Secret Benefits Free Trial

Want to hear a secret? You can give one of the biggest Sugar dating sites out there – Secret Benefits – a try without paying a single penny. 

That’s right! You can browse the Sugar Babies or Daddies, get a feel for the layout, and dive into tons of features completely free. We’ve got all the info on the free trial and a link on how to get started! 

If you want to take a look at an in depth review of Secret Benefits, you can head over to our full review page. If you are ready to dive into a Secret Benefits free trial, read on! 

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What You Get with Your Secret Benefits Free Trial

  • Build your profile and bio
  • Upload photos and start the photo review process
  • Get your identity verified (optional) with a video chat session
  • Browse the members that are fit for you
  • Sugar Babies can access unlimited messaging 
  • Check out the members-only blog and newsletter

What You Don’t Get

  • Access to secret photos
  • Sugar Daddies don’t get access to unlimited messaging
  • Advanced Customer Service options
  • Incognito Browsing
  • Private video album access

How Do I Get a Secret Benefits Free Trial?

We were so impressed at how easy it is to start a Sugar relationship on Secret Benefits that we want to make signing up for the free trial easy too! That’s why we’ve got a super convenient link for you right here on this page. 

Give it a tap, then simply fill in your personal information as you are prompted on the Secret Benefits website! 

Secret Benefits Logo

How Much Does the Secret Benefits Free Trial Cost?

Well, it’s free! There are seriously no catches, here.

You don’t have to add credit card information

You don’t have to commit to a membership after a trial period

You don’t have to worry about sneaky charges after seven days

You do get to try out a huge selection of features without paying a single cent!

Sounds pretty great, right? Wait until you see just how many of these dating app free trials we’ve found! Take a look through all our free trial pages to find a wide selection of dating apps with totally free trials. 

Breaking Down What You Get with the Free Trial

Secret Benefits is really unique in that they don’t try to reel you into the site with flashy, expensive features that don’t really help you find partners. Instead, they have a straightforward approach with just a couple of paid features that are super worth the price. 

So, the free trial really offers you just about everything you could want!

Full Profile Creation

We’ve gone through a lot of these free trial offers (like seriously, so many!) and we know that some sites don’t let you experience the full sign up process until you’ve committed to a paid membership. Secret Benefits isn’t about that life. 

You can completely fill in your profile, including uploading photos to your secret album, and answer questions regarding your preferences to help cater the matches you find. It really helps you to get a feel for the website because you get to see exactly what your profile is going to look like! 

Kick Start Photo Verification

It takes around 48 hours to get photos verified for your profile albums. You don’t want to have to wait until your trial ends to even start that process, so Secret Benefits lets you do it as soon as you sign up for your free trial! 

Don’t worry, you can still browse around and enjoy the site while your photos are being verified. 

Take a Minute to Chat with Mods

Another way members can be verified is by chatting with the mods. Doing this puts a nice little mark on your profile to let other singles know you are a real person and are worth a second look. You don’t have to pay anything for this feature, you can head over to the verification section as soon as you sign up for your free trial! 

Browse Through all The Sugar Babies and Daddies

With your free trial, Secret Benefits lets you look through your matches without those annoying, fuzzy filters covering up the faces. Why do other apps do that?! 

We aren’t sure, but we are sure that you won’t have that problem here.

Ladies Can Message to Their Hearts’ Content

Great news, Sugar Babies! You ladies get even more on the free trial. You can message to your hearts’ content on the free trial. There are no message limits, cost to unlock chat functions, or any other limitations. 

The Members-Only Blog is Open for Business

The moment you click submit on your free trial information, you will have access to the full members’ blog. It is really great! It has information to help you navigate the Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Baby relationship, date night ideas, safety tips, and so much more! We definitely recommend checking it out. After all, it’s free! 

Get a Secret Benefits Free Trial Now

Sugar relationships can be a really great way for older men and younger women to have a lot of fun while being mutually benefited by a relationship. The only real downside is figuring out where to find a dependable partner for your arrangement. 

Secret Benefits is one of the top Sugar dating sites for a reason! You can check out their full array of features on our review, but the short story is that there are tons of singles and the site is super secure. If you’ve ever wanted to give Sugar dating a try, Secret Benefits is the perfect place to do it! 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with this amazing free trial, so check it out today!