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Below you’ll find a table breaking down the Pink Cupid cost of membership. Our staff regularly works to keep these numbers up to date with the most accurate pricing options available. Additionally, we’ll walk you through the important details you need to know about purchasing a Pink Cupid membership. These include the features you receive, the different types of plans, and the different payment methods accepted.

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Membership TypeMembership LengthMonthly CostMembership Cost
Gold12 Months$8.33$99.98
Gold3 Months$16.66$49.99
Gold1 Month$25.98$25.98
Gold1 Week$49.96$12.49
Platinum12 Months$10.00$119.98
Platinum3 Months$20.00$59.99
Platinum1 Month$30.98$30.98
Platinum1 Week$59.96$14.99
Diamond12 Months$20.00$239.97
Diamond3 Months$39.99$119.98
Diamond1 Month$61.97$61.97
Diamond1 Week$124.00$31.00

Dating CostPink Cupid Cost

Pink Cupid’s cost of membership depends on which level of membership you choose and how long you decide to be a member. Something important to note right off the bat is Pink Cupid has the absolute least expensive membership that we’ve seen to date at ANY online dating site. For those of you wondering, no we are not just saying that. You can compare it to some of the other online dating site costs here if you’d like to confirm.

How expensive? Glad you asked. The Pink Cupid cost structure starts at $8.33 per month if you elect to purchase the Gold membership for a one-year term. The Gold membership goes up to just over $16 if you choose a three-month membership, and up to just under $26 if you choose a one-month membership.

The Pink Cupid cost of their Diamond plan (the highest they offer) starts at $20 a month if you elect for the one-year membership and caps out at just under $62 if you only want to sign up for a month. As you can see, the cost difference between the three plans is significant, but the quality difference between the different plan lengths is also significant. Since you have to pay for the entire plan up-front (one lump sum payment), Pink Cupid rewards you with a lower “monthly” rate.

Pink Cupid Payment Options

Now that we’ve covered the Pink Cupid cost of membership and the features you’ll receive with each type of membership, let’s talk about the payment options that the site accepts. While the site recommends utilizing the credit card option, any of these other options will work just fine.

  • Credit Card – Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover Card, and Diner’s Club
  • Google Pay
  • PaySafe Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Skrill (Formerly Moneybookers)

Paid Membership Options and Features

Regarding the different membership levels and what features you get at Pink Cupid, this chart should give you a solid idea of what you can expect to get. One important thing to notice is that with the free (standard) account, you can still respond to messages from paid members! This means that you may be able to find someone special without ever having to join. Of course, if you want the capabilities to message the people you’re really interested in, you will need to upgrade your membership.

Asiandating membership features breakdown

The standard membership is your free trial membership. If you use the link we’ve provided, you’ll automatically receive this membership. You’ll be able to start creating your profile, uploading photos, and communicating with paying members who reach out to you first.

The gold membership is the first tier membership which gives you everything from the free membership and includes: the ability to message and respond to any member on the site (paid and free), live chat with members, and browse through matches anonymously. This membership at Pink Cupid costs less than $9 a month if you choose the year-long plan which is pretty incredible. You’re talking the price of a large McDonald’s value meal for an entire month of possibly finding that special someone.

The Diamond membership is the top-of-the-line membership available at Pink Cupid. The price starts at $20 a month if you choose the year-long plan which makes it less than $10 more expensive than the gold plan. In all honesty, you might as well grab this plan without even worrying about what the additional features you get are. If you are money savvy, though, that’s ok. Here’s what you’ll get when you step up to the platinum plan.

You’ll get extra profile space, shown higher in rankings (at the top) than gold members and free members, VIP profile highlighting which helps you stand out and shows you’re committed to the dating process, exclusive search features, advanced matching algorithms, and your messages translated into any language you want if you’re looking to do some dating across international lines.

In our opinion, if the Platinum were significantly more expensive than the gold membership at Pink Cupid, we would advise you to get the gold. However, since it’s literally only a couple of dollars more a month, you might as well take the extra perks if you’re going to give Pink Cupid a shot. Regardless of what you decide to do, you should at least create a free account. The absolute worst that will happen is you get some messages from some nice girls and possibly stumble into something nice.

Take that next step today by clicking the free trial link below and seeing what Pink Cupid has to offer you. At $20 a month for their top-of-the-line membership, it’s hard to come up with a good reason not to join.

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