Where to Meet Singles in Tulsa

If you are from Tulsa, you know this city doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Tulsa is filled with loving, adventurous, artistic citizens that breathe life into the city’s streets. From musical theater to fly fishing, there is something for everyone here. 

Unfortunately, that doesn’t make dating in Tulsa much easier. In fact, when you live in such a culturally diverse city it can be difficult to stumble upon a real connection. Everyone is just so different! Add to that all the local colleges and you have a giant dating pool with some people who aren’t even going to stick around. 

There are ways to approach dating in Tulsa to increase your odds of success. Read on for more information about dating in Tulsa, how to be successful, and where to go to find amazing singles! 

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Find the Singles that Love what You Love with Online Dating 

Online dating is great for a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest ones is that you can narrow your dating search by hobbies and interests. It can be exhausting to meet people in the real world just to find out they hate all the things you love. When you use dating sites and apps, you can preemptively weed out singles based on specific criteria that matters to you. 

These search filters vary from site to site, so be sure to use high quality Oklahoma dating apps.

Another reason we love online dating for singles in Tulsa is the ability to see who is in the city by choice and who is there by chance. Sure, it can be fun to date local college goers, but there is a lower chance of those relationships lasting for long periods of time. When you look for singles online, it is easy to determine if they are Tulsa (or surrounding area) natives that make for potential long-term partners. 

If you still aren’t sold on online dating and prefer to meet singles the old fashioned way, take a look through some of our favorite bars and local events in the Tulsa area! 

5 Best Bars for Singles in Tulsa

  1. The Saturn Room: If you want to meet singles in a bar that is fun and quirky, check out the Saturn Room. This Tiki Lounge has all the delicious drinks of the tropics and provides a lively atmosphere to strike up a conversation with attractive strangers! 
  2. The Starlite Bar: We love the Starlite Bar as a place to meet singles because it offers more than just a few drinks and barstools. This is a bar where you can enjoy stand up comedy, disco nights, trivia events, and much more. It creates a fun and exciting place for meeting singles or even just making friends! 
  3. The Valkyrie: The Valkyrie has been a popular bar in Tulsa for many years and it is easy to see why! This bar takes their drinks and reputation seriously while providing a comfortable space that brings in locals on a daily basis. If you are looking to meet hardworking locals, The Valkyrie is the place to do so! 
  4. Club Majestic: Looking for a bar that doubles as a dance club and is LGBTQ+ friendly? You should check out Club Majestic! Finding singles has never been more entertaining! We love Club Majestic because you know that even if you leave without a match, you will still be leaving with a smile on your face!
  5. The Max Retropub: Does going out to meet singles sound like a stressful and unfun time? Well, The Max will quickly change your opinion on that! This retro-themed bar has delicious drinks, tons of arcade games, a welcoming atmosphere, and a vibe that will help you forget all your stress and anxiety! 

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Tulsa

Another great way to meet singles in Tulsa is to head to places where your interests are represented. Take a moment to consider the hobbies and interests that mean the most to you, then look through our list of the greatest places to meet singles with similar interests!

Fine Art Fans – Head to The Philbrook or Gilcrease Museum 

Tulsa has multiple museums and historic experiences, but two of the largest collections of fine art in Oklahoma are located right in the city! The Philbrook Museum and Gilcrease Museum are perfect places to enjoy a day of art and meet others with similar interests. The Gilcrease Museum also has expansive, Oklahoma-themed galleries that local historians will adore! 

Punk Rockers – The Punk Rock Market is Meant for You

There is no shortage of rockers in Tulsa. After all, the city is flush with music venues catering to the lifestyle! If you are looking for a place to meet other punk or rock singles that isn’t quite as loud as a concert, consider the Punk Rock Market. This pop up event happens multiple times a year and is a perfect place to shop and meet singles! 

Vintage Enthusiasts – Tulsa is Filled with Amazing Thrift Experiences

Tulsa vintage lovers are well-catered to. The city has dozens of vintage and thrift stores to peruse. The downtown shops, like Forty Year Vintage, are particularly great because you can walk around from shop to shop and meet tons of locals along the way! 

Gamers and Comic Book Lovers – Head to Wizard’s Asylum or Vintage Stock

Whether you like to play video games or tabletop games, these two shops are perfect for meeting like minded singles. Wizard’s asylum is mostly catered to tabletop gaming and trading cards, but the atmosphere is inviting and perfect for meeting people. Vintage Stock is a much larger store, so you might meet more people in a single trip. Plus, Vintage stock includes video games, comics, vintage toys, and much more! 

Sports Fans – There are Plenty of Live Games to Attend

Sports are alive and well in Tulsa. Whether you like hockey, baseball, soccer, fishing, football, or any other sport, you can find great events to attend year round! The city has a frequently updated schedule of events on their website, which makes planning your outings around your busy schedule a breeze! 

Outdoorsy Singles – Try the Gathering Place

Tulsa is a large city with lots of development and innovation, which can make it feel difficult to find great outdoor spaces to meet others who love being outside. Luckily, Tulsa recently constructed a new, massive park ground with hiking, rope climbing, boating, and much more – The Gathering Place. This is the perfect spot to meet local singles and get a good bit of exercise without going to the gym!

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