Where to Meet Singles in Portland

By all accounts, meeting singles in Portland is actually pretty easy. The dating pool is huge, so running into a few singles anywhere you go isn’t much of a problem. 

Where dating gets difficult is that people in Portland have strong personalities and truly individual styles. So, even though a person can meet multiple singles in a night, the odds of those singles being compatible (or even remotely interested in one another) is really slim. 

When you are as unique as a Portlander, you need a way to cut through all the nonsense and look directly at the people that are right for you. 

That’s why we’ve put together this guide!

We have tips on the best places to meet singles that actually interest you as well as some useful information about how online dating can help you. If you’re ready to make dating in Portland a whole lot easier, simply read on! 

Sunrise View of Portland, Oregon from Pittock Mansion.

Find Someone That Interests You with Online Dating

We can’t speak highly enough about the modern perks of online dating. 

While 10+ years ago, many dating sites were filled with phishing links and scammers, no days there are dozens of amazing, legitimate sites where singles can meet others that share their interests and romantic goals. 

Portland singles can really benefit from the search and filtering features on these sites. You can add search filters based on location, religious beliefs, physical features, and so much more. Once your list is narrowed, browse through profiles and bios to find someone that piques your interest. 

No more chatting up 5-10 strangers at a club just to find they are incredibly boring. Online dating cuts right to the chase and makes dating simple. 

If you are looking to start an online dating journey, check out our list of the best dating sites for singles in Portland. It’s a great reference point for finding an app that will work for you, plus we have links to free trials!

5 Best Bars for Singles in Portland

  1. Deadshot – If there is one term we can use to describe the Deadshot Bar, it would be “sleek.” Everything about this place makes you feel trendy and cool. The aesthetic alone is enough to boost your confidence and help you spark a conversation. The delicious drinks at Deadshot definitely help, too!
  2. Vintage Cocktail Lounge – The Vintage Cocktail Lounge is a little bit old school and swaggy, but it is mostly just laid back and chill. There is a serious old-world appeal to the Vintage Cocktail Lounge, but the patrons are surprisingly young and hip. If you are looking to find other singles who enjoy an old-fashioned, relaxed approach to dating, this is the bar for you! 
  3. Hale Pele – Sometimes when you go to a bar, you just want to have fun. That is what Hale Pele is all about! This tiki-inspired joint can bring a sense of the tropics to you decidedly not tropical Portland night. Meet other singles who enjoy having a good time and chat over interesting and delicious island drinks. 
  4. The Rambler – There’s no ignoring the fact that Portland is a bit of a tourist destination. That can make it hard to meet people at big name bars and venues. That’s one reason we love The Rambler. This neighborhood bar is filled with locals, but their localized appeal doesn’t cause them to skimp on quality. It’s a truly great place to meet local singles. 
  5. Creepy’s – What happens when you mix a bit of eccentric antiquing with a dash of goth aesthetic and whiskey? You get Creepy’s Bar, of course! If you find that you’re a little bit odder than the average single you meet, it might be time to look at Creepy’s. You’ll be among great company and you may feel right at home!

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Portland

When choosing a place to try and meet singles in Portland, you need to keep your own interests in mind. If you hate sports and meet someone at a Trail Blazer’s game, you might not be as compatible as you’d like. Instead, check out some of these unique places that can lead you to singles that love the same things as you! 

The Armory for Lovers of Theater

If you want to enjoy a fresh new live show while also chatting up lovers of performing arts, then check out The Armory. Each season there is a fresh run of content ranging in topic and performance style. There is truly something for everyone! 

International Rose Test Garden for Lovers of Nature

If you have a bit of a green thumb, you might enjoy meeting singles at the International Rose Test Garden. You can wander through hundreds of new proprogations of rose and discuss your favorites with others in the Garden. In the spring there are even guided tours, so be sure to check local facebook communities for other nature lovers trying to fill up their tour group!

Portland Art Museum for Lovers of Art

If you are looking for singles with a penchant for fine art, then look no further than the Portland Art Museum. The exhibits rotate by the season keeping the appeal of visiting fresh and exciting. Plus, you can stop for prolonged chitchats with anyone you meet in the museum’s coffee shop!

Portland Saturday Market For Lovers of Portland

If you are looking for a partner who loves Portland as much as you, then try looking at the Saturday Market. This is a place where some of Portland’s most talented citizens show up to sell their products. These range from handmade jewelry to fresh caught fish, so you will find literally anything you need. While shopping, try chatting up others in the market and you might be surprised how many great singles you meet!

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