eHarmony Free Communication Weekend Details

If you’re here, you probably caught the tail-end of a commercial on TV or had a good friend mention to you something about a free weekend or something-or-other on the online dating site eHarmony. While these commercials and our trusty matchmaking friends do a great job of bringing stuff like this to our attention, they don’t always get us the nitty-gritty details that we need to know what it is and most importantly how we can take advantage of it.

Now, for those of you that are just here to get signed up and already know what this whole thing is about, we’ve got you covered. If you click the link below, you will automatically be taken to eHarmony’s site and automatically set up to take advantage of the current or upcoming Free Communication Weekend.

For the rest of you that still want to learn more first, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we are going to break down exactly what eHarmony’s free weekend is, what features you get free access to, how to get signed up and not miss out on the next one, what happens when the free weekend is over, and some additional information on eHarmony that we think could be helpful in your search for love.

If you’re ready to go, let’s get buckled up and start talking about eHarmony’s famous Free Communication Weekends.

Costs and Pricing

This is the million-dollar question that everyone is asking. The answer is this. eHarmony does not release an “official schedule” of when they are going to have their free communication weekends. That being said, we’ve done a little detective work into the past and there are certainly some pretty solid trends that let us know when we should be expecting the next free weekend. eHarmony is also not shy about letting people know when these are (because they are confident in their product).

Trends you say? Yup! eHarmony has a strong tendency of putting their free communication weekends around holidays ESPECIALLY ones that include a three-day weekend. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should expect one every single holiday or every single three-day weekend, but this is a really good time to perk your ears up and make sure that you’re ready to take full advantage of it.

As we also mentioned, eHarmony does not want to keep these free weekends a secret. They’re willing to open up the doors to their inner workings because they have confidence in their product and are hoping that people choose to continue being a member after the free trial is concluded. This means that you can expect TV ads, web ads, and any other way they can get it in front of people’s faces to be overloaded in the weeks leading up to an event.

The absolute best way to make sure that you don’t miss out on an eHarmony free weekend is to sign up for a free account now with the links we’ve provided. You don’t have to go nuts and fill anything out if you don’t want to, but here’s why this is the best way. eHarmony will email you (as they have done for years) to let you know that a free communication weekend is coming up. Think of it like getting onto a mailing list with updates on when things are going to happen.

If you use any of the links we have for the free trial on this page, you will be automatically set up with an account that is ready and raring to go for the free communication weekends. You won’t have to do anything extra or special when the times comes; you’ll just log into your account and be ready to start looking for that special someone!

This may seem like a silly question at first, but if you know anything about the world of online shopping and services, sometimes free doesn’t always mean free. For that reason, we wanted to make sure that we covered this to put any of your questions or fears to rest.

Thankfully, when it comes to the eHarmony free weekends, free actually means free. There is no deposit that you have to make, or plan you have to purchase to get access. Free is free. All you have to do is use the links we’ve provided, and you won’t have to ever pull out your purse or your wallet (or your fanny pack if you’re that awesome).

If you’re asking this question, then you get an A+ from us because you’re asking the right question. The secret to taking full advantage of an eHarmony Free Weekend is already being signed up BEFORE the weekend actually starts.

Why? For one, you will get notified by the site via email that it’s going on. Two, you’ll be able to maximize your time during the Free Weekend because you can start communicating with your potential matches from the second the weekend starts. Everyone else who isn’t already signed up will need to go through that process and get everything set up before they can start reaching out to other singles.

Be smart and get ahead of the game. How you ask? Another great question. We’ve set up a direct link below that will automatically get you signed up to take advantage of eHarmony’s Free Communication Weekends. You don’t have to put in any special codes or email support or anything like that. Just click below and create your account and you will be all set up and ready to go for the next (or current) eHarmony Free Communication weekend.

A lot of online dating sites offer free trials, but a lot of the times there are still restrictions and limitations on that free trial. With eHarmony, you’re going to be getting a considerable amount of free features with a few limitations. Let’s break down what you do get and what you don’t get when it comes to the eHarmony Free Communication Weekends.

Create Your Profile and Upload Your Photos

The first thing that you’re able to do is get your personal profile set up. eHarmony has some expansive profiles because they care (probably the most) about getting people matched up with someone they will really have a great shot of a future with. You’ll be able to fill in all of this information, so you can showcase the best side of you to potential matches. (If you’re not sure how to get started on making your profile, we have this awesome guide on how to create the best online dating profile. It even has some examples to help get you started.

Additionally, you’re able to take eHarmony’s compatibility quiz which is the main method they use to help you find the best matches. They’ve spent a ton of money and had a lot of people (way smarter than us) working to develop a system that helps to make successful matches. You’ll be able to fill this out and get your results as well as see who they think is a good fit for you.

Receive Your Matches

We hinted at this in the last section, but we’ll address it directly. eHarmony gives you the ability to see all of your potential matches that they have for you. This is probably the coolest part of the free communication weekend because it lets you find out once and for all if the site is going to be worth your time or if maybe you should be looking elsewhere. eHarmony is known for having some of the highest-quality singles online, but that doesn’t mean anything if there isn’t someone that is perfect for you.

This let’s you figure that out…for free.

Send Flirts and Virtual Smiles/Messages

This is the first step in the dating process on eHarmony and is designed for some of you that might be new to this or a little shy. You can send winks and preprogrammed messages to people that you’re interested in to start seeing if they have any interest in you. It’s a low risk and high reward way of testing the waters.

Send and Receive a Round of 5 Questions

eHarmony Communication 1

eHarmony utilizes a method of communication called “guided communication.” What is that? Well, the short answer is it’s there way of trying to help walk you through the matchmaking process in the most effective way possible. Basically, they’ve developed a system that helps to cut out the flaky people and helps to weed out the people that aren’t good matches for you. And if you’re curious, they do this very, very well.

The five questions are where you’re able to pick a list of five questions that you want a potential match to answer. You can ask questions that pertain to pretty much any aspect of them, their personality, values, or lifestyle to help you start figuring out if they are going to be good for you. This also does a great job of getting both people invested in the dating process so you know that the flakiness level is going to go way down.

Send and Receive Your List of Makes or Breaks

eharmony makes or breaks

These are your deal breakers. This is where you get to share with that match (who already answered your five questions) the things that you can’t live without in a relationship and the things that drive you absolutely bonkers. Without going on a tangent, some quick advice here is to be as honest as possible. This step is an AMAZING way to keep you safe from future problems with someone that it is just not going to work out with.

But, what if I don’t want to use the guided communication?

The one thing that you won’t be able to do during your eHarmony free communication weekend is send personal messages right off the bat. The site requires you to go through the guided communication process. They do this because it helps to protect the other members and ensures that they’re able to offer such a top-notch system of helping you find love.

Now, if you do choose to become a paid member of the site, you will be able to utilize a function where you can skip the guided communication process. While it’s not advised, that option is going to be there for you.

Not being able to do this during your free communication weekend should not be a reason not to check it out. This would be like turning down a free meal because they didn’t offer you free drinks with it. Take advantage of what they’re giving you, find out if there are any quality matches for you, and start getting to know those special men or women that you’re interested in.

The Bottom Line on Features

We have good news. When the eHarmony free trial weekend is over, nothing terrible and scary happens. The site does not delete your account and instantly hide all of your matches from you until the next free weekend. Here’s what happens. The free features that you had access to will no longer be available and your account will revert to a normal free account. Your messages and your matches WILL NOT be deleted. All of that will be saved and stored by the site.

How do you get access to continue chatting with your matches? Well, at this point you’ll need to upgrade to a paid membership. If you didn’t like your time on the site or didn’t see someone you were interested in, no biggie. You can just go on about your business and check back in next time they have a free weekend.

If you did like what you saw, then you can choose to upgrade to one of their paid plans. Wonder what they cost? Here’s a link to the full breakdown of the eHarmony costs.