Where to Meet Singles in Tampa

According to studies, Tampa is one of America’s top 50 places to live and one of the top 15 best places to date. So, why do so many people seem to struggle with finding love in Tampa?

Well, we have a few ideas. 

One thought is that because Tampa is an active tourist location some singles are wasting their time on non-locals. It can be exhausting and expensive constantly trying to hit it off with singles who are ready and willing to let you buy them drinks, just to find out they live half-way across the country!

Another theory is that Tampa locals are so hardworking and set in routine that they are only looking for love among their small bubble. Expanding the search to other areas of the community can help these people to find singles that actually interest them. 

A final idea on the struggle with dating is that Tampa locals who don’t love beach culture feel that there are no other locals that match their personality. The truth is, everyone in Tampa has someone that is right for them, they just need to know where to look! 

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Find Local Singles That Are Right For You With Online Dating

Online dating is an easy and effective way to improve your dating game. The best online dating sites for Tampa singles can allow you to expand your search for singles and find actual locals without traveling all over Tampa! 

Tampa is an extremely diverse city, so when you use online dating you will get to see all the amazing singles the town has to offer. Then, you can narrow the search down based on your wants and needs. Many sites even narrow your results down based on personality evaluations, which makes sure you are only talking to compatible matches. 

Online dating can even save you money! 

Going out on weekends to meet singles, attending blind dates, sending drinks to attractive people in the bar, and paying for clothes or weekly salon trips to look your best is wildly expensive. In fact, some polls show that a single night at a club can cost up to 100 dollars! 

In comparison, most dating sites cost less than that per month and come with free trials to let you get to know the platform for free! That means you can get an idea of whether or not online dating is right for you without wasting any money.

If you like the idea of finding true love while you are at home in your pajamas, then online dating is the perfect dating method for you! 

5 Best Bars for Singles in Tampa

  1. Mandarin Heights: Mandarin Heights is a modern and upbeat bar that focuses on glorifying classic cocktails and creating new concoctions for your enjoyment. The bar is a local favorite, which makes it a safe place to meet singles! 
  2. The Patio: The Patio is considered Tampa’s most popular neighborhood bar. Locals come every evening to fill the seats and enjoy local brews. The owners pride themselves on the friendly feeling in the bar. It is a perfect place to chat up locals because everyone fits in at The Patio
  3. Rox Rooftop Bar: Sat atop the Current Hotel is the Rox Rooftop Bar. This modern bar has unique, lounge style seating and stunning sites. You don’t have to be staying at the hotel to enjoy the bar, which has led it to be a surprising local favorite. You do need to be slightly more wary of tourists in this bar, but we think the atmosphere is worth it! 
  4. Bad Monkey: Bad Monkey is one of the most unique bars we’ve ever seen. It is a military-themed bar where local vets and active members of the armed forces find comfort in each other’s company. If you are looking for singles that understand the way being a part of the armed forces affects your life, then Bad Monkey is a great bar for you. 
  5. Hattrick’s: Hattrick’s is a local favorite in Tampa. The Irish pub style sports bar is a place where locals love to hang out after a hard week of work, which makes it the perfect place to find career-focused singles in Tampa. 

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Tampa

If you are curious about places to meet local singles in Tampa, look no further. We’ve found 5 of the best places and events for local singles to meet others with similar lifestyles or passions. Check them out! 

Pride and Passion: Neon Jungle

There are many events and places in Tampa that are TAG approved, but one of the most exciting yearly events is Pride and Passion. This year’s theme is Neon Jungle, but the vibe is altered each year for an exciting experience. We love Pride and Passion because anyone in the LGBTQ+ community can feel safe and enjoy themselves while meeting local singles. 

Tailgate Taste Fest

Tailgate Taste Fest is an annual food and football celebration at Curtis Hixon Park. The event is free to attend and is a perfect place for lovers of football no matter how intense they may be. If you are a local fan, head over to Tailgate Taste Fest and meet hundreds of kindred spirits while enjoying delicious food, live music, and – of course – football! 

Gasparilla Music Festival

Gasparilla Music Festival is a yearly, 3-day event in Tampa that celebrates music and the gorgeous weather of early Fall. There are several stages and musicians from a multitude of genres, making it a great event for all music lovers. Head downtown for Gasparilla fest where you can meet music-loving singles and enjoy delicious food and awesome tunes. 

Morean Arts Center

Art lovers always have something new to see at the Morean Arts Center. The exhibits are as unique and interesting as Tampa itself, which is why locals love it. If you want a place to find singles that enjoy visual arts, then the Morean Arts Center is right for you! 

Al Lopez Park

Outdoor lovers and sportsmen can’t get enough of Al Lopez Park. This extensive tribute to native wildlife even contains a huge pond for local fishing. If you like to get some sun and cast a line, then Al Lopez Park is a perfect place for you to meet other locals and potentially spark a love connection.

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