What’s Your Price Cost and Pricing

Here’s a thorough breakdown of the What’s Your Price costs. What’s interesting is there are no membership fees for this site. What you do pay for are credits that you redeem to initiate conversations with dates that you are bidding on. Here are the costs of those credits:

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Message CreditsCost
100 credits$50
450 credits$150
1000 credits$250

What’s Your Price is not like anything you’ve probably seen before. It’s an online dating site where men bid for dates with attractive women. There are a few occasions where women are bidding on dates with men, but the majority are the other way. What’s Your Price costs nothing for a membership, but you do need to pay for credits to use once you’ve agreed on a deal with someone and want to move forward with it.

Here’s how the system works.

How It Works - Whatsyourprice

The Credits

You purchase credits at What’s Your Price to use to communicate with other members. This is in place of a normal subscription fee which you won’t find at this site. Joining is completely free, and you’ll only pay when you go to close a date deal. Once a date deal has been accepted, you’ll redeem some of your credits to unlock the communication with the girl. That’s all you’re going to pay for on the site. The two of you will talk and set up the time and place for the date.

Paying For the Date at WhatsYourPrice.com

If you’re not fully up to speed on how this all works, we recommend you check out our review of What’s Your Price where we break everything down and make it all crystal clear. What we’d like to cover here is how you are paying for the dates at WhatsYourPrice.com once the deal has been made. When you bid for a date, you aren’t bidding on what you will spend on the date. You are bidding what you will actually pay the girl for her time and the work she had to do to prep for the date.

This can be any amount, but most dates are between $50 and $200. Anything over this should be a red flag that the girl is just looking for money and is not really cooperating with the spirit of What’s Your Price’s idea. The site reports that the average date is $120.

This money is not paid on the site. It’s paid in cash to the girl when you have your date. What the site recommends is that you pay (or collect) half of the money up front and the other half at the end of the date. If you have any issues with collection of money or payment, you can contact the site and let them know. They’ll handle things internally and will most likely ban the member for life from the site.

In addition to paying the girl for the date, you are expected to also pay for the date. If that’s dinner, you’re paying for dinner. If that’s drinks, expect to pick up the tab. The dates don’t have to be crazy and elaborate but just keep in mind it says right on What’s Your Price’s website that the bidder is expected to cover the cost of the date. This eliminates the awkward receipt musical chairs that happens towards the end of a date.

The Guarantee

If you purchase the 1000 credit plan, you’ll also be getting a guarantee that you’ll get at least 5 dates out of those credits. If you don’t, the site will give you 1000 free credits to take another stab at it. Now, obviously, the site isn’t going to just hand anyone free credits if you didn’t put a conscious effort into the process. They require that you meet a few criteria to show that you gave the product a fair shake.

You can find all of those criteria on their guarantees page, but here are the most important ones. You have to have a completed profile. You have to have a picture on your profile that’s not hidden. And lastly, you have to put at least 20 offers out a month for dates. If any of those dates agree and want to communicate, you have to unlock the communication (with your credits) within 48 hours.

This seems more than fair to us. Basically, have a real profile, have a picture, actually try and get dates, and respond in a timely manner to anyone interested in an actual date. If you still strike out, they’ll get you 1000 more credits to give it a shot again. Make sure you read the terms of service of this if you’re getting near the bottom of your credits and aren’t having much luck. We doubt you’ll need to use this guarantee, but it’s there in case you do need it.

The Next Step

It’s 100% free to join the site and start looking around. It takes no joke less than 30 seconds to be looking through matches with your free account. You have nothing to lose 🙂 Click the link below and get ready to experience online dating like you never have before.