OKCupid Free Trial

If you’re looking to give one of the more prominent and established online dating sites a try without risking any of your hard-earned cash, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got your link to the OkCupid free trial that doesn’t hold back.

Without sharing any financial information, you can take advantage of OkCupid’s unique algorithm that’ll lead you to other singles you’ll be excited to meet, match, and message. Read on to learn more and to get started.

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Before you get too far… Many user reviews have expressed that OkCupid feels overly chaotic and frustrating to use. Others however feel that whether you’re on the OkCupid free trial or you’re a premium the swipe-style core of this app is too shallow for real connections. We’re not saying that OkCupid might not work for you…

But we are saying you owe it to yourself to explore all the best dating apps of 2023 before you spend your valuable time on the OkCupid free trial.

What You Get with Your OkCupid Free Trial

What You Get

  • Set up your full profile
  • Upload pictures
  • Answer the initial 15 unusual “get to know you” questions
  • Benefit from OkCupid’s algorithm based on answers to innovative questions
  • Search through match recommendations
  • Like, be liked, and access mutual likes
  • In-app messaging with your matches
  • Up to 50% off on membership upgrades
  • Use of the OkCupid service on your computer or mobile device

What You Don’t Get

  • Access to every introduction
  • The ability to send unlimited likes
  • An ad-free experience
  • To establish deal-breaking criteria
  • To see who likes you before you decide whether to select or eliminate them
  • Access to answers to profile questions submitted by potential matches
  • Profile boosts included

How Do I Get an OkCupid Free Trial?

Ah, we love to be of service. We may not have the cupid in our name, but we can play cupid by providing a link to an OkCupid free trial.

Get ready to put yourself out there right away. Once you get the free membership started, you’ve got to follow through by uploading a few of your best shots, as the top profiles have various photos. Expect to be prompted to answer the 15 onboarding questions, as it’s part of the OkCupid free trial registration process. But then you’re good to go – less than 10 minutes to a potential new love interest without providing payment information along the way.

How Much Does the OkCupid Free Trial Cost?

As you know, asking about the price of the OkCupid free trial isn’t out of the ordinary. Everyone knows that free isn’t always free. In this case, it is, though, as you don’t have to enter any payment information during registration.

As soon as you upload your photos and answer the mandatory questions that feed the algorithm, you’ll see candidates waiting for you in your dashboard. The best part is that access isn’t restricted. The OkCupid free trial allows you to make mutual matches and then message each other.

Breaking Down What You Get with the Free Trial

We’ll immediately dispel any concern that you have about the “free” aspect of the OkCupid free trial.

You won’t waste your time uploading profile pictures and answering personality questions, only to find out that you have to pay to see potential matches or have others check out your information. That’s not the case with OkCupid.

The free trial allows you to like, discover mutual matches, and message with them.


As soon as you complete your last onboarding question, you’ll probably notice some potential love interests waiting for you the first time you access your dashboard.

Just as a heads up, you can’t get to that user-only area until you upload at least one image and answer the 15 questions. And, for full disclosure, there are actually 30 because each question first refers to you and then references your ideal partner.

Once you click through them, the magical OkCupid algorithm does its thing, and you’ve got suggested matches waiting in the wings. You can scroll through and swipe on anyone who catches your attention. However, don’t go too crazy, as unlimited likes are part of the upgraded OkCupid basic and premium memberships.

Mutual Likes

If you “like” someone and they feel the same, regardless of who acted first, a free trial isn’t going to keep you apart like Romeo and Juliet.

Mutual likes are part of the OkCupid experience; no payment is needed. So, you could potentially use the entire OkCupid service without ever sharing a credit card or PayPal account information, as the basic premise of pairing up with a mutual admirer doesn’t require a premium upgrade.


You get to tell someone you like them, see if they like you in turn, and when the two worlds come together, you finally connect.

The OkCupid free trial includes in-app or online messaging with mutual connections. What happens from that point is entirely up to the two of you.

What You Don’t Get

The OkCupid free trial includes all of the essentials. However, when you’re excited about making a love connection, you might want to hurry things along a bit more. That’s where the upgraded memberships and individual boosts come in handy.

A few of the most helpful OkCupid plan upgrades include:

  • Unlimited likes
  • Dealbreakers
  • Profile boosts

As we mentioned, you’re limited with how many people you can “like” with the OkCupid free trial. But both the basic and premium plan upgrades have you covered if you really want to spread the love (or the like!).

Dealbreakers are beneficial if you’ve got some. For example, if religion is non-negotiable, the dealbreaker feature will ensure that your potential matches meet expectations.

Profile boosts aren’t part of the membership upgrades. Instead, you can purchase one or a pack of them if you’re having one of those days where you’re craving the spotlight. For 30 minutes, your information rises to the top of the virtual stack.

A few other optional membership upgrade features:

  • Unlock all of your matches
  • See who likes you before you decide
  • Review answers to potential matches’ questions
  • An ad-free experience

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