NextLove Review

NextLove is a massively popular dating app for singles who are divorced or widowed. We have heard about NextLove a time or two, but we have been curious about what makes the site such a hit. 

Is it just great advertising and a lack of competition?

Turns out, NextLove is actually pretty stellar!

Of course, every dating site has it’s pros and cons, so we have created this in depth guide to help you navigate everything about NextLove. You’ll see what we love, what we aren’t as thrilled about, and everything in between. 

If you are a divorced or widowed single and seeking your next love, then this is a review you don’t want to miss!

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NextLove – The Bottom Line Up Front

We think NextLove is really great! You can try the site out totally free and get a feel for the singles in your area, so there is no worry about paying for a membership only to find out the app isn’t popular with local singles. 

The features for paid and unpaid members are useful and easy to use, plus the moderators and customer service are responsive and helpful. 

The only thing that might keep you from enjoying NextLove is the price point. The site is a little more expensive than other dating sites, but you have to consider whether the amenities and quality of singles makes that price worth it for you and your budget.

Read on for more details about the cost of NextLove memberships and what features the site has to offer.

Overall NextLove Rating

Quality Matches9.0/10.0
Ease of Use9.5/10.0


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Pros and Cons of the NextLove Dating App


  • You can try the site out for free and anonymously
  • The site has a 24/7 mod team to keep you safe and secure
  • The search functionality and filtering are well thought out and useful


  • The LGBTQ+ user base is a bit smaller and not as catered to on the site 
  • The site is a little bit pricey when compared to other dating sites
  • Many features are restricted for non-paying members

Who NextLove Is Good For

  • Widowed or divorced singles who are looking to start a new romantic journey. 
  • Singles that want a dating site that is compatible with use on all devices. 
  • Mature singles (the age of most users lies between 25-45).
  • Singles with children who want a partner who understands parenthood.

Who NextLove Might Not Be Best For

  • Younger singles who have never been married or in a long-term romance.
  • Those looking for a fully free dating app experience. 
  • Singles who want to be able to message during their free trial.

NextLove Review – Table of Contents

Fast Facts About NextLove

  • Site Name:
  • Paid or Free: Paid site with a limited free trial
  • Average Sign-Up Time: ~ 5 minutes
  • Paid Membership Pricing: Plans starting as low as $16.94 per month
  • Unique NextLove Facts and Figures
    • NextLove was formed in 2013 as a place for divorcees and widowers to find new love.
    • NextLove has a large European user base, but there are also over 28,000 members based in the US. 
    • The site sees 5,000 active weekly users. 
    • There are more men using NextLove than women.

NextLove Features Overview

We think NextLove has some really unique and interesting features. Even their features that offer the same service as other sites are offered in a different way. 

Not sure what we mean? 

Take a look through some of our favorite NextLove features:

Blur Tool

If you want to upload photos to help show other users that you are real, but don’t feel comfortable sharing your face, the blur tool is what you need. You can click any photo and use the blur tool to hide your face behind a computer-generated blur filter. 

We love this because some anonymizing tools simply hide your photos all together and users have reported that they are less likely to interact with a profile with no photos. This tool allows you to still look like a real user, but it keeps your identity hidden until you are comfortable sharing it. 

Mask Tool

The mask tool is another option for anonymizing your photos. While the blur tool creates a computer-generated blur filter over your photos, the mask tool lets you select from one of the site’s cute mask options and pastes that mask over the face in your photo. 

You get all the same perks as the blur tool, but you can show a little more personality. Also, it is a little heavier in coverage than the blur tool. 

Free Popularity Boost

Many sites allow you to pay to boost your profile popularity, but NextLove rewards even free users who take the time to complete their profile. Users who upload photos and fill in all the details on their profile show up at the top of search results.

Request Private Photos 

Paid members have access to additional basic features like messaging, gifting, and requesting private photos. We love that the private photo request feature gives you a way to get more intimate with your matches and also learn more about their lives through a lens of their choosing. It definitely makes the price of membership feel a bit more worth it!

The Quality of Singles at NextLove

We took a look through the singles on NextLove and have to say, you will not be disappointed! There are some seriously attractive singles on the site and we love how many users have full fleshed out profiles. 

The moderators spend their time checking for obvious fake accounts, reviewing account reports, and checking for inappropriate user behavior, so you can feel confident interacting with the singles on NextLove. 

It seems that the users seem to be pretty clear about their interests and intentions on the site as well, which makes the entire dating journey so much easier!

How to Sign Up at NextLove

Signing up at NextLove is quick and straightforward. The whole process takes about 5 minutes, give or take depending on how quickly you read and write. 

To begin, you only need to enter your personal information regarding your sexual orientation along with an email address, chosen user name, and a password. 

From there, you will need to describe your general appearance with a height and weight slider along with a few drop down menus. 

You can get started by clicking the button below!

Don’t forget that you also have to confirm your email address by clicking a link NextLove sends you, but once that is complete you can start using the site and don’t even have to upload a photo until you are ready (though the faster you upload a photo the faster people will begin interacting with you.)

Price | How Much Does NextLove Cost?

Membership TypeLengthMonthly BreakdownTotal Cost
Bronze3 month$33.89$101.67
Gold6 months$25.42$152.52
Platinum12 months$16.94$203.28

Customer Support Options

NextLove has an expansive help blog with answers to pretty much all the questions you could ask. We really put it to the test searching for specific issues and found an answer to most of our questions. Of course, you never know what issue may arise until you are consistently using the site and it’s features, so we love to know that there is an actual point of contact for customer service. 

Luckily, members can access a contact form from the bottom of most pages on the site. It looks like a little orange chat bubble (it can also be accessed by going through the help menu and clicking the “contact us” link). 

You will have the opportunity to write out a message to customer service, confirm that the reply email is accurate, and even upload images of the issue at hand. 

The turnaround time for customer service is fairly quick, as we received a response in under 24 hours!

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Is NextLove only for European Singles?

No way! There are thousands of US-based users on NextLove.

Can I Sign up for NextLove if I Am LGBTQ?

Yes! Though the user base is a bit smaller for LGBTQ singles, the site is friendly, welcoming, and open to all LGBTQ users. 

Is NextLove Good for Single Parents?

NextLove is great for single parents! Many of the users have been through a divorce and many have children of their own. This means you can find a truly understanding partner through NextLove. 

Can I Try NextLove for Free?

Yes! Just follow our link to sign up for your NextLove free trial with no credit card or bank information needed!