How Much Do Senior Dating Sites Cost?

The popularity of online dating amongst senior singles has been absolutely exploding over the past few years! Seniors of all ages had started to embrace technology as it’s an incredible way to find quality singles in today’s world.

If you’ve been considering joining a senior dating site, you may be wondering just how much they cost to join. Are they expensive? Are there senior discounts? How much should you expect to pay?

In this guide, we’re going to answer all of these questions. Additionally, we’re going to show you the most current and up to date senior dating site prices, so you can decide which option might be best for you.

Current Pricing of Senior Dating Sites

Site Free Trial1-Month3-Months6-Months12-months
SilverSinglesSilver Singles Logo IconVisit NowNA$57.80 per month$23.62 per month$18.70 per month
eHarmonyeHarmony Logo IconVisit NowNANA$65.90 per month$45.90 per month
Higher BondHigher Bond LogoVisit Now$28.95 per month$17.95 per month$14.95 per monthNA
ZooskZoosk LogoVisit Now$29.95 per month$19.98 per month$12.50 per month$12.50 per month
Senior MatchSenior Match Logo IconVisit Now$29.95 per month$19.95 per month$15.95 per monthNA
Our TimeOurTime LogoVisit Now$37.58 per month$21.45 per month$21.45 per monthNA

Comparing Current Senior Dating Site Membership Prices

As you can see, the cost to join a senior dating site is a pretty wide range depending on which site you join. Before we compare and contrast these prices, there is one thing we want to say. Don’t just select the site or app you want to use on price alone. Use the free trials and find the site that has the features and people you want and also matches your budget. Just because a senior dating site is the cheapest does not mean it’s going to be an effective choice for you.

With that said, let’s talk prices. You’ll notice that with almost every option, the longer the term you select, the lower the monthly cost. This is because you do usually pay for the entire membership upfront, so they give you a discount for agreeing to be a member longer. For the one-month memberships, Our Time is the most expensive and Higher Bond is the least expensive. Several providers (eHarmony and SilverSingles) do not offer memberships this short.

As you move to the three month range, prices drop substantially with Higher Bond still being the least expensive and SilverSingles now being the most expensive. At the six-month mark, Zoosk is the least expensive by a few dollars per month with eHarmony being the most expensive. And finally, as you get out to a year, Zoosk is the least expensive option and eHarmony is the most expensive.

Here are a few takeaways:

  • While eHarmony is the most expensive, they are also the most feature rich meaning you are getting a lot more options for what you’re paying for.
  • SilverSingles has the biggest price drop from three months to six months. If that’s the option you choose, we’d recommend getting at least a six-month membership.
  • Higher Bond, a Christian dating site that services seniors, is currently the lowest price in most membership lengths. This is most likely because the site is new and offering a discount to grow the membership base.
  • Many of these sites for seniors don’t offer one-month memberships because they believe it’s going to take you longer on average to find someone meaningful. Some sites charge a higher price to deter you while some just don’t offer it.

Again, remember, don’t just make your decision based on price. Use the free trial links and try a few options out to find one you like.

What You Need to Know About Senior Dating Site Pricing

While seeing the cost numbers is helpful, there are a few things you need to know in order to truly understand which senior dating site is going to be best for you.

Here are a few of the most important pricing facts you need to know.

  • The longer membership term you sign up for, the lower your monthly price will most likely be.
  • Generally, sites that are 100% for seniors only will have lower prices than traditional dating sites for all ages.
  • Dating sites and apps that offer service to all ages (with the ability to sort by seniors) generally don’t offer any sort of senior discount or lower price by age.
  • Most senior dating sites include all features for one price, as opposed to dating apps for younger singles that you can pay-as-you-go or pay for individual features you want. This often makes things much simpler.
  • The majority of these senior dating sites charge the entire cost of the membership upfront or in smaller installment payments. For example, if you purchase a three-month membership, you will probably be asked to pay for all three months upfront. If you purchase a year-long membership, though, you may be able to pay for that biannually or quarterly.

Are Senior Dating Sites Expensive?

The term expensive really depends on how you look at things. Compared with traditional dating apps for all ages, senior dating sites are usually less expensive. However, depending on your financial situation, they may or may not still be expensive to you.

If money is extremely tight, you may find some of these dating sites for seniors to be expensive. However, if you have some disposable income that you can use to have fun with each month, you may find it affordable. Remember, finding love is something that requires an investment of your emotions, your time, and if you want the chance at better results, money as well.

What Senior Dating Sites Are Completely Free?

When people ask us what senior dating sites are available completely free, we like to recommend pumping the brakes. Yes, we are huge fans of things that are free. However, sometimes you are going to get what you pay for, and that couldn’t be truer than it is for senior dating sites.

When online dating sites charge membership fees, it is to make money. However, a lot of that money is also reinvested into the sites and apps to make them better. They use the money to hire better customer support, increase the effectiveness of the security, and make the overall experience better.

What we’re saying is that if you can afford to invest a few dollars into an online dating site, you will most likely see a much higher quality experience and have a lot better results than you would at a free option.

The good news is that these quality senior dating sites do offer free trial accounts! If you use the links we’ve provided at the top of this guide, you can check out each option before you decide if you want to upgrade your account or not.

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