eHarmony vs. Tinder

Sometimes when we do dating site comparison matches, it’s tough because both sites are good for people with the same relationship goals. When it comes to the eHarmony vs. Tinder match up? Complete opposite. Each dating app is designed with a completely different purpose.

Read on and we’ll help you decide once and for all if eHarmony or Tinder is the right choice for you. We’ll look at who each app is best for, the pricing of each option, and the difference in features. The good news is this is going to be an easy one!

The Bottom Line First – eHarmony vs. Tinder

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Here are some additional key differences to weigh in your decision.

  • Location – These are both huge dating services with users around the globe. That being said, eHarmony seems to focus most of their efforts on the US, UK, Canada, and Australia while Tinder is literally everywhere.
  • Demographic – Tinder is built to attract a younger demographic (think like the 18-30 crowd). In fact, if you’re over the age of 30 tinder will cost more than it does for the target demographic. eHarmony tends to attract singles in their mid-to-late 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s and has the same pricing for all those age groups.
  • Dating Process – Tinder is heavily based on picking matches based on how they look. eHarmony puts a lot more emphasis on profiles and character. Tinder matches singles solely based on age, sex, and location. eHarmony has one of the most advanced matching algorithms on the planet that looks at way more than just basic demographics and location.
  • Quality of Singles – Though the relationship goals of each of these dating apps’ users may be vastly different they do share one thing–both eHarmony and Tinder have ton of users. This means you will find singles near you with whichever app you choose. The one thing we would warn against is that Tinder has more fake profiles because of it’s lower barrier to entry.
  • Relationship Goals – This is probably the biggest difference between Tinder and eHarmony. Singles on eHarmony are primarily looking for meaningful lasting love, but most Tinder users are looking for extremely casual, hookup style dating.

Here’s the absolute bottom line answer to the eHarmony vs. Tinder debate.

  • If you are looking for casual dating, flings, or no-commitment fun—go with Tinder.
  • If you are looking for serious or committed relationships—go with eHarmony.

Here’s how you can try each of these online dating sites for free right now.

Cost Difference of  eHarmony vs. Tinder

When you look at eHarmony vs. Tinder on a dollar for dollar basis, Tinder is way less expensive. It’s about $100 less to sign up with Tinder for a 6-month account vs. with eHarmony.

Does that mean that if you’re looking for a serious relationship and want something less expensive than eHarmony you should use Tinder? Absolutely not. Remember, Tinder is designed for casual dating. If you are looking for other options that might be more budget-friendly, check out our list of the best dating apps.

And if you are looking for casual dating and fall into that younger demographic, the pricing of Tinder shouldn’t be a turn off.

eHarmony Cost

Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership Cost
Premium Light6 Months$65.90 per month
Premium Plus12 Months$45.90 per month
Premium Extra24 Months$35.90 per month

Tinder Cost

PlanLengthMonthly CostTotal Cost
Platinum1 month$39.99$29.99
Platinum6 month$20.00$89.99
Platinum12 month$12.50$119.99
Gold1 month$29.99$24.99
Gold6 months$15.00$74.99
Gold12 months$10.00$99.99
Plus1 month$9.99$7.99
Plus6 month$5.00$23.99
Plus12 month$3.33$31.99

Tinder vs eHarmony Feature Comparison

  • Tinder really gets right to the searching and viewing of single photos – there’s no sign-up compatibility quiz, no profile creation – only what are you looking for, your basic details, and post your photo.
  • eHarmony really takes the time to get to know you as a single when you first sign up – there is a full quiz about your interests, you create a full profile of several items about yourself, and only then do you gain access to member profiles.
  • Tinder is very visual and flirty; while eHarmony is less visual and more about getting to know matched singles on a deeper level.
  • eHarmony has a robust catalog of features to help you match and get to know people on a deeper level. Tinder keeps it simple with nothing more than swiping and looking for mutual matches.

These sites are really impressive matchmakers with a long track record of success—in their respective arenas. Tinder’s got a great system going with their easy swiping and flirty ways to interact for casual dating. eHarmony is more focused on the deep compatibility that leads to long term love—and really knocks that out of the park. You can tell this right up front as they spend a lot of time getting to know you to provide curated, higher-quality matches.

eHarmony explicitly states that they are for singles seeking long term love or marriage from their dating journey. Tinder is a little different – this site is really built on the “quick and now” model of swiping, finding someone, then perhaps finding someone else with another swipe next week. There have been many happy couples who met on both sites, but eHarmony definitely wins out in the long term love category.

Start a Free Trial Now

Tinder and eHarmony both have great free trial memberships that get you access to the most basic features of the sites and also let you see a little of who’s in the member community. The free trial account is where these two sites also shine – the accounts take only minutes to sign up for and they require no form of payment.

So, which site will work better for your dating needs? Hopefully, you’ve got some solid evidence either way now. Sign up with a free trial membership below and start your love journey today.