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Looking for high-quality, educated singles? If you are, then you’re going to want to stick around for our Elite Singles review. The dating app claims to have some of the smartest and most educated guys and gals on the singles scene. But, is Elite Singles legit?

To be fully transparent, when we first heard “Elite Singles”, we thought it might be a private meeting of snobby people who were “too good and too elite for the rest of the world”. Thankfully, our parents taught us never to judge a book by it’s cover because we couldn’t have been more wrong.

To find out exactly what we learned, stay tuned for all the details and the results of our Elite Singles review!

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Elite Singles – The Bottom Line Upfront

High performers like yourself are all about efficiency. And so for that reason, we wanted to give you the bottom line results of our Elite Singles reviews upfront and then the supporting details further down the page in case you want to dig a little deeper.

Elite Singles claims to be a dating app that caters to singles who are more established in life, generally have higher educations or training, and aren’t looking to play games. On the homepage of the dating app, they point out that over 80% of the people that join Elite Singles have some form of college education, university education, or higher-level training.

So, do they live up to that claim? Absolutely. If you’re a single who is looking to date educated singles who are going places in life, you’re going to love Elite Singles. While the “seriousness” of the dating isn’t quite as hardcore as you might find at a site like eHarmony, the dating app definitely leans heavily away from people who are look to play games or take a flaky approach to online dating.

In other words, the Elite Singles app is great for people looking to date or potentially find something serious, but it’s not great for people looking for casual hookups or to play games.

  • Biggest Positive – Some of the highest quality singles you’re going to find anywhere out there.
  • Biggest Drawback – Certainly not the most expensive option, but a few bucks more than some lower quality dating sites (pricing is outlined later on)

All in all, the results of our Elite Singles reviews is a big win. As long as you aren’t only hunting for casual hookups and you like smart and driven professional singles, you’ll love the site. If you’re ready to check things out, we’ve included a link to a free trial below to get you started right now. As the biggest cliché phrase of them all says, what are you waiting for?

Overall Elite Singles Rating

Quality Matches10.0/10.0
Ease of Use9.7/10.0


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Pros and Cons of Elite Singles


  • Hundreds of thousands of new singles joining every month
  • Some of the highest quality singles in the world


  • Limited free trial

Want to check out the site for yourself for free? The link listed above sets you up with a free trial account automatically. While we think our review is awesome-sauce, there’s nothing that matches you checking it out for yourself.

And now that we’ve got that rolling, let’s dive into the review. If you want to see the video version of our review, we put it here for you. If not, go ahead and scroll down and get to reading!

Elite Singles Review Table of Contents

Prefer to listen and watch instead of read? No worries. Below, we’ve included our video edition of the Elite Singles reviews.

Fast Facts About Elite Singles

  • Site Name: Elite Singles (elitesingles.com)
  • Paid or Free: Paid, Limited Free Trial
  • Average Sign Up Time: 15-20 Minutes
  • Paid Membership Pricing: Starting at $44.95 per month
  • Unique Elite Singles Facts and Figures:
    • 381,000 + new members every month
    • 85% of members hold an above-average education
    • 90% + of members are over the age of 30

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Elite Singles App Screenshot
Elite Singles App Screenshot
Elite Singles App Screenshot

The Editor’s Reviews

“If I’m being honest, I got worried before diving into the Elite Singles review because I thought it might be a bunch of ‘uppity snobs’ that were too cool for school. Boy was I wrong. What they actually meant by elite was smart, educated, funny, (and attractive) singles who seem approachable and down to Earth.”

– Jason Lee, Chief Editor of Best Online Dating

Picture of writer Christina Anne

“My Elite Singles review was probably one of my favorites of all time. I get excited when I see a dating site that’s clearly doing it right and has a process in place to help people find love. The most interesting thing is it seems to be a good dating app for finding a serious relationship and for casual dating.”

– Christina Anne, Contributing Writer

Are there good, quality matches on this site?

If anything was a home run during our Elite Singles review, it was 100% this category. It seems that their efforts to get quality dating matches and eliminate the riff-raff and flaky folks have been successful.

Regarding quantity, the site boasts an impressive 381,000 new members signing up each month. What does this mean for you? There is no shortage of quality matches with Elite Singles.

Not only does Elite Singles have a ton of new people, but they’re quality matches. The site specifically targets higher-educated individuals and pushes that it’s looking for people that “have it together.”

Does this mean that you can’t join the site if you don’t have a college degree or parts of your life aren’t perfect yet? Of course not!

Most of us have things that we’re always working on improving so don’t let that be a deterrent from joining this site. Frankly, if you want someone who has things “at least more together than most of the online dating world” then you would be silly not to join this site.

There are no restrictions on who can join in that sense. The only reason they point out the statistics about their members is because a lot of people who are new to online dating are scared that no one of quality and substance ever signs up.

The site also requires that you fill out a complete personality profile and all of your profile information BEFORE they give you access to the matches. While this might seem frustrating to some of you, it should come as a welcomed sign.

The sign-up process takes about 15-20 minutes (depending on how quick or slow you are with answering multiple choice questions about yourself). When we signed up to complete our Elite Singles review, we had to answer well over 100 personality questions during the personality test.

The good news is these are almost all multiple choice with very few that require any sort of text answer. The multiple choice questions are the “strongly agree/strongly disagree” type about your personality and how important things are to you. The few multiple choice questions that they require have no text limits or requirements that make you have to write a novel about yourself right off the bat.

Why should this be a welcomed sign? It means that anyone that makes it through to the matches is most likely going to be serious. You’re going to be viewing and matching with people that are willing to dedicate some time to the dating process. This means they are going to be WAY less likely to flake on you or just abandon their account for no reason.

The bottom line here is the quality of matches on this site is high, and the influx of people is even higher. It’s hard to get any better than what Elite Singles has done here. For that, our Elite Singles review gives the site five stars for quality of matches. 

How easy is the site to use?

Regarding ease of use during our Elite Singles review, we found the site to be pretty good. Let’s talk about what we liked and what we think could be improved upon.

The sign-up process was very simple. It was straightforward and easy to navigate. They even give you a percentage indicator to let you know how far along you are in it. If you get sidetracked during the process, you can also always save and come back later when you have more time.

A straightforward sign-up process is always a plus for us and sadly something that a lot of online dating sites miss the boat on. It does take a good 15-20 minutes to get through the entire process, which really helps to keep the people who aren’t serious out and those really looking for something in.

Keep in mind that you will need to complete the sign-up process before you get to see any of the matches. Again, this may be a turn-off to some people, but it really should be regarded as a positive. This means that you’re going to end up at a site where everyone has a filled out profile and has put the time and effort into the process. There is nothing more annoying than searching through an online dating site that is stuffed full of empty and incomplete profiles.

When you finish your sign-up process, it will seem as if your only option is to make a paid account. With a little digging, we realized that this was not true. If you click on the very top right of the page, there will be a button that will allow you to get through to the member area and start looking around.

Regarding navigating Elite Singles dashboard area, things were straightforward, easy to use, and we like that. Across the top of the site, you’ll see a bar with all of your navigation buttons as well as any new notifications. It had a very “Facebook” feel to it which we found easy to get used to. If you’ve ever used Facebook, you’ll probably find it easy to use as well.


Something that was interesting about this site is that even though there was a search function listed at the top, it did not operate as a traditional search function. You could put all of the settings in that you want, but then there wasn’t a button to hit to search.

What we realized was they did a lot of the matchmaking for you. You’d put in your preferences, and then Elite Singles would use those to send you the quality matches they thought would be best for you.

Some people would say this is a positive because it would help prevent you from spending hours sifting through people that weren’t a good match for you. Some might not like this as they enjoy the process of digging for hours (though we don’t really think that’s healthy). This feature is either going to be a positive or a negative based on your personal preferences.

Are there any great features?

Elite Singles has some really neat features to help you find that special someone. In the sections below, we’ll walk you through the features we liked and the ones and the ones that we think are the most important for you to know about before making a decision to join Elite Singles or not.

The Matches Section

First, they have their traditional matches section. This is where they take your search criteria and give you a nice batch of matches that they think would be a good fit for you.

Within this area, you can sort your matches by the following criteria:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Distance
  • Favorites
  • Similarities
  • In Contact
  • With Photo 
  • New Members
Elite Singles Matches Section screenshot

The Search Function

One of the first places we like to look with a new site is the search function. During our Elite Singles review, we were unable to locate a traditional search function. But don’t fear! What they attempt to do it seems is drive you towards matches that, well, match with what you’re looking for. Instead of having you sort through millions of matches, they try and help make things a little more personal for you. What you’ll see is everyone that matches your personal preferences and then you can sort through those matches.

If you’d like to “expand your horizons”, there is a workaround. You can always click the preferences tab that you see in the above picture and change what it is you’re looking for. Then, the group you’ll see will be those that match your wider search criteria.

Have You Met? Feature

Our Elite Singles review also showed us they have a cool feature known as “Have you met?” This feature works a lot like Tinder or something of that sort where you have a group that you can swipe through whether you like them or not. It’s not an actual swipe (you click an X or a smiley face), but you get the idea. Where it differs greatly from Tinder is that it shows you a ton of information about the person as well. It’s not strictly a looks thing.

Have you met feature screenshot elite singles

Additional  Features

In addition to all of this, they have a few more features that will help you to have a successful online dating experience. They’ll even show you who visited your page, who smiled at you, and the messaging platform is simple, straightforward, and easy to use.

One additional thing we liked during our Elite Singles review was that the Matches and the Have You Met? people were not all the same. A lot of times online dating sites will have a bunch of different features for meeting people, but they will just show you the same people in each. It was a nice change to see this not the case.

Tell me about the customer support.

Customer service for Elite Singles was more than adequate. They offer an extensive FAQ section with a lot of common questions, a contact form, as well as a fax or snail mail address if those are your thing.

Our interaction with customer support showed quick and intelligent responses. It was nice to see that they didn’t skimp on their agents and try and find the cheapest in the business. Sometimes an online dating site will outsource this task, and it is terribly evident when they do.

Well done Elite Singles.

Price | How much does it cost?

Regarding pricing, we found during our Elite Singles review that the site did come in higher than some of the smaller sites on the market and a price right around comparable with some of the big players. Our initial thoughts are always that you’re going to get what you pay for (why we shy away from free online dating sites). The Elite Singles pricing model comes with three different plans to choose from.

As is standard in the online dating industry, the longer the term you sign up for, the cheaper your membership is. With Elite Singles, you also get a few additional features when you sign up for the two upper packages. Let’s break down the pricing of each and what you get. After we break things down, we will give you our suggestion on what we think the best package is for you.

Membership TypeLengthMonthly CostSavings %Total Cost
Premium Classic1 month$59.9550%$59.95
Premium Light3 months$57.9551%$173.85 total
Premium Comfort6 months$44.9562%$269.70 total
  • Unlimited communication with all members
  • Intelligent matchmaking functionality
  • View all, not just some, member photos
  • See everyone who visited your profile
  • Read receipts for all sent messages

The Premium Classic package is touted as their most popular, and it makes sense why. If you buy the 3-month package, you’re committing to a longer term, but you’re only going to save $2 a month. You might as well go monthly if your choice is between the Classic and the Light. The best value is, as expected, with the longest term membership. If you’d like to see more about the costs, check out our detailed Elite Singles pricing break down.

Get Started Now!

Hopefully, our Elite Singles review has gone a long way in helping you figure out if this dating site is right for you. If you’re looking for quality matches that are a cut above the rest of what you’ll find on the internet, you’ll probably enjoy this site.

What we recommend is at the very least taking a minute to utilize the free trial we’ve secured for you below and see for yourself. The button below will automatically get you set up with a free trial to check things out. Take a chance and see what Elite Singles is all about now!

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Elite Singles FAQ

What is the success rate of Elite Singles?

Elite Singles claims a great success rate of matching singles. Every month, thousands of people find love on this premium dating site. The member community is active and there is an average of 173,000 new member sign-ups every month, so there’s always new people to check out.

How long does Elite Singles take to work?

Well, you can’t put a time on true love – but Elite Singles works as quickly as you can find someone that you really like. It depends on how much time you spend on the site scrolling and reading singles’ profiles. If you are active on the site and spend a little time, you’ll definitely find someone to connect with.

Does Elite Singles have fake profiles?

No, Elite Singles does not have a bunch of fake users or profiles. Singles on this dating site are real people looking for love and Elite Singles removes any profiles that appear to be inactive or fake.

Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with Elite Singles?

This dating site makes it really easy to purchase a paid membership (so you can start chatting!) and if you’re not satisfied, you can cancel your account at any time. The memberships are paid upfront in one payment, so you do not get a refund from that initial payment, but you won’t be billed going forward once you cancel.

Can you cancel Elite Singles after a month?

If you really aren’t happy with the site – which we think you’ll love the singles you find on there – then yes, you can cancel after one months’ time. Elite Singles doesn’t lock you into any kind of long term contract and they make canceling easy from your Account Settings page.

Does Elite Singles have a free trial?

Elite Singles is an exclusive site that does offer a free trial membership, but it’s somewhat limited. They push heavily to have users sign up for paid accounts.  Elite Singles knows that when you pay for an account, two things happen – number 1: you are actually a real person and you weed out any fake accounts; and number 2: you are more likely to be active on the site because you’ve paid something. People on Elite Singles are not seeking to mess around and waste time. These singles are serious about finding love with someone of quality.

How much is a one-month subscription to Elite Singles?

This dating site caters to the single who is serious about finding love. Elite Singles does not offer a one-month membership term. They do offer several different reasonably priced memberships

Is the Elite Singles dating site free?

No, this dating site is not free for any length of time. Elite Singles caters to a premium crowd that tends to be educated, affluent, and ready to commit to finding love. This site doesn’t want any inactive, fake, or lurking members that aren’t able to commit monetarily to the search.

Does Elite Singles have an app?

Elite Singles has an awesome mobile app. With a quick download for both Android and iOS devices, you can be scrolling and messaging right from your phone. You can favorite, upload photos on the go, and view your targeted matches easily with the sleek Elite Singles mobile app. You can even set up notifications so that you never miss a message!

Does Elite Singles still exist? 

This site is active and matching singles for real committed love every day across Canada, the U.S., and 20 other countries around the world. They definitely do still exist! Check them out today and maybe you’ll be one of their next success stories.

Does Elite Singles really work? 

This dating site is proud to be matching singles for long term love. Elite Singles most certainly works: this site matches an average of 20,000 couples every month! There are so many kinds of singles to choose from with diverse interests, ethnicities, backgrounds, religious preferences, and ages – you’re sure to find the person you desire in your life on this special dating site.

How long has Elite Singles been around? 

Elite Singles was founded in 2009, so they’ve been around for a while now. They’ve created a great member community and the features make it easy to connect with other singles. They have developed a novel method of matchmaking using the Big Five Personality index, which makes their algorithms really accurate in matching the right people.

Written By: Jason Lee

Jason Lee is a data analyst with a passion for studying online dating, relationships, personal growth, healthcare, and finance. In 2008, Jason earned a Bachelors of Science from the University of Florida, where he studied business and finance and taught interpersonal communication.

His work has been featured in the likes of The USA Today, MSN, The Motley Fool, Net Health, and The Simple Dollar. As a business owner, relationship strategist, dating coach, and officer in the U.S. military, Jason enjoys sharing his unique knowledge base with the rest of the world.