating as a farmer may look like. Expect to see more men than women, but that gap is shrinking as more women get involved in farming. Additionally, much of the population is going to be over the age of 35. And when it comes to diversity, it’s not really that diverse with over 95% of the farmers being white. If you’re interested in dating someone from a different culture, you may want to consider looking outside of just farmers only (which the options we suggested here allow you to do)!

Source: Census of Agriculture Highlights of Farm Producers

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Dating Apps for Farmers

Stick to the mainstream dating apps.

As we mentioned earlier, there are far too few single farmers on the dedicated dating options. While it would be awesome to see a farmers only dating site with a ton of singles, it’s just not reality. Instead, use the mainstream options where there are plenty of people that fit what you’re looking for.

Learn to use the search and sorting functions.

As a farmer, you understand the important of knowing how to use your tools properly. When it comes to meeting farmers, learn to use the search and sorting functions. Because you’re using mainstream dating apps, there will be some city-slickers on there that don’t know what a sunrise looks like. If you learn to use the search and sorting functions, though, you can find and meet exactly what you’re looking for.

Tell people you’re looking for a farmer.

Don’t be shy about what you’re looking for! If you don’t tell people you’re looking for other single farmers, then you might get inundated with messages from people that don’t match what you’re looking for. While the attention might feel nice, it’s just going to waste your time. Instead, fill out your dating profile in a way that tells people exactly who you are and what you’re looking for.

Be open about your availability.

If you happen to meet someone online who isn’t a farmer, that’s okay! You’ll want to be open with them about your lifestyle and time restrictions, though. It’s okay to be busy, and it’s okay to have a demanding job like being a farmer. But if you don’t share this with the singles you’re talking to, there’s no way for them to understand your lifestyle. When you don’t share the info, it may make them think you’re just not interested when it takes you a while to respond or to schedule a date.

Farmers Dating Site FAQ

Is the Farmers Only dating site a good option?

While you can potentially have luck at any dating site, we’re not huge fans of super niche dating sites like Farmers Only. The reason? There are going to be too few singles in your area to have much luck. Instead, we prefer mainstream dating apps with the right filters to sift through and find what you’re looking for.

Do single farmers use online dating apps?

Yes! The fact that you’re here looking at options should be a great testament to that being true. Every month, thousands of single farmers search for dating apps and dating websites to help them meet other likeminded singles.

Is farmer dating hard?

Dating as a farmer can be tough. You work long hours, you’re secluded from large populations of people, and you may not have a lot of experience when it comes to dating. That’s all okay. Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s not possible. This is why we’re huge fans of farmers dating sites because they can help you save time, meet people who aren’t right next door, and help you find the love you’ve been seeking.

Is there a Tinder for farmers?

No, there is no Tinder for farmers. However, several dating apps that are great for meeting farmers do have swipe-style features you can take advantage of. For example, eHarmony has the What If feature, Zoosk has the Carousel feature, and Christian Mingle has the LookBook.

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