Positive Singles Review

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Positive Singles is an online dating site specifically dedicated to people living with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). As more and more people are living with STDs, it’s become more important for them to find ways to live healthy and fruitful lives.

Positive Singles aims to do their part by creating a community where people with the same conditions can come together and find meaningful relationships. If you’re ready to find out more, you’ll enjoy reading our complete Positive Singles review below.

Positive Singles

If you’re currently living with an STD and are looking for love, you are not alone. There are millions across the country who are looking for something meaningful with someone who understands their struggles. Below, we’ve broken down everything that you need to know about positivesingles.com to help you make an informed decision about whether or not it is a site that you’d like to join.

Overall Positive Singles Review – 4.0/5.0

  • Quality Matches |4.0/5.0
  • Features |5.0/5.0
  • Ease of Use |4.0/5.0
  • Support |4.0/5.0 
  • Price |5.0/5.0

The Basics About Positive Singles

  • Site Name: Positive Singles (positivesingles.com)
  • Paid or Free: Paid, with a limited free trial
  • Average Sign Up Time: 2-3 minutes from start to seeing matches
  • Paid Membership Pricing: Starting at $15.95 per month


  • Safe place for people living with STDs to find love
  • Warm, private, and accepting community
  • 40+ Features with Upgraded Account


  • Limited options with free trial

Are there good, quality matches on this site?

For people living with sexually transmitted diseases, dating can be hard. It can be a challenge to explain things to a new partner, and even the thought of that awkward conversation can turn you off to even trying. With Positive Singles, this all changes.

You can find like-minded matches who understand what you’re going through because they’re going through it too. The site has members with all different sorts of diseases so regardless of what you might be living with, there are matches for you.

Hands down Herpes was the most widely mentioned STD of members of the site. If you’re someone living with Herpes of any kind, you’re going to find a strong community of people here to date and find support through.

The site does allow you to specify which strain you have so you can be sure that the “tough” questions are asked and answered which makes everything easier. Other STDs were covered as well and did have members for each. This did include HIV for those that are curious.

When we did some preliminary searches, we did see that there seemed to be a lot of members on the site. The main page of Positive Singles boasts over a million members and growing. This is significantly smaller than the mainstream online dating sites, but that’s probably to be expected because it is a specialized site.

When we did our searches for several different popular areas, we sorted the matches by the last date online to see how active people were. While they allowed us to sort that way, they didn’t have listed the last time each person was online which made it a bit tough to see.

What we were able to see, though, is how many of the accounts were paying members. There did seem to be a decent number of these for each search we did. It wasn’t an overwhelming or overly impressive number, but honestly, that’s probably to be expected with this type of site.

One thing we did notice when we played around with the chat room function was that there seemed to be a good mix of men and women. A lot of times, online dating sites can be overrun by too many men which is great for the ladies, but not so great for the men. Every time we checked, it seemed to be a healthy mix of both genders which is a win for everyone all around.

What we would recommend doing for you is taking advantage of the free trial with this site and playing around with the quick search function. Look to see how many members are in your area before you join.

Our verdict here is that for the type of site it is, we did see a decent amount of matches. Without the ability to see exact activity dates, it’s hard to say how active the members are, but based on the number of paying members, we expect this to be pretty good. It’s not a five-star number for us, but definitely better than we expected for this niche type of site.

How easy is the site to use?

The usability of Positive Singles was good, but not great. We really liked how they had all of their menu options on the left-hand side of the screen for easy location and easy use. We were a little confused how to get back to our main page until we realized that using the “My Account” button got you back there. We guess we’re used to a My Account button being something that takes you to your account settings instead of your homepage. Not a huge deal, but something that tripped us up a little bit during our review.

The Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process was incredibly simple which is always a big plus. We were able to get through the process and to our dating matches within about three minutes. They had a few questions you were required to answer (and that had a character count minimum), but only two of them and the character count was only for a few sentences. This did result in a few incomplete profiles on the site (like ours), but overall it was nice not to have to invest a lot of time before knowing if there were any quality matches or not.

After you get signed up, you can go back and edit everything within your profile. Here are some of the basic questions you can answer about yourself and what you’re looking for in a match.

Positive Singles Profile

You can also answer a few more questions to really give someone an idea about your personality. Remember, the site is not just about matching people with similar STDs. They really strive to help you find someone that you connect with and have a lot in common with. Your disease does not define who you are, and Positive Singles understands and embraces that. Here are some of those question.

Positive Singles Profile

Search Functions

As we reviewed Positive Singles from the ground up, we found that they have two different types of searches that you can use. There’s a quick search which only hits the bare bones like location, age, and gender. There is also an advanced search function which allows you to search for a whole lot more. When using your free trial, the quick search will allow you to search by location (this is the one you want to try before you buy), and then the advanced search will allow it only after you’ve become a member.

Here is the list of different search criteria that you can use to find matches on Positive Singles. Notice the gold lock icons next to some of the search criteria. These are the ones that only become available when you become a paying member of the site.

Positive Singles Search

The search function allows you to sort your matches by their activity date which is great to see who is the most active. The issue we had is that it does not show you what that activity date is. A lot of online dating sites will tell you if someone is currently online or the exact date and time they were online.

We would really like to see that feature added to Positive Singles. They do show you who is a paying member, though, which a lot of the bigger sites do not. This is a big positive because it lets you know who is able to respond to you and who is not.

The search function also allows you to save searches so that you don’t have to input your criteria every time. You can also easily go in and change anything on your saved searches in case what you’re looking for changes, or you want to try something new. Overall, the search function on Positive Singles is fairly robust and sufficient to help you find matches.

Are there any great features?

In our Positive Singles review, we found that they had quite a few special features specific to their niche. In regards to sheer numbers, they had a ton of features. You could even say that there were almost too many, but it’s hard ever to say there are too many features. Use the ones you like and ignore the ones you don’t. Let’s look at a few of the features that we think you should be aware of.

Let’s Meet

The Let’s Meet function of Positive Singles is a “Tinder-esque” type feature that allows you to quickly swipe through matches to see if there is anyone you like. You are only shown a picture and the very basic details about the potential match. You also can’t use this function unless you upload your own picture which is kind of cool. You basically have to be a little more committed to the process (and show that) before you are able to utilize this function. It is a great way to find potential dates quickly. If you find someone you like, you can go to their profile and see if they are someone worth pursuing.

Private Albums

We understand that dating with an STD can sometimes be something that you want to be private. You are not crazy for wanting a little discretion and not having to put all of your business out to the world. Private Singles has a function that allows you to have main pictures and then a private album that is only shown to people when you grant them access.

A lot of daters on the site will have slightly blurred main pictures or ones that have an emoji over their face to hide their identity. Once they see that you’re someone that is genuinely interested, they’ll grant you access to their full array of photos. We love this functionality especially with the nature of this site. Not that having an STD is anything to be ashamed of, but it’s usually just business that you don’t want to be made public to the whole world.

This does bring us to another point that we want to make about Positive Singles. In order to see the matches or the people in your area, you have to create an account. This is a nice added layer of privacy that should be regarded as a positive. You can use the site knowing that they aren’t broadcasting your information to the rest of the world that has no business with it.

Live Dating Advisor

This was one of the cooler features we found during our Positive Singles review. They have a contact form where you can reach out to a professional dating advisor who will give you advice or help with any sort of questions you have. This could be things about treatment, dating, life advice, or anything else under the sun it seems. The feature is only available to paying members of the site, but what a cool idea.

Things like this really show you that a site cares about the success of its members. They aren’t just out to make a buck but are really interested in your success dating. Bravo to positivesingles.com for this one.

Recommendations and Resources

In addition to the Live Dating Advisor, Positive Singles also has an extensive resource section to help daters and members (paid and free) handle what needs to be done for their personal needs. This includes care locations (places you can get treatment or help with any of your conditions), inspirational stories to help motivate you through what may be a new or old process for you, and testimonials of success from people who found love regardless of what life threw at them.

In addition, they have an extensive FAQ section to help you answer some of the most popular questions that arise about dating in general and dating with an STD. The point is this. Positive Singles makes sure that you know you aren’t alone. They make sure you know that you have resources and a support system and that you deserve a happy and fulfilling life filled with love just like everyone else.

Below we’ve got a picture of the chart that shows all of the features of Positive Singles we found during our review. You’ll notice the features on the left are those you get with a paid account and the ones on the right are those that you get with a standard/free account.

Benefits Chart for Positive Singles

Tell me about the customer support.

Customer support on Positive Singles includes an FAQ section and email support. The FAQ section is not entirely extensive, but it does cover all of the important questions you might have. If it doesn’t, the site does have email support available for free and paid members. We would like to see a live chat or phone support function, but it’s really not that necessary. As you probably already know, we’re just a little picky 🙂

Price | How much does this dating site cost?

Positive Singles has a very basic cost structure set up with three different memberships. The memberships are all exactly the same in regards to features. The only difference is that they are differing lengths. As is the standard in the online dating industry, the longer the term you purchase, the cheaper the site is going to be.

What we were happy to see is that positivesingles.com is significantly cheaper than most of the other dating sites in the industry. With the number of features they offer, this was pretty awesome to see. Here are the different membership options and the costs associated.

Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership CostTotal Cost
Premium Membership1 Month$29.95 total$29.95 total
Premium Membership3 Month$19.98 per month$59.95 total
Premium Membership6 Month$15.99 per month$95.95 total

All of these memberships are charged as a one-time payment. Payment options include any major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express). The 1-month membership will set up to auto-renew so make sure to uncheck that option if you are only looking for a month.

As of now, the 3 and 6-month options do not set up to auto-renew, but we recommend double-checking that with the site in case it changes between the time we write this review and the time you join (though we do our best to update these reviews as much as possible).

Honestly, we think this is an extremely fair price for what you are getting. There aren’t really many other sites catering to this specific dating market and certainly none doing it for this great of a price with this many features. What we highly recommend you do first, is sign up for an account with the free trial link we’ve provided and use the quick search function. See if there are some singles that you are interested in.

Remember as well that new people are always joining the site (just like you), so even if you don’t see a ton right away, that can change every day.