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This fun dating site opens the conversation with cute singles across the U.S. with a monetary bid for a first date. WhatsYourPrice Free Trial gives you access to search millions of members ready to find love. Sign up is easy and only takes a couple of pieces of information: your name, an email, and a password.

Before you’re allowed to bid on cute singles, you will need to enter information into your own profile and upload a photo; and then wait for your account to be approved by email. After a WhatsYourPrice admin approves your account, then it’s time to start bidding!

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What You Get With Your WhatsYourPrice Free Trial

  • The WhatsYourPrice Free Trial lets you into the fun bidding party to look around and begin searching for your next partner.
  • Profiles have room for a lot of information and photos, so you can show off your unique personality.
  • Free trial members can favorite the singles they like and once your profile is approved, you can start bidding on the singles you want to meet.

What You Don’t Get

  • With any membership on WhatsYourPrice, you’ve got to spend money to get someone on a first date with you.
  • This site doesn’t have messaging or chatting like other dating sites do – making a bid opens up the ability to message, but only that one person.

Whatsyourprice.com Site Highlights:

  • This novel dating site incentivizes singles to go out on first dates with each other in an auction-style bidding matchmaking dating even more fun!
  • There are over 3 million members already signed up on What’s Your Price.
  • What’s Your Price boasts that first dates happen quicker on their site versus other dating sites.

How Much Does the Free Trial on WhatsYourPrice Cost?

This dating site’s membership is quick to sign up for and completely free. They don’t ask for credit card information until you’re ready to bid on a single you want to meet.

The WhatsYourPrice Free Trial membership lasts as long as you’d like to stay at that level – but with 3 million members, we’re sure you’ll find someone!

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What You Get With the Free Trial

WhatsYourPrice is a novel site that puts your money where your interest is! Instead of chatting or messaging like other dating sites, WhatsYourPrice lets you bid for your interests’ time on a first date. The site claims that by bidding with real money, it gets people dating quicker. So this novel idea only works to your advantage.

The free trial membership is everything you need to start searching profiles and photos of cute singles available “for bid” in your area. Sign up is quick and only takes a couple of minutes before you’re searching. The powerful search function is available to What’s Your Price Free Trial members too and includes all of the filters you’ll need to find your next date including age, location, height, what they’re looking for, body type, and more!

There are millions of singles on the site located in cities all across the U.S. – a quick search revealed hundreds each in location we checked. Profiles are simple but robust in information, and everyone has a photo up or two. There are singles of many ages, ethnicities, body types, and interests on this lively dating site.

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What You Don’t Get

Members have space to upload several private photos that are only available to you if you’ve bid on that person. Before you can bid on those cuties’ profiles, you have to wait for account approval – this took us over half a day to receive and we were antsy to start the bidding process.

Although you don’t have to purchase a membership like other dating sites, you do have to agree on a real payment amount for a first date to start talking to one person at a time. The concept is really novel to ensure that the date happens, but is the first conversation you want to have with a sweetheart – “how much am I worth?” LOL.

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How Long is the WhatsYourPrice Free Trial?

The WhatsYourPrice Free Trial membership is a completely free account that lasts as long as you like – until you want to bid for anyone. So browse as long as you like to find just the right person for you. There are so many singles signed up so there’s no shortage of choices on this site.

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Getting Started With a WhatsYourPrice Free Trial Today!

This free trial gives you access to this novel way of finding your next first date – in a fun and flirty bidding system that opens the door to messaging one on one with that match. The WhatsYourPrice Free Trial account allows you to search for singles across the U.S. and view their full profile and photos.

The singles on this site are premium, attractive people too – everyone has a photo up and their profiles have so many diverse interests so you can quickly find your match. Give WhatsYourPrice Free Trial a try today and you won’t be disappointed in the features and the fun!