Where to Meet Singles in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a pretty big city, but those who live there often say it doesn’t feel like it. Probably because locals tend to stick to the same neighborhoods and entertainment venues, which makes their immediate bubble of people much smaller than the city as a whole. 

That small town feeling is great for so many things – finding work, making friends, finding a home, etc. – but it isn’t so great for dating. 

When you only see the same singles over and over, you run out of options fairly quickly. Combine that with the fact that your friends have probably already dated anyone you’re interested in and it is a recipe for dating disaster. 

If you are struggling with dating in Pittsburgh, we may be able to help! We’ve got the scoop on all things dating in Pittsburgh and we’ve put together a list of the absolute best places to meet singles in the city and online!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA city skyline.

Stop Dating your Friends’ Exes! Try online Dating instead!

The easiest way to expand your dating pool is by switching to online dating. Online dating isn’t all about swiping on photos and having one night stands. Over the last few decades, online dating has become a place where people with all sorts of interests can find singles who tick all the boxes on their list. 

The important thing is to make sure you are using a dating site that will work for you. This might mean picking a site that focuses on your religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc. More importantly, it means choosing a dating site with singles in your area that understand the nuances of being a Pittsburgh local. 

If you are interested in trying out online dating, focus on the sites that will actually work for you! Check out our list of the best dating apps for Pennsylvania singles and you will find free trials for all the best sites! 

5 Best Bars for Singles in Pittsburgh

  1. Hemingway’s Cafe- Hemingway’s is a great bar to meet young singles in Pittsburgh. The bar is a hop and a skip away from the University of Pittsburgh, which means it is attended by mostly college students looking to make friends and meet new people. If you want a bar with a friendly atmosphere, great drinks and food, and tons of singles, Hemingway’s Cafe is a top choice! 
  2. Grapperia – Grapperia is a bar that exudes all the romance of a cafe or enoteca in Southern Italy. We love that Grapperia offers amazing drinks and food, but also provides a place where you can feel truly comfortable to interact with new people. If you usually find talking to strangers awkward, you might find the open feeling at Grapperia to put you at ease. 
  3. Mike’s Beer Bar – Mike’s Beer Bar is about as straightforward of an establishment as you can find, and we love it! If you are sitting around thinking, “man, I could use a beer,” then, unsurprisingly, Mike’s Beer Bar is the place you wanna be! But they have more than beer, they also have a fun-loving environment where singles come to lounge and meet one another. Maybe they should rename it to “Mike’s Beer and Looking for Love Bar.” 
  4. Hidden Harbor – If you enjoy a more tropical experience than Pittsburgh weather has to offer, you might enjoy the Hidden Harbor. This bar is Tiki Lounge themed and has a beautiful, first come first serve bar. While the main dining area is typically filled with couples and families, the open seating bar is a great place to meet other singles!  
  5. Spill – Spill is a good option for the wine lovers out there. At Spill you can experience a great night of wine tasting with the casual appeal of walking into a normal bar. You can enjoy the pleasure of what is usually a formal event while meeting and getting to know other wine lovers in a laid back way. 

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is full of interesting places to spend a day and meet singles with similar interests in hobbies. You really can’t go wrong when choosing a place to look for singles in Pittsburgh, but let us give you a few ideas to help you expand your horizons!

The Warhol Museum

If you love art, pop culture, or 60’s history, then you will love the Warhol Museum. A tribute to one of Pittsburgh’s most prolific citizens, this museum is a great place to meet singles who have similar interests to you. The Warhol museum features more than just the famous Campbell’s soup painting; there are exhibits that span Warhol’s entire life and career. So, it is a place where true lovers of history and art can be found. 

Penguins Game

While the first thought for many singles might be to meet others at a Steelers game, we’d like to remind you that Pittsburgh’s awesome Hockey team can help you meet the partner of your dreams. Penguin’s games are filled with sports-loving fans and there are so many more opportunities to watch a Penguin’s game thanks to pre-season, regular season, and (potentially) playoffs!

National Aviary

The National Aviary, located in the North Side, is popular among bird watchers and nature lovers in general. With indoor exhibits, the Aviary isn’t so dependent on the weather to be a great place to spend time. This means that you can meet other nature loving singles, practically year-round!

Carnegie Science Center

The Carnegie Science Center draws in science lovers and anyone with a curious spirit. The exhibits and experiences work overtime to pique minds, which makes it a top pick for places to meet intelligent and clever singles. Have a good time at the science center and try striking up conversations with those showing interest in your favorite exhibits. The best part is, if you meet someone interesting you can immediately invite them on a “date” thanks to the massive IMAX cinema right in the science center!

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