Where to Meet Singles in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has a massive Mormon population. This can make dating in the city feel really frustrating. Those who aren’t Mormon feel that they can’t find any singles with the same dating expectations while Mormon singles find the standard form of modern dating to be counter to their moral and social needs. 

Additionally, the differentiation in singles based on age, education level, and gender are more distinct than other large cities. 

All these factors come together to make standard dating feel really impossible. Some people would rather stick with someone that makes them unhappy than try to jump back into the current dating pool in SLC. 

We are here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be this hard! If you utilize modern tools and focus your search on places where great singles are sure to populate, dating gets a lot easier. Read on for a guide to dating in Salt Lake City!

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Online Dating Makes it Easy to Find The Right Person for You!

Living in Salt Lake City is fantastic because of all the culture variances, but those same differences can make dating a little more difficult. There are a lot of highly varying opinion on dating standards and morals surround remarrying, premarital sex, etc. 

The best way to circumvent these differences without the disappointment and embarrassment is by making your needs and standards known up front. You can’t really show up to a bar with a poster of your desires taped to your chest, so online dating is the way to go!

With online dating, you can let others see exactly what you are looking for before you ever begin to speak. Additionally, you can narrow your searches down through intricate filtering and search systems. As long as you are using the right dating site for you, online dating is a great choice for modern dating in Salt Lake City. 

If you want a quick list of the best dating sites for singles in Utah, check out our article on the topic! You can even access free trials to all your favorite choices!

5 Best Bars for Singles in Salt Lake City

  1. Purgatory – Purgatory has a bit of a cool grungy feel, but not dirty by any means! We love how industrial and rock and roll the bar is and the patrons match that punky vibe. If you are looking for someone that matches your edgy aesthetic, Purgatory is a great place to look!
  2. Bar X & Beef Bar – If you enjoy the idea of a bar crawl, but don’t want to miss out on great singles by skipping to bars all over town, then this is the combo for you! Bar X is an amazing cocktail bar with a modern vibe and delicious drinks. Next door is Beer Bar, a sister establishment with a wide selection of local and craft beers. Walk between the two bars at your leisure and enjoy two completely different night life experiences. 
  3. Whiskey Street – Whiskey street is not only a piece of Salt Lake City history, but it is a local favorite. When you go to Whiskey Street, you know you are among hard working locals looking to bond with others from their city. It is a great, laid back place to chat up strangers and make new friends. 
  4. Piper Down – Piper Down is an old-school pub with all the modern amenities of a great, local bar. You can enjoy awesome drinks and food every day of the week and enjoy events like trivia nights sporadically throughout the month. These types of bars are the best for meeting singles because the events draw in many others who are also looking to meet someone new. 
  5. The Red Door – The Red Door has all the swag and sex appeal of the club without the anxiety that comes from being packed like a sardine among other, more aggressive sardines. The mood lighting and delicious cocktails make the entire place feel romantic, but the open and laid back bar atmosphere provides a much welcome feeling of comfort. If you are looking for romance, The Red Door is the place to go!

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Salt Lake City

If online dating or heading to a bar doesn’t appeal to you, check out some of these unique places to meet singles in SLC. These are standard tourist locations. These are places where actual locals hang out and meet one another! 

Shop at The City Creek Center

This open air shopping center has a huge number of options for buying pretty much anything you could need. It’s also a gorgeous place to get in a little bit of Cardio and grab a quick bite. You can meet tons of singles in the shopping center, you might even be able to strike up conversation based on the store they’re shopping in. This is the kind of place a “meet cute” is destined to happen!

Check Out The Utah State Fair

Salt Lake City is home to the Utah State Fair and if you’ve never gone, you are totally missing out. The event is huge and has so much to see, do, and eat! You are at no shortage for Utah singles at the fair and even if you “strike out” you will still have a great night!

Try an Adult Art Class

If you are into more creative endeavors, try out one of the many adult art courses available in Salt Lake City. Whether you want to learn to paint, do pottery, or any other craft, you will meet a group of other locals with the same hobby. It’s perfect for finding a single that you know you have something in common with!

Shops at Library Square

If you are a lover of literature, or simply want to meet an intellectual, the Library Square is a great place to search for singles! You can enjoy a good book or wander around the area to grab a bite to eat or a drink with others who hold similar interests to you. Maybe try striking up a conversation by asking what they’re reading or what they recommend you read next. 

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