Military Cupid Free Trial

Military Cupid is an online dating site that caters specifically to singles who are either in the military, were in the military, or are interested in dating someone in the military. When you use the link on this page, you’ll automatically receive Military Cupid’s free trial. Their free trial comes in two parts that you need to be aware of.

Military Cupid Homepage

What You Get With Your Military Cupid Free Trial

  • Able to create your public profile and upload pictures
  • Able to wink (send flirts) to other members to begin gauging interest
  • Able to view all potential matches, their profiles, and their photos
  • 1-Hour Premium free trial with ALL functionality including messaging if you upload a photo during the sign-up process

What You Don’t Get

  • Can’t send or read messages from other members without membership EXCEPT during the 1-hour free premium trial

Site Highlights:

  • One of the few online dating sites dedicated to military singles and dating military members
  • User-friendly member area that’s easy to learn and navigate
  • Price of a full membership is well below the industry standard

About the Military Cupid Free Trial

The first part of their free trial is your “standard” trial that’s designed to help you get acquainted with their site. Military Cupid will allow you to see all of the other singles on the site, read their profiles, and view all of their photos. You can also use some of the basic search functions of the site to get the hang of how everything works. This part of the free trial is designed to help you make a decision on whether or not an upgraded paid membership is for you or not.

If you do consider getting a paid membership, Military Cupid memberships start as low as $10 a month which is significantly below the industry standard for an online dating membership.

The second free trial offered by Military Cupid is one that only pops up as you’re going through the sign-up process. If you upload a picture of yourself while you are signing up, they will give you 1 hour of 100% complete access to everything on the site. Basically, you become a platinum member for the next hour. You’ll be able to flirt, message, respond to messages, and do anything that you could do with a paid membership.

Make sure that when you sign-up, you have a few minutes to take advantage of this because it activates right away. You can’t store this free trial to use later or anything like that. It starts as soon as you upload your picture and start navigating around Military Cupid’s site.

We’re big fans of this free trial because there aren’t really any other sites (especially those in the military niche) that allow you to do this. If you’d like to take advantage of this, go ahead and use our free trial link below and you’ll be automatically set up. If you want to find out a bit more about the site to see if maybe you eventually want to become a paid member, you can always read our complete review of Military Cupid to get the proper intel to make a mission-critical decision.