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Below, you’ll find an up to date chart showing the Positive Singles cost of membership. Our team does their best to keep this as up to date as possible. Additionally, we’ll share some important details that you need to be aware of before you purchase your membership.

Positive Singles
Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership CostTotal Cost
Premium Membership1 Month$29.95 total$29.95 total
Premium Membership3 Month$19.98 per month$59.95 total
Premium Membership6 Month$15.99 per month$95.95 total

Dating CostPositive Singles Cost Breakdown

Let’s cut straight to the chase here. The Positive Singles cost of a membership is significantly lower than a lot of the other online dating sites in the industry. Often, with niche and specialty sites the price goes up, but in this case the price is lower which is definitely a welcomed site.

For those looking to save a few bucks in the process, the memberships get significantly less expensive the longer the term you select. The six month membership is half the cost of a one month membership. We have found that most people that purchase the one month membership with Positive Singles end up sticking around for several months unless they have some great luck right off the bat. For this reason, we recommend that if you’re committing to this process, why not save a few bucks by getting the three month or six month membership.

Payment Options

When you purchase a membership through Positive Singles, your membership fees are processed as one lump sum payment on your first day. This means if you get the three month membership you will be charged $59.95 total and if you get the six month membership you will be charged $95.95 total. Positive Singles accepts most major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX. The site also accepts payment for your membership though PayPal and personal checks or money orders.


If you purchase the one month plan from Positive Singles, keep in mind that the auto-renew feature is going to be automatically checked. This means that if you don’t choose to cancel your membership, you’re going to be charged the full Positive Singles cost of your membership again. You can turn this off if you’re worried about forgetting at the end of the month as soon as you create your account and you’ll still have access to your account for the duration of your membership.

If you purchase the three month or six month memberships, your accounts will not be set to auto-renew which is actually not the industry standard. Most online dating sites will renew your account even if you have a year-long membership unless you tell them otherwise. We check back on this often as it’s not industry standard so definitely check with Positive Singles support if you are worried that your membership might automatically renew without you wanting it too. Hopefully within three or six months you can find someone special and have no need to worry about renewing 🙂

The Quality of Positive Singles

Positive Singles (positivesingles.com) is a niche online dating site that was designed for singles that have sexually transmitted diseases. The site has members with all different conditions with the bulk being singles living with herpes. The site did have members with many other STDs including those that were HIV positive. The site has a strong support section for those that may be new to dating with their condition which includes support forums, doctor resources, and success stories of singles who found love and lived out happy and normal lives despite their STDs.

If you’re curious how good of a site it is, we’ve got you covered. Our team of online dating experts have put together a comprehensive review of Positive Singles for your benefit. They look into everything you might want to know about the site including the quality of members, the features, how easy it is to use, and the customer service.. If you’re still on the fence about whether the Positive Singles cost is worth it, we recommend you take a peek at this review first. You’ll be able to make a much more informed decision about whether or not this site is for you.

The Free Trial

With the link above, you’ll be given a free trial to positivesingles.com. With your free trial, you’ll be able to create your profile, browse all of the other member’s profiles and photos, and use most of the search and find features. Here’s the big kicker, though, which is a big win. As a standard free member, you can actually respond to emails from Gold Members. This means that if someone reaches out to you and is interested, you don’t have to be a member as well to respond to them. This should be reason enough to at least create an account and let it sit there like a worm on a hook looking for a fish.

In addition, this is awesome if you become a gold member of Positive Singles. You’ll be able to message ANYONE who has an account on there. Other online dating sites require both partners to have an account before they can respond to each other. With this, only one of you has to have a paid account to enjoy the benefits of interaction.

Basically, it should be a no-brainer to at least give the free trial of Positive Singles a try. Click the link below and you’ll automatically be set up to receive your trial immediately. Here’s the best part. You can use your trial as a standard member forever. If you never decide to upgrade, that’s ok. You’ll still be able to respond to matches and messages from upgraded members.

Don’t let your STD control you and ruin your dating life. You deserve the same happiness as everyone else in the world and this is a great place to find an accepting community that knows what you’ve gone through and what you may still currently be going through.