DownToDate Review

Who understands the demands of a successful medical career better than someone else in the field? Shared values, interests, and passions, combined with equally busy schedules, could be the makings of a love connection. 

That’s where DownToDate shines, as a niche dating app laser-focused on matchmaking for physicians. But are two MD designations enough to get the heart pumping?

You’re about to find out as we look at the DownToDate concept from all angles including how it compares to other dating apps designed for doctors. Homepage Screenshot

DownToDate – The Bottom Line Up Front

We’ll be right upfront with you regarding the DownToDate dating app because you’re most likely a physician without much spare time. That’s why this particular niche dating service was created. It’s for doctors by doctors. 

The logo is top-notch, and the app is clever with its medical theme, including consults and pages. But one of the best features of DownToDate is the verification process. Hesitancy in joining shouldn’t revolve around the userbase, as everyone is individually vetted to ensure they are an MD, DO, or MBBS. However, that doesn’t mean we’re promoting that you jump right in either. 

Despite the enticing premise and appearance, the love doctors need a bit more training. Instead of the usual feedback that typical dating apps generate involving fake profiles or not enough quality singles, DownToDate’s members struggle to use the service itself. It launched in 2020, and for months, comments revolved around the bugginess. It’s tough to meet that special someone if you can’t navigate through the app.

  • Biggest Pro – Unique app for Physicians and Medical Doctors
  • Biggest Drawback – App is full of bugs and isn’t complete

So, is it worth it? Currently, the prognosis isn’t great, but there’s always hope. In the mean time we would recommend looking into some other apps geared toward hardworking and successful professionals like Elite Singles or The League.

Overall DownToDate Rating

Quality Matches8.5/10.0
Ease of Use6.0/10.0


Pros and Cons of the DownToDate Dating App


  • Created by physicians for physicians
  • Fun, medically-themed dating app
  • All users are verified for profile authenticity


  • Reported problems with the app’s functionality
  • Exclusively for MD, DO, MBBS
  • Comments and feedback have slowed since the end of 2020

Who DownToDate Is Good For

  • Physicians – MD, DO, MBBS
  • Single doctors looking for other single doctors
  • US-based medical professionals

Who DownToDate Might Not Be Best For

  • Anyone who doesn’t hold the MD, DO, or MBBS designation
  • Singles who prefer a dating site to a dating app
  • Potential users seeking more refined matchmaking tools and a diverse user base

DownToDate Review – Table of Contents

Fast Facts About DownToDate

  • Site Name: DownToDate (
  • Paid or Free: Both
  • Average Sign-Up Time: 15 to 20 minutes
  • Paid Membership Pricing: Approximately 19.99/month
  • Unique SITE Facts and Figures
    • DownToDate launched in 2020
    • Physicians developed the concept
    • It’s a US-based dating app exclusively for US-based singles
    • This DownToDate shouldn’t be confused with a now-defunct service sharing the same name

DownToDate Features Overview

With DownToDate, it’s not so much about the features but the way they’re presented. If these docs did one thing right, it’s stretching the imagination. Not only is the stethoscope-turned-heart logo perfect branding, but paging and accepted consults create a fun atmosphere where physicians can visit and get excited about meeting others in the same field.

Of course, the style still needs to equal substance. DownToDate provides just enough to get to know other members, but it’s far from a feature-rich dating app. It makes sense for busy doctors who are limited on time, as you get straight to the point. Search for singles who meet your criteria, reach out and express interest, and if there’s a mutual interest, start messaging and see where it goes. 

That’s the premise, and it should be all you need if the app works efficiently. Unfortunately, until the bugs are addressed, even these simple steps could be challenging.

Establish a Profile

The primary thing that sets DownToDate apart from other dating apps is the clientele that uses it. This is an exclusive type of service without the exorbitant pricing that typically accompanies it, and it’s all about the profiles. You can’t portray yourself as someone you’re not, as all new member’s credentials are substantiated. So, honesty is the best policy!

An HPI questionnaire is also part of the registration process and stands for Hogan Personality Inventory. It’s a standardized test determining personality traits like sociability and adaptability, providing more ways to narrow the field.


Before you get to any other feature, filters are an excellent place to start. While the simple premise of DownToDate has already eliminated singles outside the United States and anyone who isn’t an MD, DO, or MBBS, there’s more to consider. So, you can search by location, training level, and specialty, as well as other dating standards like religion. 


After you’ve narrowed the field, you’ll turn to the few icons at the bottom of your screen, including a heart. The heart represents a consult, which is DownToDate’s way of saying you’re interested in someone. What happens then? The dreaded virtual waiting room. You can’t converse with your person of interest unless they want a mutual consultation. 


If all goes well with your consult and it’s mutual, it’s time to drag out your pager. Well, at least the direct messaging screen. Once you have an accepted consult, you can page each other from within the app. There’s nothing out of the ordinary about messages. It’s like texting without revealing your private phone number. 


Do you know what to say to patients but freeze when it’s time for you to connect with a special someone? DownToDate has some pre-written icebreakers for you. They’re not only helpful with stage fright but are quick and easy to use. So, as you’re running to the OR, you can click a button and send a clever message. You might have something to look forward to after surgery!

The Quality of Singles at DownToDate

If everything works as designed, the quality of singles at DownToDate should be second to none. It’s what it portrays – a dating app for physicians looking to meet others in the medical profession. And, there’s no compromise, as the membership is exclusive to MD, DO, or MBBS credentials. 

We know that DownToDate promotes vetting all users to ensure that the premise holds. However, with so many launch issues, including app bugs, we can’t be 100% certain. 

How to Sign Up at DownToDate

The DownToDate registration process isn’t as lengthy as a service like eHarmony. However, the docs have integrated an HPI questionnaire to let your personality shine. So, you’ll want to devote about 20 minutes to get the job done right. 

You’ll set up your login, provide basic information, and take the test. But you’ll need to wait for your credentials to be verified. Remember, this app is strictly for physicians, so the chief of staff at DownToDate needs to do a little vetting before you’re up and running.

Price | How Much Does DownToDate Cost?

If you’ve read any of our other reviews, you know we provide detailed and accurate information on everything from features to pricing. And we don’t want to neglect our duties, but the cost of DownToDate is a bit fuzzy.

We found a “DownToDate Subscription” cost in the App store. So, we’re assuming that’s the monthly membership rate. Additionally, the Apple app store promotes that new users receive two months free. 

There’s been radio silence at DownToDate in recent months, so we can’t verify the accuracy of that pricing and promotion. However, we found that despite the exclusivity of the clientele, the cost is pretty comparable to other niche dating apps.

Customer Support Options

Even though DownToDate is a dating app and not a dating site, there is It’s a landing page used for promotional purposes. However, it also holds the key to the customer support kingdom. The prominently placed button on the top right opens a handy contact form. 

DownToDate FAQ

What is the DownToDate app?

DownToDate is a relatively new dating app developed by physicians for physicians. It’s for single doctors holding MD, DO, or MBBS credentials in the US. 

Are there DownToDate apps for Android and iPhone?

Yes. DownToDate isn’t a dating website; it’s a dating app. So, downloads are available in both the Apple and Google Play stores.

How much does it cost to join DownToDate?

While DownToDate doesn’t publish its rate card, you can expect to pay somewhere in the $20 range for a monthly membership to the dating app.

Do I have to be a doctor to be a part of DownToDate?

Yes. DownToDate is exclusively for physicians (MD, DO, MBBS).

I was a member of DownToDate a few years ago but thought it closed. Is the same thing?

No. The original is now defunct, even though you might come across a Facebook page in your online travels. The new DownToDate is app-based with a promotional website housed at