Where to Meet Singles in Richmond

When it comes to being single in a big city, Richmond has everything you need to make dating fun and easy. Yet, many local singles say they find dating in Richmond to be exceptionally tough. 

The truth is, modern dating is just really hard no matter where you live. 

People are working more hours than ever and rarely go outside of their immediate bubble of acquaintances. Some people get lucky and find a perfect match at their job, church, or friend circle, but many of us do not. 

So when you’ve depleted your entire dating pool, what are you supposed to do? 

The obvious answer is to look elsewhere, and we are here to make that task simple! We don’t expect you to aimlessly wander the streets of Richmond looking for love! No, we’ve put together this guide to show you the absolute best places to find singles, both online and in the real world! 

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Easily Expand Your Dating Range with Online Dating

If you are struggling with finding dates in your local area, online dating is a real and modern solution to your problem. 

You may be familiar with online dating, but a lot of people don’t realize just how popular and useful these sites have become. We even have a list of the best dating sites for Richmond singles, so you don’t have to waste your time trying out sites that won’t work for you.

These sites are some of our favorites because they offer a variety of perks and amenities like:

  • Algorithmic based matching for true compatibility.
  • Activities that help break the ice with matches.
  • On-platform communication to keep private data safe. 
  • Advanced search filtering to narrow down to the perfect selection of singles. 
  • Bonus features like incognito mode, results boost, and more. 

Online dating is our top choice for finding partners in Richmond because not only is it easy, but it can save you money compared to going out to meet singles at clubs and other common establishments. Plus, you can get to know the people you meet at your own pace and don’t have to feel guilty if you decide they aren’t the right match for you. 

5 Best Bars for Singles in Richmond

  • Bryant’s Cider: Bryant’s Cider is an interesting place because it isn’t your traditional bar. This is a cider tasting house where you can drink, grab a bite, enjoy events like game night, and meet people who appreciate great drinks. If you worry about only meeting drunk people at bars, Bryant’s Cider is a good option for you! 
  • The HofGarden: The HofGarden is a large and modern bar with multiple spaces for seating and event hosting. We love that the space is so inviting and brings in dozens of locals on the slowest of nights. It is a place where you know you are going to meet someone new every time you go! 
  • Barcode: Barcode is our favorite LGBTQ destination in Richmond. It is always hopping, inviting, and offering delicious drinks and food. The destination is meant to be a place where friends can relax and singles can meet each other. 
  • Circuit Arcade Bar: Arcade bars are some of our favorite places for singles to meet because it creates a space where you can relax, open up, and naturally drop in and out of conversations with other patrons. Circuit Arcade Bar has over 80 retro games, a selection of modern games, and pinball machines you won’t see anywhere else! 
  • The Camel: The Camel is a music bar where you can see some of the best up and coming artists from around Virginia and beyond. We love The Camel for meeting singles because it attracts non-bar-goers as well as the usual bar crowd. Some of these great singles you won’t meet in any other bar in town! 

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Richmond

Meeting great singles in Richmond can be done by going to unique places where people with interesting hobbies and passions coalesce. The best venues for finding singles can be weather dependent, so we’ve picked our favorite options for cold weather, warm weather, and any time of the year! 

Where to Meet Richmond Singles in the Spring and Summer

  • Belle Isle: Belle Isle is one of the most popular spring and summer hangouts in Richmond. Enjoy the views from the Isle and strike up conversation with other locals who know how to enjoy the natural beauty of the city. 
  • Dominion River Rock: The nation’s largest celebration of outdoors, sports, and music is the perfect place for fitness-focused singles to find one another. Running in May, this is a great event to show off your athletic skill and let it help you attract interested singles. 
  • Richmond Jazz Festival: This annual event caps off summer, running through August. If you are a lover of Jazz, or music in general, then the Richmond Jazz Festival is a perfect option for your dating search. 

Where to Meet Richmond Singles in the Fall and Winter

  • 2nd Street Festival: This fall festival is held around the first week of October and celebrates downtown Richmond’s Jackson Ward community. It is a great event for meeting locals and finding nearby singles you never would have met otherwise.  
  • Fire, Flour, and Fork: One of the top food festivals in the entire United States, Fire, Flour, and Fork is Richmond’s celebration of delicious cuisine. Usually taking place in November, this makes a fulfilling event for meeting foodies and adventurous singles in Richmond. 
  • Poe’s Birthday Bash: Each year, the Poe Museum celebrates their namesake’s birthday on January 18th. This is a great place for literature loving singles to gather, meet, and make memories to last a lifetime! 

Where to Meet Richmond Singles any Time of Year

  • Art Space: This contemporary art gallery is the perfect place to spend time no matter what season it is. You can go in just to enjoy the sites or to escape the harsh winter. Either way, you are bound to meet interesting, art-loving singles. 
  • Richmond Ballet: Richmond Ballet hosts shows throughout the year, making them a wonderful spot to meet singles no matter the weather. If you are passionate about performing arts and/or dance, then the Richmond Ballet is a good choice for your dating journey. 

The Canal Club: Perhaps one of our favorite places overall to meet singles in Richmond, The Canal Club is a dance hall that hosts dance parties, concerts, and more. There is always something wild going on at The Canal Club, meaning you can meet fun singles any time of year.

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