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Today we are looking at an app that is trying to reach out to an often overlooked market in online dating – the gamers. Though I am of the firm belief that gamers come in all personality types, there is some truth in the stereotype that gamers are introverts. So, where do shy gamers go to find other singles that have the same interests? 


Kippo not only creates a safe place for gamers to meet new people, but they do so with a beauty and finesse that we don’t often see in casual dating apps. The platforms are gorgeous, the features are helpful, and the free version is actually usable. Want to see everything we discovered about Kippo? Read on for our in depth review.

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Overall Kippo Rating

Quality Matches7.5/10.0
Ease of Use8.5/10.0


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Pros and Cons of the Kippo Dating App


  • An inclusive space for gamers to meet new people. 
  • The interface is nice to look at and simple to understand.
  • There are a lot of great features for both paid and free users.


  • If you are a casual gamer, the environment may feel a little overwhelming.
  • The cost of paid features are a little higher than with other apps. 
  • There is a much smaller user base than on non-niche apps.

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Is Kippo Worth It? – The Bottom Line Upfront

Maybe it is my inner gamer coming out here, but I really love Kippo and I think you will too. Though the environment can feel a little overwhelming for those who are only casual gamers, if you game as your main hobby and want a partner who can get behind that, Kippo is definitely worth it. 

Who Kippo Is Good For

  • Singles who identify as gamers or who want a partner who is a gamer.
  • Anyone who wants a partner who can understand having a passionate hobby.
  • Those looking for singles interested in online gaming as a dating option. 

Who Kippo Might Not Be Best For

  • People who don’t like gamers or video games in general. 
  • Singles who prefer traditional dating apps over niche apps. 
  • Those looking for a free app with no limitations.

Fast Facts About Kippo

  • Kippo was created in 2018 and has gained fast popularity. 
  • Kippo currently has 25,000 active members each month. 
  • Has been downloaded over 350,000 times. 
  • 4.2 star rating on Apple Store. 
  • 4.2 star rating of Google Play.
Kippo App Screenshot
Kippo App Screenshot
Kippo App Screenshot

Kippo Review Information

  • Site Name:
  • Paid or Free: Free site with paid membership option.
  • Average Sign-Up Time: Under 5 minutes
  • Paid Membership Pricing: Plans starting as low as $10 per month

Kippo Review – Table of Contents

Kippo Features Overview

The free version of Kippo has pretty standard features like messaging and liking, but it also lets you get a taste of some of the more interesting features like adding game cards to your account. The features are all intended to help you find a compatible match based on your gaming preferences. Here is a look at some of our favorite features with some info on how to use them. 

Unlimited Matching

If you are a Kippo Infinity user, which is a paid membership, you will gain access to an unlimited number of profile matches. This is compared to free members who cap out at 30 profile swipes per day, which is still a good amount compared to many other sites. However, having no limit on swiping can definitely improve your dating results. 

Profile Cards

You can build a deck of cards on your profile that let you display your interests as each contains the title and cover art of a game you love. Free members can take advantage of this feature and show up to 3 cards. Infinity members can add 7 cards to their profile. 

Customizable Profiles

The thing we love the most about profiles on Kippo is how easy they are to customize with interesting graphics and other methods of showing off your core interests. This means other singles can see what you are all about, but also makes it easier to decide on other singles when swiping. 

Kippo Comics

Okay, so this isn’t so much a feature on the dating app as it is an offering from the company as a whole, but we really enjoy the Kippo Comics Instagram page. If you haven’t seen it, it is an Instagram page filled with adorable comics that offer representation of what it is like to be single, be dating someone new, and more. They are a blast to scroll through and can offer a way to break the ice with matches on the actual dating app. 

The Quality of Singles at Kippo

If you are a hardcore gamer, you will think the singles on Kippo are really great. The majority of users utilize the profile customizations to show off their specific personalities and interests and it is easy to find a great partner to match your own. However, the platform can start to feel a little cliquey if you aren’t as into gaming as other people. The best way to avoid overly critical or hateful singles on the app is to check out their profiles for any red flags that give off “elitist gamer” vibes.

How to Sign Up at Kippo

Signing up with Kippo is easier than the starting level of a Spyro game. That is to say, it is fast, uncomplicated, and leaves you prepared for what’s to come. You simply need to include your phone number and basic information to get started. You will be prompted to upgrade to a premium membership, but you can choose to skip that option and begin setting up your profile immediately. 
If you decide later that you would like a premium membership, you can upgrade your account through your user settings. You will be able to choose from a 1-month, 6-month, and 1-year membership.

Price | How Much Does Kippo Cost?

Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership Cost
Infinity (Premium)1 month$10
Infinity (Premium)6 months$37
Infinity (Premium)1 year$56

Customer Support Options

Kippo takes on the same customer support ideology as your favorite video game. Have an issue? Submit a ticket and wait for a response. There is no way to contact a live customer service agent and the FAQs are limited to a few questions regarding country availability and carrier issues. We definitely would love to see Kippo step up its customer service game. However, the company is still young, so we may see major improvements as they grow.

Get Started Now!

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Is Kippo Girl Gamer Friendly?

Yes! Kippo welcomes all genders of gamers. There is no way to avoid having some users that are gatekeepers or misogynistic, but if you run into any be sure to report and block them. 

Is Kippo LGBTQ Friendly?

Kippo is LGBTQ friednly, but their LGBTQ user base is currently very small. If you are interested in Kippo, we recommend signing up for the free tier of membership and getting a feel for it as the community grows. 

Does Kippo Have a Video Chat Function?

No, Kippo does not offer video chat functionality at this time. We recommend setting up a discord for you and your match, which you can also use to talk to each other during a virtual game night. 

What if I Didn’t Receive My Verification Code?

There may be an issue with your carrier blocking the codes. This is particularly common with T-mobile and Sprint. If you think this is the issue, you will need to contact your carrier. Otherwise, you can reach out to Kippo through their customer service email. 

How Many Swipes Do I Get With a Free Kippo Membership?

The free Kippo membership allows you to swipe 30 times per day which is more than Bumble but less than Tinder who offers 100. 

Are Niche Apps like Kippo Better Than Traditional Apps?

It is hard to say which apps are better because it comes to personal preference. For instance, if you know that you only want a partner who is a gamer like you or is okay with you gaming, then a niche app can save you a lot of time. However, niche apps also limit your search results and have smaller user bases in general. 

Can I Cancel My Kippo Infinity Membership?

Of course! You can cancel your account at any time through the settings menu. 

Can I Get a Refund for My Membership?

No. You will not be refunded for your membership fees.