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One of the principles for becoming wealthy is that risk, when calculated, is valuable. We think that is something you should apply to your sugar dating apps!

Established Men is a platform where well-off men can meet attractive, fun, younger women who are excited to enter mutually beneficial relationships with men far older than they are. It sounds great, but a lot of these sites can be filled with scam artists. 

So, how can you calculate the risk? Well, one way is to utilize this free trial and allow yourself time to perform hands-on research of the platform and what it has to offer. Not only is this a great way to ensure you aren’t getting in over your head, but it can also be a lot of fun! 

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What Can I Do While Using The Free Trial?

For women, the site is always free. This is standard across the board for sugar dating sites. For men, the free trial site comes with the following amenities: 

  • See who flirted with you
  • See who messaged you
  • See who viewed your profile
  • Use all available search filters
  • Upload photos to your profile
  • View main profile photos 
  • View other people’s profiles
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What Am I Missing Out On With a Free Trial?

  • You will be unable to message users
  • You will be unable to respond to flirts
  • You will be unable to unlock private photos

Can I Use The Free Trial Without Signing Up for a Profile?

You have to sign up for a Profile to use the free trial, but it only takes a few minutes and some basic information. You will need a profile photo, so be sure to have that handy! 

While signing up for the profile is required, you don’t need to input any credit card information to begin your Established Men free trial. This isn’t some scam to get you on auto renewal charges in a week! No, this is just an honest showing of everything the platform has to offer before you make a decision on whether or not you are ready to take the next step on your Sugar Daddy journey! 

How Long Does My Established Men Free Trial Last?

Technically, your Established Men trial can last as long as you like. Want to just browse the sugar babies’ profiles for the next six years? You are free to do so! 

However, you aren’t going to get a lot of use out of a site where you can’t send any flirts or messages, no matter how free it is. Eventually, you are going to determine that the quality of the site is either up to snuff and you will pay for a membership or you will decide to walk away. 

What we love is that you can walk away knowing you are never going to be charged by Established Men for services you didn’t use. 

Why Should I Try Established Men Before I Buy?

No dating site is without fault, and you don’t want to find that a site doesn’t work for your lifestyle after you’ve paid for it. 

In the case of Established Men, the most frequent complaint we see is that in certain parts of the world men run into higher numbers of scammers and fake profiles. This is a common issue on sugar dating sites and you want to be certain that you are going to have a positive experience and find real women in your area before you pay for a membership. 

Not sure how to tell if a user is real before you talk to them? Look out for a couple of these red flags:

  • The profile photo has a watermark.
  • The profile photo is of a celebrity.
  • The profile bio is completely blank. 
  • The profile photo has an all white background (stock photo). 

Established Men Free Trial Features – An In Depth Look


Flirts are used to show interest in other users on the site and while you are using your free trial account, sugar babies can send you flirts to show their interest. Established Men will show you exactly who is sending you flirts to give you all the information available to make the best decision for you about whether paying for a full membership is worth it. 

Who Viewed You

Not only will you be able to see who is actually interacting with you on the site, you can even see who stopped in just to take a closer look at your profile. Sometimes it is reassuring just to know that the singles on a dating site are liking what they’re seeing. 

Getting a lot of views but not a lot of flirts? Don’t be discouraged! Members can see that you aren’t a full member and may reserve their messages for when you can message back. 

Advanced Search Filters

You will have access to all of Established Men’s search filters right out the gate. This means you can immediately find all the best singles in your area to get a great idea of what will be available for you when you pay for a full membership. 

Check Messages

While you won’t be able to respond to any messages as a free trial member, you will be able to check the messages sent by sugar babies. This can definitely be enticing enough to get you to take the final plunge! Remember, if you aren’t getting a lot of messages on your free account, that isn’t necessarily a bad sign. Sugar Babies can see when an account isn’t premium. They may be reserving their messages for paid members only. 

Sign Up for a Established Men Free Trial Today

Established Men is one of the most popular sugar dating sites on the modern market, and if you are ready to try the site out all you have to do is follow our free trial link! 

No secret fees, no recurring charges, no unreasonably short time limit. 

Just sign up for free and take your time figuring out if Established Men is the right site for you! 

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