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When it comes to dating after 50, there is no name as famous as Silver Singles. But if you’re not sure if you’re ready to shell out for a premium membership, that’s okay. It’s important that you make sure the dating website is a good fit before committing any time and resources. To do that, we recommend taking advantage of the Silver Singles free trial offer!

With the Silver Singles free trial, you get a chance to search for singles in your area, create your dating profile, and find out once and for all if it’s the right option for you and your love search. If you are ready to give it a try, click the link below and you can get started now!

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What You Get With Your Silver Singles Free Trial

  • View personality and bio information for matches.
  • View compatibility percentage of matches.
  • Send smiles to matches.
  • See users who live near your location.
  • Read messages sent from users.
  • Ability to fully personalize your profile and preferences.

What You Don’t Get

  • Ability to send or reply to messages.
  • Ability to see unblurred profile photos.
  • Ability to view profile viewers.
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How Much Does the Silver Singles free trial Cost?

Silver Singles free trial is completely free. In fact, it isn’t even a trial – there is no time limit or need to enter your credit card information to access the free version of the dating site. You can try out this site without the worry of compromising your financial information. Now, there are some limitations to what you will be able to do, but it is abundant enough to find out if it’s the right dating website for you. Keep reading to see a complete breakdown of what you will get and what the limitations are with the Silver Singles free trial.

What You Get With the Silver Singles Free Trial

The first thing you get to do with your Silver Singles free trial is set up your account and dating profile. This means you can upload photos, write a little about yourself, and share the information about what is important in a match for you. Even if you are sure you want to upgrade to a premium membership, this is smart to take care of during the free trial so you can maximize your time with premium.

Once you have set up your account you get to see all your matches and everyone else on the website in your area who you may be interested in. This is a great way to see “who all is out there” and if there is any guy or gal of interest to you.

Free users also have the ability to send smiles to the profiles that interested them and add matches to their favorites list. Additionally, the free trial is an ad-free experience, with the only banner being for the Silver Singles premium membership options.

If you are overwhelmed by matches, free users can also use the match filter options to narrow their list down. Though you can’t send messages, you can see who has messaged you or sent you smiles.

What You Don’t Get

The Silver Singles free trial has a few limitations to offer an incentive to purchase a premium membership. After all, they are a business and have to charge for something so they can have the resources to offer you a safe and enjoyable experience. Trust us when we say that completely free dating sites are not a great experience.

The first and most noticeable restriction is that free users cannot see the profile photos of their matches. Additionally, you cannot message your matches, even if they have messaged you first. Another restriction on free profiles is the ability to see who has visited your page.

The free version of Silver Singles can find you a lot of matches based on your location and general profile, but the advanced algorithm for matching is reserved for premium account holders.

How Long is the Silver Singles Free Trial Good For?

The Silver Singles free trial isn’t limited by time. Instead, the service offers a basic version of their dating site to allow you to try out basic features at your leisure. This version of the site gives you a good idea of the number and quality of available matches and lets you test out the interface for as long as you’d like.

Getting Started With a Silver Singles Free Trial Today!

Getting started with Silver Singles is simple! When you navigate to the website, you’ll immediately begin the account questionnaire, which begins by confirming your gender identity and your dating preference.

From there you will be navigated through Silver Singles’ lengthy and in-depth set of evaluations. The first set of questions focuses on your basic information like height, profession, and marital status, as well as your preference in all areas for your partner.

Once your personal information is complete you begin a series of personality tests that range from having you select images and seasons that intrigue you, to answering questions about how you handle certain situations and stresses.

Once you have finished your personality test, you can upload a profile photo and input your name and location.

Free users then get access to the basic features of Silver Singles. You can navigate your matches and read their profiles – their images are blurred – and even send smiles to profiles you like. When you attempt to use a feature that isn’t included in the free package, you are redirected to the upgrade page.  

Silver Singles is well known in the older dating scene because the site focuses heavily on what you want in a partner and what details and personality traits you have no time for. It really helps to weed out all the crummy dates with partners that are just incompatible.

It’s time to find someone to enjoy your best years with, that’s why you should check out the free Silver Singles trial by clicking the link below.

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