Japan Cupid Review

Those familiar with online dating have likely heard of Cupid Media and at least one of their different niche dating site brands. However, you might not know just how many amazing dating websites are available under the Cupid Media name. One such site, Japan Cupid, really shows what’s great about niche digital dating. 

While the main purpose of Japan Cupid is to act as a place for singles in Japan to meet one another, it is also welcoming of singles from outside Japan seeking to meet Japanese people. Using a niche site like this can save so much struggle trying to sift through filter and location options on a mainstream app. 

Still, a niche app can’t rely only on targeting an audience. It still needs to provide lots of great features and optimized usability. Does Japan Cupid pull it off? Read on in our Japan Cupid review to see what we learned about this unique dating app.

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Overall Japan Cupid Rating

Quality Matches9.5/10.0
Ease of Use8.5/10.0


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Pros and Cons of the Japan Cupid Dating App


  • The site is part of Cupid Media, so you know it is safe and reputable. 
  • The profile layout is built to provide a thorough matching experience.
  • Membership options are reasonably priced.


  • Though there is a “free” option, only paid users can send or receive messages. 
  • Niche apps typically have fewer users than mainstream apps. 
  • The app is available to a limited audience (No IOS app).
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Is Japan Cupid Worth It? – The Bottom Line Upfront

While we are a bit disappointed in the lack of free features on Japan Cupid along with the slightly outdated user interface, that’s certainly not a reason to avoid giving the dating app a try. As we dug deeper into our Japan Cupid review, we found a lot to be happy about.

If you are a single who knows that you are exclusively interested in Japanese singles and you aren’t having any luck on mainstream apps, Japan Cupid is definitely worth your time and money. 

If you are open to any single that matches your personality or you would rather narrow down the nationality of your matches through filters, there are a lot of other great dating sites out there with better features that might be a slightly better fit. 

Here’s the bottom line. There are definitely some great features available for paid members on Japan Cupid and a lot of high quality singles located in both Japan, the U.S., and surrounding countries. If you’re looking for Japanese singles, then the verdict of our Japan Cupid review is that it’s going to be a win for you.

Who Japan Cupid Is Good For

  • Japanese singles seeking other Japanese singles abroad or in the U.S. 
  • International singles looking to meet singles in Japan.
  • Those looking for an established, niche dating site that has stood the test of time. 

Who Japan Cupid Might Not Be Best For

  • Singles seeking broader options and matches that are based less on nationality and more on compatibility. 
  • Those who want to be able to send and receive messages for free. 
  • IOS users. You’ll need to download the app through Google Play or use a web browser.

How Do I Get a Japan Cupid Free Trial?

Instead of searching for coupon codes or answering surveys and opting in for other products, how about just clicking a button and getting started immediately?

We like things simple and straightforward, so there’s a link below that’ll take you right to Japan Cupid free trial registration. After all, the best review of Japan Cupid is your own. By taking advantage of the complimentary membership, you can see what Japan Cupid is all about in just a few minutes.

What You Get with Your Japan Cupid Free Trial:

  • Establish a login
  • Create a member profile
  • Upload up to five photos
  • Search through potential matches
  • Send interest to others
  • Communicate with gold and platinum-level members

What You Don’t Get Trying Japan Cupid Free:

  • Send and receive messages to and from all members
  • An ad-free experience
  • The ability to hide your profile and view anonymously
  • Elevated profile rankings
  • Option to add more than five photos to your profile
  • Advanced matching recommendations
  • Message translation services
  • Profile notes
  • Live chat with instant messenger

Fast Facts About Japan Cupid

  • Japan Cupid has over 700,000 users both in and out of Japan.
  • 90,000 of Japan Cupid’s users are based in the US.
  • Japan Cupid sees almost 10,000 log-ins each day. 
  • Men make up over 80% of the overall user base. 
  • 3 star rating on Google Play.

Japan Cupid Review Information

  • Site Name: JapanCupid.com
  • Paid or Free: Paid site with a limited free option
  • Average Sign-Up Time: ~ 2 minutes
  • Paid Membership Pricing: Plans starting as low as $10.00 per month

Japan Cupid Review – Table of Contents

Japan Cupid Features Overview

The free version of Japan Cupid is a real teaser. You essentially just get to browse around and see lots of people you WANT to talk to, but you can’t message them from your free account (unless they message you first). 

Where Japan Cupid shines is in the features that come with the platinum membership. We know that you don’t want to go spending money on a membership that isn’t worth the cost, so let’s dive into a few of the best features from this pricing tier. 

Advanced Matching

Cupid Media has a variety of ways to aid matching. Some sites and tiers of membership let you see the matches they think are best for you, but those matches might be people that don’t really interest you when it comes to hobbies, religious background, etc. 

Advanced matching lets you narrow your searches even further by pre-filtering users based on your personal preferences. 

Profile Notes

Have you ever matched with a cute single, talked a bit, and then realized they displayed some problematic behavior, so you unmatch. Then, weeks later, you go back through your matches, see their profile, and think, “oh they are cute! Why did I stop messaging them?!” 

Profile notes can save you the stress of remessaging weirdos or mixing up matches. 

You can tag profiles with little messages to yourself like, “Loves Pad Thai,” “Thinks all her exes are crazy,” “He keeps asking about having kids,” or anything else you need to remember exactly who you’re dealing with. 

Message Translation Services

Japan Cupid is welcoming of non-Japanese singles seeking a Japanese partner, which makes the message translation option super helpful! That means that no matter how well you speak Japanese or how well your match speaks English, you still have the opportunity to connect on an emotional level. 

The Quality of Singles at Japan Cupid

The biggest downfall of niche apps is that there are fewer members than at mainstream apps. So, it is a common problem that some niche apps only host bot profiles, scammers, and overall dating duds. 

Japan Cupid breaks the mold and has really great singles! 

Whether you are seeking singles in the US or in Japan, there are a lot of really interesting, successful, and downright attractive singles on this app! This was certainly one of the high points of our Japan Cupid review.

How to Sign Up at Japan Cupid

If you are enjoying this Japan Cupid review, we’ve got some more good news. Signing up at any Cupid Media site is so simple! You can sign up online or through your android app, and the entire process takes under 2 minutes. 

Signing up on The Japan Cupid Website

  1. Navigate to JapanCupid.com and the signup field should automatically pop up.
  2. Add your first name, preferred gender, gender identity, and age.
  3. Add an active email address. 
  4. Choose a good password.

Note: You can choose to sign up with Google or Facebook instead, but signing up with your email address is the safest option. 

Signing up on The Japan Cupid App

  1. Head to Google Play to download the Japan Cupid app. 
  2. Open the app and begin filling in your information. 
  3. The app may ask you to read through their privacy statement and grant app permissions.
  4. Input your name, age, gender identity and dating preference, and email address.
  5. Choose a password.

Note: You can also sign up with Google and Facebook. We recommend signing up with your email to keep your social media separate from your dating profile. 

Price | How Much Does Japan Cupid Cost?

Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership Cost
Gold Membership1 Month$29.98 total
Gold Membership3 Month$20 per month
Gold Membership12 Month$10 per month
Platinum Membership1 Month$34.99 total
Platinum Membership3 Month$23.33 per month
Platinum Membership12 Month$12.50 per month

When you compare the Japan Cupid cost of upgrading to a premium plan through other comparable dating apps and services, you won’t find much difference. Most of the competitors have options in the $10 to $30 range for monthly payments.

However, there’s one downside to Japan Cupid if you’re focused on pricing exclusively. While there’s a free trial, it’s almost necessary to upgrade your membership plan to ensure that you can communicate with everyone you’re interested in along the way. Otherwise, you have limited access that doesn’t include messaging with other free users.

So, while Japan Cupid’s premium membership is on the affordable side, expect to make some investment if you opt to use the service.

Key Takeaways of the Japan Cupid Cost

  • Japan Cupid offers a free standard membership
  • There are three ways to pay for each level of gold and platinum membership
  • The Japan Cupid cost of an annual membership is roughly a third of what it’ll run you to pay monthly
  • Three and 12-month memberships are paid in full (not per month)
  • Memberships are all-inclusive

Japan Cupid Payment Options

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfers
  • Vouchers

Customer Support Options

Japan Cupid’s support consists of a help center where you can research problems and find common answers. We wish there were more options like a live chat or 1-800 number, but the help center itself is really easy to use. 

First, you choose from the website or mobile help centers, after which you are presented with a grouping of common questions that are super simple to navigate. The search function is also very well crafted and separates your results between company-written articles and community discussions.  

Japan Cupid FAQ

Are Non-Japanese Singles Welcome on Japan Cupid?

Yes. There are more than 90,000 users on Japan Cupid that are based in the US. The site is completely open to creating romances between Japanese and non-Japanese singles.

Can I Use Japan Cupid on My Iphone/ Ipad?

There is no Japan Cupid app available for IOS users. However, you can still access the website through your device’s browser. 

Is Japan Cupid Meant for Hookups or Relationships?

CupidMedia sites are intended to help singles find meaningful relationships and make genuine connections. While some individuals may not be interested in marriage or other long-term commitments, the general user base is not on Japan Cupid for short-term romances.

Do Japan Cupid Memberships Auto-Renew?

Your Japan Cupid gold or platinum membership will auto-renew based on the plan you choose. Let’s say that you initially prepaid for three months of gold access. In that case, you’ll automatically renew for another three months when it’s time.

It’s easy to cancel or change plans, though. All you have to do is go into the member menu and select cancel in the billing settings. 

Can I Cancel a 12-month Japan Cupid Subscription for a Refund?

No. Though you can cancel your subscription at any time, you will not be provided with a refund for the unused months. 

Do I Have to Sign Up With Facebook to Use Japan Cupid?

Absolutely not. You can sign up for Japan Cupid through your email address or Google account. Though you can sign up for Japan Cupid with Facebook, it is not necessary nor recommended. 

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