Christian Mingle vs. Plenty of Fish

How is your dating life? If you’re struggling finding dates that don’t immediately make you want to climb out a bathroom window and call a taxi, then switching to the best online dating sites is a great choice. 

A great dating platform can help you match with great singles and get to know them before you ever meet in person. So, you are less likely to get blindsided by a date’s outrageous political opinions or strange hatred for cats. 

Two of the most popular dating sites on the market are Christian Mingle and Plenty of Fish. Today, we are putting these two sites head to head to determine which is the overall best site for singles. 

Which site can lead you to love and a fulfilling relationship without too many pit stops along the way? Read on to find out which site we chose! 

Key Differences Between Christian Mingle and Plenty of Fish

  • Christian Mingle, as you might have guessed from the name, is more focused on matching singles based on moral and religious compatibility. POF focuses on matching people by location. 
  • Plenty of Fish and Christian Mingle may both be sites where you can find love, but Plenty of Fish has many users who state they are only looking for casual romance. 
  • Christian Mingle has an activity tab that keeps you up to date on activity surrounding your profile and those interested in you. 
  • POF has a fantastic live feature that helps singles connect and make real, face-to-face connections. 

Which Site is Better? Christian Mingle vs. Plenty of Fish

Christian Mingle and Plenty of Fish both have fun features and impressive amenities that singles may enjoy, but at the end of the day, picking the best site was simple. Christian Mingle is the clear winner in the POF vs. Christian Mingle battle! 

Christian Mingle not only matches all the features on POF, but the site does each feature better. From their LookBook feature to their advanced filtering, there is nothing you can get on Plenty of Fish that you won’t find a better version of on Christian Mingle. 

If you are interested in giving Christian Mingle a shot, check out our free trial link! 

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How Christian Mingle Compares with Plenty of Fish – Similarities and Differences

What’s the Same

  • Both Christian Mingle and Plenty of Fish have a swipe-dating feature where you can quickly look through matches and make decisions on which users you like. 
  • Plenty of Fish and Christian Mingle are both sites that claim to be great for singles looking for serious romance and they have the statistics to back that up. 
  • Both sites offer Android and IOS app options to help users take dating on the go. 
  • Each of these sites offer great amenities at a reasonable price point as well as a fantastic free trial option. 

What’s Different

  • Christian Mingle is a site that has a focus on religion, Plenty of Fish glosses over religion as a passing stat on users’ profiles. 
  • Plenty of fish has fewer users than Christian Mingle (2 million on POF, 15 million on Christian Mingle). 
  • Plenty of Fish bases matching off location and very few of your personal preferences. Christian Mingle matches users based on their Discovery Preferences. 
  • According to 2020 statistics, the average users on Chrsitian Mingle are between 30 and 49. The average users on POF are between 40 and 65. 

Three Reasons You’ll Love Christian Mingle

  1. Christian Mingle is a site that is obviously polished and cared for by a great group of web masters and moderators. The site is super intuitive and even the least experienced users can pick up new skills and tricks with ease.  
  2. Christian Mingle welcomes users of all religions and denominations. The only requirement is that you are willing and open to dating Christian singles. So, if you feel that strict, Christian-only dating sites are too restrictive for your taste, Christian Mingle is a great site to try. 
  3. Christian Mingle allows you to seamlessly transition between a more traditional approach to serious dating and the fun swipe-style matching we see in apps like Bumble and Tinder. 

Three Reasons You’ll Love Plenty of Fish

  1. Plenty of Fish feels very laid back without feeling trashy. It makes the site/app perfect for transitioning between both serious dating and casual connections. 
  2. Plenty of Fish is very reasonably priced, with monthly bundles that lower the overall cost. 
  3. Plenty of Fish has one of the simplest sign up processes of any “serious” dating app. You can get started matching singles in just a few minutes!

Christian Mingle Cost vs. Plenty of Fish Cost

Christian Mingle Cost

Membership TypeLengthMonthly Cost
Premium 6 months$19.99
Premium 3 months$24.99
Premium 1 month$42.99

POF Cost

Membership TypeMembership LengthMonthly CostTotal Cost
Premium3 months$20.94$62.82
Premium6 months$15.70$94.23
Premium12 months$10.47$125.64
1 TokenN/AN/A$3.99
5 TokensN/AN/A$14.95
10 TokensN/AN/A$19.90

Who Christian Mingle is Best For?

  • Christian singles who want to base their search for a partner on religious compatibility and general lifestyle goals and standards. 
  • Those who want to use a dating site that has over two decades of experience in creating great relationships. 
  • Singles who are open to dating Christians and want a site that focuses exclusively on committed partnerships (not hookups). 
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Who Plenty of Fish is Best For?

  • Singles looking for a site that offers an easy way to switch between casual and serious dating. 
  • Those who are jumping back into the dating pool and need a site filled with mature singles that match your life goals. 
  • Anyone who struggles with overly complicated dating apps and sites.
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