Pink Cupid Review

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Finding love can be a challenge in today’s world. If you’re a lesbian, it can sometimes seem impossible. Thankfully, online dating sites have committed to helping lesbians find love in this crazy world. In our Pink Cupid review, we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know about this dating site. When you get finished reading this review, you’ll know exactly whether or not this site is worth your time and money.

Homepage - Pink Cupid

Overall Pink Cupid Review | 4.0-5.0

  • Quality Matches – 4.0/5.0
  • Features – 4.0/5.0
  • Ease of Use – 4.5/5.0
  • Support – 5.0/5.0
  • Price – 5.0/5.0

Pink Cupid Review Basics

  • Site Name: Pink Cupid (
  • Paid or Free: Paid site with a limited free trial
  • Average Sign Up Time: About five minutes (shorter if you use the Facebook sign-up option)
  • Paid Membership Pricing: Membership plans start at $8.33 per month

Pros and Cons of the Pink Cupid App


  • Dedicated site for lesbians only
  • One of the least expensive online dating sites we’ve reviewed
  • Part of the respected Cupid Network of dating sites


  • Smaller pool of singles than mainstream sites (to be expected with niche sites)

Pink Cupid App Screenshot
Pink Cupid App Screenshot
Pink Cupid App Screenshot

The Sign Up Process

During all of our reviews, we like to go through the sign-up process as if we were a member joining the site. This allows us to quickly see how well the site is built, how challenging or simple the sign-up process is, and whether or not the site seems to be committed to the dating process.

As we began to review Pink Cupid, we felt like we were somewhere very familiar. This is because the sign-up process is the same across all of the Cupid Network of dating sites. As a highly regarded family of dating sites, this was a good sign.

The sign-up process only took us about five minutes. You have the option of entering your information manually or using Facebook sign-up to expedite the process. We chose to enter things manually and were through everything in about five minutes.

If you do choose to use the Facebook process, make sure that you take a look at the list of information that Pink Cupid is gathering. You have complete control over what they can and can’t see. In case you’re worried, Pink Cupid never posts on your Facebook wall without explicit consent from you.

Overall, our review of the sign-up process at Pink Cupid was simple and straightforward. They had us to the matches in only a few minutes.

Are there good, quality matches on this site?

Pink Cupid is definitely a site that lends itself more to the quality approach than the quantity approach. While they are a much smaller dating site in terms of sheer numbers, they are fulfilling a niche void in the market, and that’s to be expected.

While you’re not going to see as many members as you would on a mainstream site, every woman you see is going to be a lesbian and is looking for the same kind of relationship that you are. We’d venture to say that you’re easily going to find a lot more quality matches without having to sift through straight women and men that can’t seem to leave you alone and take a hint.

So, what’s the bottom line? If you’re looking for tens of thousands of women to message, this isn’t the site for you. But, if you’re looking for a solid number of great lesbian prospects without the hassle of the other riff-raff, you’re going to be very pleased with Pink Cupid.

How easy is the site to use?

As we continued our review of Pink Cupid, we started to get under the hood to see just how easy things were to operate. As we’ve come to expect with Cupid Network sites, everything was laid out conveniently and was user-friendly.

Here’s a look at the dashboard when you first log into your Pink Cupid account. You’ll notice that the pictures are blurred. We did this to protect the identities of members. We don’t want to make anyone a star that isn’t interested in becoming one 🙂 When you log into your Pink Cupid account, you’ll be able to see everything blurry-free.

Member Dashboard Pink Cupid

When you click on a person you are interested in, a minimal profile pops up in a lightbox so you can take a quick glance and see if you want to go deeper. If you are interested, you can click the profile button and see their full profile. Here’s what a profile on Pink Cupid looks like (with the important stuff blurred out or erased again).

Profile Image Pink Cupid
Profile 2 Pink Cupid

You’ll notice there is a TON of information that you can fill out about yourself and that your potential matches can fill out about themselves.

Are there any great features?

One of the best features we found on Pink Cupid during our review was their search function. You can search for matches by literally anything that you could think of. If you want to perform a basic search, you can do that. But, if you want to get specific and really look for someone, in particular, they have you covered. Here are ALL of the different search options you get when using Pink Cupid.

  • I’m a: (Male, Female)**
  • I’m seeking: (Male, Female)**
  • Aged between (Choose age range)
  • State / City or Zip Code (Two ways to set your desired location)
  • Living within (x) miles of Zip Code
  • Has photo? (Only show members with photos)
  • Last Active? (Show members by the last time they were online)

** We thought it was a little strange that they had a male option on here, but we didn’t see any men on the site, so it’s probably just an oversight by the programming department.

Searching for:

  • Any
  • Friendship
  • Romance / Dating
  • Penpal
  • Casual Relationship
  • Marriage


  • Any
  • Bi
  • Straight
  • Lesbian
  • Bi-Curious
  • Prefer not to say

They consider themselves:

  • Any
  • Soft Butch / Androgynous / Chapstick
  • Sporty Dyke
  • Just Me

Their Appearance:

  • Hair color
  • Hair length
  • Hair type
  • Eye color
  • Eyewear
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index
  • Body type
  • Their ethnicity is mostly
  • Their best feature
  • Body art
  • Consider their appearance as

Their Lifestyle

  • Do they drink?
  • Do they smoke?
  • Marital Status:
  • Do they have children?
  • Do they want (more) children?
  • Occupation:
  • Employment status:
  • Annual Income (or above):
  • Home type:
  • Living situation:
  • Willing to relocate:

Their Background / Cultural Values

  • Nationality:
  • Education (or above):
  • Languages spoken:
  • Political view:
  • Religion:
  • Star sign:


  • Bust cup size:
  • Bust measurement: –
  • Hips measurement: –
  • Waist measurement: –
  • Are they out of the closet?

Outside of the great search function, everything else on the site is pretty straightforward in terms of features. They have the ability to favorite people, send flirts, send messages, live chat, and message translations in case you have a little international flair in your blood. We’re big fans in our reviews of dating sites that don’t choose to overcomplicate features just for the sake of having them.

Tell me about the customer support.

Our review of the support available at Pink Cupid was great. Something they had that a lot of sites don’t these days were phone numbers for support. They had dedicated numbers for the US/Canada, UK/Europe, all international, and Australian members. In case you need it, here is the information:

Calls are answered Monday through Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Queensland, Australia time.

In addition, Pink Cupid has an FAQ section as well as a contact form available on their site. We’d hope that you would never need to use customer support, but it’s always a positive to know that it’s available for you if you ever need it.

Price | How much does this dating site cost?

If you’re wondering how much it costs to join Pink Cupid as a paying member, the chart below will give you the most up to date pricing we have.

Membership TypeMembership LengthMonthly CostMembership Cost
Gold12 Months$8.33$99.98
Gold3 Months$16.66$49.99
Gold1 Month$25.98$25.98
Gold1 Week$49.96$12.49
Platinum12 Months$10.00$119.98
Platinum3 Months$20.00$59.99
Platinum1 Month$30.98$30.98
Platinum1 Week$59.96$14.99
Diamond12 Months$20.00$239.97
Diamond3 Months$39.99$119.98
Diamond1 Month$61.97$61.97
Diamond1 Week$124.00$31.00

If you’d like a full break down of these costs and what you get with each, check out our Pink Cupid cost and pricing page where we’ll walk you through the costs, payment methods, and what you get step by step.

Is Pink Cupid worth it?

Here is the million dollar question. Is Pink Cupid worth it? If you are a lesbian looking for love and you value quality with your matches, Pink Cupid is more than worth it. At a price of only $10 a month for the highest membership they have available (Platinum), it’s hard to pass this site up.

What we would recommend doing is joining this site as well as one of the larger mainstream sites that you can find on our top 10 list below. With such a low price, you should widen your horizons as much as you possibly can. We were impressed with the quality of the members and the ease of use of Pink Cupid during our review. Our bottom line answer is that yes, Pink Cupid is more than worth the cost of membership.