How Much Does Asian Dating Cost?

Below, you’ll find a complete, up to date breakdown of the Asian Dating cost of membership. We’ll walk you through the different membership types available, the choices you have in membership length, and the costs associated with each option. Our team of experts work hard to make sure that we keep everything up to date and as accurate as possible.

The Asian Dating cost of a membership starts as low as $10 per month if you commit to a 12-month membership. Keep in mind that all of their memberships are billed as a one-time payment so even though it’s only $10 a month when you break it down, you still are paying for all 12 months up front.

The most expensive option is the Platinum membership for $34.99 for one month. If you decide to commit to a longer term membership, though, this price drops significantly. It comes down to just over $23 a month for a three-month membership, and all the way down to a third of the one-month cost at $12.50 per month. Again, the Platinum memberships are also billed as a one-time payment when you sign up.

Asian Dating Pricing Chart

Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership CostTotal Cost
Gold Membership12 Months$10.00 per month$119.98 total
Gold Membership3 Months$20.00 per month$59.99 total
Gold Membership1 Month$29.98 total$29.98 total
Platinum Membership12 Months$12.50 per month$149.99 total
Platinum Membership3 Months$23.33 per month$69.98 total
Platinum Membership1 Month$34.99 per month$34.99 total

Payment Options at Asian Dating

Payment options available

When you purchase a membership at Asian Dating, you’ll be able to pay with any of the payment options listed below:

  • Visa
  • American Express (AMEX)
  • Discover Card
  • MasterCard
  • Diner’s Club
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Paysafe Card

Asian Dating Cost Breakdown | Features and Benefits

We now want to break down the different features you’re getting with each membership length and type. It’s hard to assess whether the Asian Dating cost of membership is worth it if you have no idea what you’re getting for what you’re paying. Regarding features, here is a breakdown of what you get with the free account, the Gold Membership, and the top of the line Platinum Membership.

Asian Dating Cost and Feature Chart

As you can see, when you have the free trial account of Asian Dating you’re able to build out your profile, send flirts/interests, and respond to messages from paying members. This means that if a Gold or Platinum member sees your profile and is interested, they can send you a message and you can respond free of charge.

If you upgrade your membership, you get full messaging capabilities which include messaging all paid members as well as all of the free members (standard accounts). As you can see, Asian Dating has two different types of memberships with varying levels of functionality. When you jump from the Gold Membership to the Platinum Membership, you’re not given any additional communication features (outside of translation), but you are given a lot of perks that will help you be found by other members easier.

Platinum members of Asian Dating get extra profile space, search rankings above other members, VIP profile highlighting to draw more attention to them, additional search features, and an advanced matching algorithm to help find better matches. In our opinion, we’re not completely sure if we think the difference between the Asian Dating cost of the Platinum and Gold membership is completely worth it. It all depends on how you plan on doing your online dating.

If you’re someone who likes to be responsive to other members who find you, the upgrade to Platinum is certainly worth it. It will help other singles find you better, and your experience with Asian Dating will be that much more fruitful. In addition, the cost of the upgrade is only a few bucks more a month (less than $3 if you buy a year-long membership.

If you’re someone who likes to seek out other members and lead the way with sending messages, you can probably get away with the Gold Membership. You will miss out on some additional advanced search features, but you should still be just fine. That being said, for only a few bucks more a month on an already lower than industry standard price, you might as well just go for it. If the difference of $10 a month to $12.50 a month is going to break you, you might want to wait until you jump into the online dating ring.

Auto Renewal of Your Asian Dating Membership

All memberships purchased will be set to automatically renew at the end of the scheduled term. If you’d like, you can always opt out of auto renewal and you’ll have the entire paid length of your membership still in tact!

Picture of a value graph

Should You Join Asian Dating?

Honestly, if you’re interested in dating other Asian singles, you’d be silly not to at least create a free account. It takes less than two minutes, costs nothing, and opens you up to be able to respond to messages from paying members. The absolute worst that can happen is that you get a few messages sometime down the road from other guys or girls that are interested in you. Additionally, you’ll get to experience the site for yourself and see if the Asian Dating cost of membership is worth it to you or not. No one is a better reviewer of the quality of a dating site than you.

The bottom line is that with the free trial you’ve got nothing to lose. The best that can happen is that you get onto the site, see some singles you like, and you join and find that special someone you’re looking for. It only takes a couple minutes to start looking around so why not take that next step today. We don’t think you’re going to be disappointed. If you do want to know more about what to expect, you can always check out our Asian Dating review for more information.