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Throughout the years, popular media has painted a mockingly negative picture of people with the herpes virus. However, we believe it is unfair to unjustly generalize a group of people that, in the US alone, grows by the hundreds of thousands each year. 

The fact is, the lack of amenities and social offerings for positive singles is exactly why those numbers grow so widely. MPWH is one of the sites trying to change that. 

MPWH (Meet People With Herpes) is a dating site with the goal of letting herpes positive singles date without having to take time to disclose their illness and worry about the reaction of their partners. It can be a freeing experience for many people who have seen their dating life suffer after their diagnoses. 

We’ve seen positive dating sites before, and while the intent is always great, not every site or app has wonderful follow through. That’s why we dug deep into the offerings of MPWH and evaluated every feature, statistic, and functionality on the site. 

Read on to see what we learned about MPWH and their users.

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MPWH – The Bottom Line Up Front

If you are suffering from a herpes diagnosis, MPWH can be a fantastic place to get back into the swing of dating. Maybe you will gain confidence in discussing your illness and move on to more mainstream dating, but it is totally possible to find a loving partner on MPWH! 

Overall, we think MPWH is worth a sign up. 

You can try it for free and get a feel for the singles available near you before you spend any money. If you do decide to buy a membership, we think you will be very pleased with the features and functionality that is included in the paid plans.

Overall MPWH Rating

Quality Matches8.0/10.0
Ease of Use8.5/10.0



Pros and Cons of the MPWH Dating App


  • You can date others who have accepted your condition before you ever talk to them. 
  • The use of a “positive dating site” helps reduce the spread of STIs and STDs
  • You can use the site anonymously to prevent your sensitive diagnosis information from being spread. 
  • The site is available online and through the Google Play and Store.


  • Dating sites for STD positive singles can lead to a false security around safe-sex practices, which can lead to the diagnosis of additional diseases. 
  • The user pool is smaller than on a traditional dating app. 
  • You have to have a paid membership to send initial messages – though you can respond to others messages for free.

Who MPWH Is Good For

  • Singles with a herpes diagnosis, whether a new diagnosis or old. 
  • Those who want to try a positive-style dating app out for free. 
  • Singles who appreciate being able to use their dating platform online or on mobile.

Who MPWH Might Not Be Best For

  • Singles who are not herpes-positive. 
  • Singles with multiple STDs who do not intend to disclose them all.

MPWH Review – Table of Contents

Fast Facts About MPWH

  • Site Name:
  • Paid or Free: Paid site with limited free option
  • Average Sign-Up Time: ~10 minutes
  • Paid Membership Pricing: Plans starting as low as $15.95 per month
  • Unique MPWHFacts and Figures
    • MPWH was launched in 2015 with it’s full array of features being offered in early 2016.
    • MPWH caters to those with either HSV-1 or HSV-2. 
    • MPWH has a 4-star rating on Google Play.
    • MPWH is currently working to launch an IOS app.

MPWH Features Overview

MPWH splits their features into four sections: chat, discover, profile, and extras. There are some light features under each section available to free members. 

While we think these free features are useful (replying to messages, making profile notes, private albums, blog participation, etc.) we think that the paid features are what make the site truly worth using. 

Here are a few of the paid features we really like:

Last Login Info

One of the most frustrating things about online dating is finding a profile you really like, only to find out that person hasn’t used the app in over a year and is in a serious relationship in the real world. 

Paid members can look at a member’s profile and immediately see when they last logged in. It is such a simple feature, but it can save you so much time and frustration!

Anonymous Browsing

We will always rave about anonymous browsing features on dating apps. Do you want to look around at profiles without others being able to find you in the search results? Are you interested in finding matches but are worried your friends or coworkers will stumble upon your profile? 

Anonymous browsing takes all that worry and tosses it right out the window! 

It is the easiest way to feel confident while utilizing dating apps and sites. 

Search Priority Placement 

Another instant perk to paying for a membership at MPWH is that your profile will show up at the very top of others search results, which can get your profile seen 20x more often. 

Access to Account Manager

One of the more interesting features on MPWH is the access to an account manager. If you are a paid member, you are assigned a liaison of sorts who can help you navigate your online dating journey and use the site’s features to the max.

The Quality of Singles at MPWH

While it might be true that the one thing all the singles on MPWH have in common is a lifelong STD, that doesn’t take away from their beauty, skills, and relationship eligibility. We found that users in larger cities have a wide selection of singles from which to choose. 

However, those in smaller towns might have less luck simply due to the smaller user pool on MPWH and other niche dating sites.

How to Sign Up at MPWH

It is quick and easy to sign up with MPWH. You can sign up through your mobile app, or directly on the website. 

Begin by filling in some basic information, including: gender, dating preference, age, and email. 

You will also need to agree to the site’s privacy policy before continuing to a screen where you can choose a username and password.

After completing location and personal image information, you will be asked about the type of herpes you have. Your options are:

  • HSV-1 (Cold Sores)
  • HSV-1 (Genital)
  • HSV-2 (Cold Sores)
  • HSV-2 (Genital)
  • Herpes (Unknown Types)

You can select any combination of options. 

Lastly, you need to upload a photo and fill in some profile information. You can’t skip this section, as each profile prompt (headline, about me, etc.) has a minimum character count you must use before continuing to your profile and using the site. 

Note: You will have to verify your email address before you can use the site. 

Price | How Much Does MPWH Cost?

Membership TypeLengthMonthly CostTotal Cost
Premium1 month$29.95$29.95
Premium3 months$19.95$59.95
Premium6 months$15.95$95.95

Customer Support Options

The customer support features through MPWH are peculiar. Standard members have access to a standard set of help articles and a contact email address. The articles are thorough and include details other sites might keep private (membership pricing, refund policies, etc.). 

However, the weirdness comes from the fact that the site is open about offering increased customer support benefits to paid members.

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Do I Have to Use My Real Name on MPWH?

When you sign up for MPWH, you will need to provide your first name. However, this information is not included on your profile and is kept private. 

Do I Have to Link to Social Media to use MPWH?

No! There is no social media linking necessary to use MPWH. You only need to use your email address. 

I Don’t Have Herpes, but I Don’t Mind it. Can I Join MPWH?

No. MPWH is for herpes-positive singles only. No bug-chasers are welcome on MPWH. 

Is MPWH for Singles with any STD?

No, MPWH is for singles with the herpes virus. If you have other STDs along with HSV, you are welcome to use the site. However, the responsible thing to do is disclose your additional illnesses to any potential partners. 

Can I Use MPWH for Free?

Yes! You can sign up for MPWH completely free.