Where to Meet Singles in Washington DC

Feeling single and lonely in Washington DC? Well, you aren’t the only one! In fact, over 70% of the DC population is reportedly unmarried. 

Other polls show that the city is diverse, educated, and open-minded, so why is it so difficult to date in DC? 

According to a large number of locals, they believe the political, K-Street and Hill people in DC are upsetting the dating pool. These individuals tend to not fit into the open culture in DC, and there are so many of them that you are bound to accidentally end up on a date with one. 

Some of these interactions can be so terrible that you may try to write off dating in DC altogether! 

The good news is, if you know where to look, you can easily find great singles in DC! Read on for our best tips on dating in the city and where to find great singles! 

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Save Money on Your Dating Journey with Online Dating

Online dating is a quick and easy way to improve your dating experience in DC. These sites allow you to filter your searches based on a variety of details like political beliefs, religion, location, and more. 

The best sites even let you check out profiles of users in incognito mode so you can determine who is right for you without notifying them of your curious eyes. If you are interested in those high-level amenities, check out our list of the best dating sites for DC singles! 

Some of the best features of great online dating sites include:

  • Blogs and training to help improve your dating experience. 
  • A safe place to talk to singles without giving out your personal phone number. 
  • The ability to block singles that are being inappropriate. 
  • Great search filters that let you pinpoint the perfect singles for you. 
  • Personality tests/ matchmaking algorithms that show you the most compatible matches. 
  • Activities and features that help you break the ice with your matches. 

Whether you are an outgoing, shy, or something in between, online dating provides you with a platform where all personality types have an equal shot at finding true love. 

5 Best Bars for Singles in Washington DC

  • The Gibson: A stunning, speakeasy style bar where business professionals and mature singles can meet. If you want a classy environment during your single search, The Gibson is perfect for you. 
  • Denson Liquor Bar: Denson Liquor Bar is a classy, unique establishment that is perfect for getting together with friends or going solo to meet some of DC’s best singles. 
  • All Souls Bar: All Souls Bar is one of the most popular bars in DC. The modern and open minded environment is fun and a perfect place for establishing new connections. 
  • Derby Bar: Derby Bar is a unique place that mashes the comfort of a whole in the wall establishment with the delicious offerings of a modern, liberal establishment. It is a perfect place to meet open-minded singles. 
  • Little Miss Whiskey’s: Little Miss Whiskey’s is an old-school, Louisiana themed bar. You’ll feel like you are on the bayou in Little Miss Whiskey’s. It is a place to enjoy all the New Orleans Saints games, delicious drinks, and the company of some of the best singles in DC. 

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Washington DC

Washington DC has a lot of historical places to visit and parks to enjoy, but it can be difficult to determine which places are the best for finding locals who share your interests and personality traits. So, we’ve put together some mini lists of locations to match 3 popular personality traits of DC singles – quirky, artistic, and sporty. 

Best Places to Meet Quirky DC Singles

  • Trapeze School NY (DC Branch): The DC branch of the Trapeze School NY is a great place to push your own limits, learn a new skill, and meet other DC locals who enjoy a unique adventure. 
  • International Spy Museum: The International Spy Museum is one of the most interesting and unique museums in the US. It is a perfect place to learn new tidbits of history, see interesting displays, and meet great DC singles. 
  • Culture House: Perhaps one of the quirkiest places in all of DC, Culture House is a psychedelic art display inside an old church. Anytime you head to Culture House, you are guaranteed to meet some of the most unique people in all of DC. 

Best Places to Meet Artistic DC Singles

  • Lincoln Theater: One of the most beautiful theaters in the country, the historic Lincoln Theater has seen some of the biggest acts upon its stage. If you want to enjoy some of the best artists, comedians, and shows while meeting DC singles, this is the location for you! 
  • National Portrait Gallery: The National Portrait Gallery is a display of history through portrait art. Though the center can get filled with tourists during certain times of the year, statistics show that the gallery is incredibly popular with locals. 
  • District Clay Center: Taking a one shot class at the District Clay Center can provide you with a great opportunity to potentially meet really great, artistic singles. If you love the experience, you can even consider signing up for a full class schedule! 

Best Places to Meet Sporty DC Singles

  • DC Divas Game: It can be a drag trying to meet singles at pro games because they are pricey and you often can’t tear yourself away from the action. A DC Divas game is a great option for sports lovers because the pacing of the game allows for a little more downtime to talk to other fans. 
  • Rock The Park DC: This music event is a perfect activity for sportier singles who love being outdoors. Other outdoors loving singles flock to the event each year, so you don’t want to miss it! 
  • Tipsy Tennis: The Tipsy Tennis event held by Washington Tennis and Education Foundation is a perfect stop for sporty DC singles. The bar-like environment is perfect for loosening up, and the sporty aspect will put you right in your element!
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