The League Dating App Reviews

Before we jump into our most recent The League dating app reviews, let us paint a picture for you:

You spent a lot of years getting to where you are in life. You have a home, a great job, and live comfortably. Everything is great, except you are lonely. So, you sign up for the first popular dating app you come across, hopeful that you’ll find someone who matches your energy and priorities. 

Instead, you find a sea of young singles that seem more interested in notching their bed post than they do in finding a compatible match. Where are all the grown ups? That’s where The League dating app comes in. 

The League is an app that realizes that elite singles have a hard time finding compatibility on most standard apps. Their private, member-only approach to online dating sounds great, but is it really worth it?

Today, we’re going to take you on a journey through our recent The League dating app reviews—its features, costs, members, the waiting list, and so much more. Ready to get the real scoop? Just read on!

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Is The League Dating App Worth It? – The Bottom Line Upfront

People tend to be scared away from The League because of the membership wait list. Trust us, we understand how frustrating that can be. However, we honestly think that the perks we saw during our The League dating app reviews outweigh the annoyance of being on a waiting list. Plus, you can sign up for The League today, and try out another dating app while you wait.

So, if you want to be part of an elite app that allows you to find the highest quality singles in your area, The League is definitely worth it. 

Who The League Is Good For

  • Anyone who has ever been told they are too picky when it comes to dating. 
  • Singles who don’t mind waiting a little longer to ensure they only get great matches. 
  • Well-established, career-driven people who can get approved for a membership. 

Who The League Might Not Be Best For

  • Those looking for immediate access to singles. 
  • Singles who aren’t willing to go through the approval process. 
  • People looking for lower-cost dating apps.

Overall The League Dating App Reviews Rating

Quality Matches9.5/10.0
Ease of Use9.5/10.0
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Pros and Cons of the The League Dating App


  • You can avoid wasting time on singles that aren’t at the same life-level as you. 
  • The private-membership style of dating can protect you from falling victim to singles who lie about their life achievements and goals. 
  • No standards are too high for dating on The League.


  • Can be pricey to expedite your membership approval.
  • You may be on the waitlist for a few weeks or more. 
  • Verification is a lengthy process and requires linking to socials and lots of photos.

The League Dating App Reviews – Table of Contents

Fast Facts About The League

  • Site Name:
  • Paid or Free: Paid site with a limited free trial
  • Average Sign-Up Time: The application can be completed in under 10 minutes.
  • Paid Membership Pricing: Plans starting as low as $67 monthly
  • Unique The League App Facts and Figures:
    • The League has around 250,000 active users each day.
    • 4.2 star rating on the Apple App Store.
    • As of 2016, The League expanded their age requirement to include singles over the age of 40. 
    • The median user age on The League is 28 years old.
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What is The League Dating App?

The League dating app is a fairly new online dating application (founded in 2014 by Stanford Grad and former Google employee Amanda Bradford) that boasts the highest caliber of singles in the country. In fact, the dating app requires users to get on a waitlist in hopes that they can be accepted by the internal team, users, and a backend algorithm. The end result? A highly selective dating app with all the movers and shakers in the city.

What’s unique about The League dating app is that it launches by city instead of a nationwide launch approach like you see from other apps. The team spends long hours designing the app and rollout for each major city before launching. This allows the team to tweak the algorithm and practices to best fit the city for the greatest results possible.

The League Dating App Features Overview

Our first logical stop of the most recent The League dating app reviews is the land of features. Here’s the scoop. The availability of features and how often they can be used varies based on the membership tier you acquire. Guest members are allotted 3 matches each day during the app’s happy hour, and that’s all. From there the tiers add more and more features. Here are a few of our favorite options and which membership tier you need to snag them. 

Power Moves

This is a feature you can access from the Owner Tier and up. This allows you to push your profile to the top of the results of other singles. It is a quick way to boost the amount of people who see and are interested in your profile! 

Message Before Matching

This is a VIP, also known as Investor, tier feature that we really love. It lets you message your prospects before officially matching them. This is important because it gives you more insight into each prospect before you waste any time or features on them. Plus, it can help them get a better idea about you, which will boost the chances that they will show interest down the line. 

Concierge Support 

The Concierge is another VIP feature that essentially boils down to live customer support. If you’ve read any of our dating app reviews before, you likely know how strongly we feel about live customer service options for dating apps. Even if it is only available for top-level members, we are just happy it is an option. 

Approval Algorithm

What you may not see as a user is the intense amount of process going on in the backend of the app. In a recent interview with Google, the founder of The League discussed the challenges and methods the company uses to vet its waiting list to find the top tier singles it promises. In tech towns, it’s easier through the company’s connection with LinkedIn. However, there are challenges in cities and areas where there are a lot of creatives who are high performers who might not use LinkedIn.

While we’re not going to dig into the technical backend of The League dating app during this review (and it’s proprietary knowledge we don’t know), we can say this. The app is leveraging a ton of technology to manage it’s quality userbase and keep the cream of the crop rising to the top. As you’ll see in the next section of The League dating site review—they crush it when it comes to quality.

The Quality of Singles at The League

The League’s wait listing practice and intense verification may be a bit frustrating, but it results in there being nothing but top-notch profiles and high quality singles on their app. They take away the need to pick apart profiles for red flags in an attempt to avoid duds. If you are a part of The League, you know the singles will be good.

Additionally, something we really liked during our reviews of The League dating app is the ability to link your socials (and even your LinkedIn) for verification. No, the app won’t post on any of those, so don’t worry about that. What it does do, though, is use those to make sure the single men and women you’re chatting with are real people. Bye bye catfishing and fake profiles.

How to Sign Up at The League

Signing up for a membership is simple and only requires a few pieces of information to help verify your identity and determine your qualities. These include:

  • Your name, birthday, and location
  • Links to your social media (we recommend LinkedIn, but Facebook is an option as well)
  • Your email address and phone number
  • A filled in bio
  • A set of dating preferences

After you have applied for a membership you need to wait for approval from the mods, which can take a few weeks. If you pay for a membership, the mods will actively try to coach you into ways to improve your profile and information to help you get approved. 

Price | How Much Does The League Cost?

Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership Cost
GuestUnlimitedFree (Requires Waitlist)
Regular Member6 months$67 monthly
Regular Member3 months$99 monthly
Regular Member1 month$199.99
Premium Owner Level3 months$299 monthly
Premium Owner Level1 month$399 monthly
VIP Investor Level1 month$999.99
VIP Investor Level1 week$399.99

Customer Support Options

The League’s customer support options are pretty par for the course when it comes to guest, tier one, and tier two members. There is a selection of FAQs that can resolve most issues and an email address to send further inquiries. However, VIP members will have access to a concierge, which is essentially live customer support that can help them with any issues on the app as well as give them general dating advice. 

Get Started Now!

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Does The League have singles that are right for everyone?

The League has a wide variety of singles that are all really high quality; however, they also allow you to be pretty particular in your preferences. So, if you set your preferences with a really narrow scope on the partner you want, you are naturally going to see fewer results. 

Do I have to link my account to Facebook?

No! You have a few options for verification on The League. You can link to Facebook, link to LinkedIn, or pay for a higher membership where you will be manually verified. 

Do I have to upgrade to VIP to access all features?

No. Though upgrading is the only way to get consistent access to these features, you can also purchase tickets, which can be exchanged for bonus features like boosts and power moves. 

Do matches expire on The League?

Yes. Matches expire after 21 days, so be certain to share your personal contact information within that time if you plan to continue talking. 

Can I get a refund?

Yes. You can request a refund for your membership if it has been less than 72 hours since you signed up for it. This is, of course, subject to change based on the dating app’s most up to date terms of service.

Does The League dating app reject people?

Yes, The League dating app does reject some users if it does not feel that they match who the app is best designed for.