Where We Met Dating App Review (2023) – What You Should Know

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In an industry dominated by companies that have been around arguably far too long, it’s a bit of a breath of fresh air when a new online dating company enters the market. And with a new company, you get one of two things—an amazing and updated service that brings a breath of fresh air or a complete dud that misses the mark.

With all that said, it brings us to today’s topic—Where We Met. Does this new dating app deliver? Are they just a regurgitated of the same ole’ same ole’? That’s what we’re going to talk about today in our Where We Met review.

The Bottom Line Upfront – Is Where We Met worth it?

There is a lot to like about how Where We Met is doing things, but it’s important to point out—you need to be someone open to change. And frankly, after hearing the continuous roars of so many people who are upset with the current status of online dating, change is welcome.

We say this because Where We Met is actually trying to do things differently and change the way people date online. More importantly, they’re trying to change the way online dating affects your regular day-to-day life.

Here’s what you should know.

First, Where We Met is not officially launched yet, but they are running a really amazing promo for people who sign up now where you can get 6 months of premium for free with absolutely no obligation. The site is set to launch January 23, 2023, but it seems like getting signed up now is certainly worth it.

How are they different? It’s all about two things—quality interactions (over quantity) and not letting online dating take over your life.

Here is a quick look at how they’re accomplishing this:

  • 100% manual account approval – Literally every account and picture uploaded to the Where We Met platform is manually approved by an actual human. Most dating sites don’t do this because it’s too expensive.
  • Daily batch matching – Instead of getting access to a “catalog” of all the matches in your area, you get a daily batch of 3-5 matches that refresh daily. The idea is that this helps to prevent you from spending hours and hours a day unhealthily obsessed with trying to find someone. You get in, check your matches, and move on with your day.
  • The one new conversation rule – Instead of letting you message a bunch of people at once, you’re limited to only starting a conversation with one of your matches per day. You can receive as many messages as are sent to you and you can carry on conversations from other days, but you can only start one new one per day. The idea is to get users to really dial in on which of their matches is best for them and get away from playing a numbers game.
  • Guided first messages – Instead of leaving you lost on what to say with a first message, Where We Met has a few easy prompts to answer to introduce yourself and start a conversation. This eliminates all the ‘hey’ and ‘sup’ first messages that we all hate getting too.
  • Free members can actually send messages – What’s cool is anyone who signs up now is going to be Premium for 6 months but anyone else who joins after that on who hasn’t paid to upgrade will be on a Free account. What’s neat, though, is those Free accounts can respond to any messages sent to them by premium members. What that means is that literally anyone you send a message to will be able to respond, which is absolutely not the case at most dating apps.

Quite a bit different, yea? So, is Where We Met worth checking out? Does it live up to its claims? Here’s our thoughts.

First, it’s 100% worth signing up right now because it’s literally free and you’ll get 6 months to try it out for yourself. That’s pretty unheard of in this industry.

Second, the list of new features and changes do seem to really target a lot of the problems with the online dating industry, so that’s pretty awesome.

Will it work? That’s left to be determined after the official launch, but it’s safe to say people are excited and it’s 100% worth checking out if you sign up now. Be ready (and maybe excited) that it will be a different experience than you’re used to with online dating, but hopefully a fruitful one!

Pros and Cons of the Where We Met Dating App


  • Offering 6 months free with no catch if you sign up now
  • Really unique concepts to address major problems with online dating
  • 100% manual profile and photo verification is pretty unheard of


  • Brand new so userbase will inevitably be small for a while
  • Won’t be enjoyable if you don’t like change

Where We Met Review – Table of Contents

What is Where We Met?

Where We Met is a brand new online dating app launching in January of 2023. And while we say “dating app” because that’s the common phrase, Where We Met is actually a mobile-friendly website (that works on your phone) and not a native and downloadable app. The distinction is small, but it’s intentional and will most likely be impactful.

Currently, the website is open to user from the United States only who are at least 18 years of age. There is no target niche other than singles who are looking for a new, innovative, and quality dating experience.

The overarching idea is to have a platform that lets you build online dating in as a part of your day in a healthy way where it doesn’t overtake your life.

Where We Met Features Overview

We heavily covered the features of Where We Met in our bottom line upfront, but we do want to make sure we mention them again here with a few thoughts. It’s important to say that we will come back and update this section post-launch, when we’re able to spend some more time actually testing these things in practice.

We’ll share each feature below and one pro and one con about each:

Manual Account Approval

  • Pro: Provides a wildly safer and more authentic user experience.
  • Con: It may take a day or two to get started because your account will need to be approved.

Daily Match Batching

  • Pro: This helps keep you from having to scroll for hours through endless matches.
  • Con: If you’re impatient in the process (unhealthy), you aren’t going to like this.

One New Conversation Per Day

  • Pro: A great move to up the quality of the first messages and matches you chat with.
  • Con: There may be days where you see two perfect matches and you will have to make a tough decision.

Intentionally No App

  • Pro: It’s a bold move to help you not let online dating control your life.
  • Con: People hesitant to change are not going to like it.

Guided First Messages

  • Pro: Helps to cut down on low-quality messages and cookie-cutter spam.
  • Con: People who send great first messages already might not like it.

Free Members May Respond to Messages Free

  • Pro: It creates a much higher quality experience for Premium users.
  • Con: Honestly, there’s nothing bad about this ever.

Overall, these features sound awesome and we’re excited to see how they’re received by the community! If they can successfully solve the online dating problems they’re trying to—this is big.

Price | How Much Does Where We Met Cost?

Pricing has not been released yet for the Where We Met dating app. Once costs are made publicly available, we’ll update that information for you here.

How to Sign Up at Where We Met

We’ve been talking a lot about this 6 months free, which is awesome.. But how do you go about claiming the offer? How do you get signed up for Where We Met?

It’s actually pretty dang easy, and will take you about 10-20 minutes, depending on how much thought you put into things.

First, head to the link below to access the site. Click on the “Join Now” button and fill in your account information. Verify your email and then you’ll be taken to the onboarding.

You’ll have two things here to complete. First, you’ll answer a bunch of questions about your interests and what you’re looking for. This is what Where We Met is going to use to help serve you better matches. Second, you’ll fill out your basic profile information (like about me, what you’re looking for, etc.) and upload a photo.

You will have to upload a verification photo where they ask you to do something silly in the photo. This photo is never shown to the public, but is used internally to verify that you’re actually the person in the public photos you upload.

After that, you’re all set! The website says they’ll contact you a few days before January 23rd with details about the launch, but you’ll be all set up already with your free account!