Where to Meet Singles in New Orleans

New Orleans is a city built on having fun and celebrating literally anything you want. It is a jovial environment that couples love traveling to, no matter the time of year. So, why is it so middle of the ground when it comes to dating and finding love?

Well, the sheer number of tourists definitely has something to do with it. 

It is hard to find real love when half the people you chat up end up leaving at the end of the weekend. 

The drinking and celebratory nature of events can also lead to situations focused more on hookups rather than finding compatible romance. So, how do you overcome this to find your perfect partner?

We have a few methods:

  1. Implement digital tools.
  2. Go to bars with more laid back environments.
  3. Head to events and places that match your personality.

If you are ready to improve your dating game and get out of your single slump, check out our guide to the best places to meet singles in New Orleans! 

New Orleans downtown area

Find Local Singles Who Aren’t Afraid of Commitment with Online Dating

Online dating is an important digital tool for finding compatible, long-lasting love in the modern era.

Now, we aren’t talking about Grindr, Tinder, or other swipe dating apps. While those platforms have their uses and are a lot of fun, they don’t offer any benefits when it comes to committed relationships. 

There are some dating sites; though, that are perfect for New Orleans singles seeking long-term romance. These sites utilize modern approaches to dating, compatibility matching, personality tests, and useful features to help you navigate the dating waters and find the perfect match. 

A few reasons we love online dating include:

  • It can be cheaper than traditional dating (sometimes even free). 
  • It allows you to look at only local singles.
  • You can narrow your search based on your preferences.
  • Sites have additional features like search boosts and incognito mode. 
  • You can keep conversations on a third party app (no sharing your phone number with weirdos). 

There are a lot of reasons to love online dating sites, and you can try most of them totally free. 

5 Best Bars for Singles in New Orleans

  • Bar Tonique: Opened in 2008, Bar Tonique has run on the goal of creating a neighborhood hangout where you can get delicious drinks, make new friends, and know you’ll leave with a smile. It is the perfect environment to meet singles in such a loud and roaring city. 
  • Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop: Lafitte’s is a historic bar. Their building is known as the oldest building to be used as a bar in all of the United States! Their historic roots are still celebrated in modern times, creating a truly unique and laid back place to enjoy an evening and meet singles. 
  • Peychaud’s: Peychaud’s is the French cocktail bar in the Maison De Ville. This bar is the perfect blend between upscale and casual, and the drinks are divine. It is so nice that even though it is attached to a hotel, it is often filled with locals. That makes it perfect for meeting singles! 
  • Snake and Jake’s: Voted New Orleans best dive bar, you know you are going to meet locals when you go into Snake and Jake’s. The small and inviting atmosphere is perfect for meeting singles in a more relaxed and open manner. 
  • Loa Lounge: Loa Lounge is the bar inside the International House Hotel. It is just as sophisticated and relaxing as the hotel, but you don’t have to be a staying patron to enjoy it. It is at the bottom of our list because it can sometimes be filled with tourists, but we recommend checking it out to try and meet business men and women! 

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in New Orleans

When choosing places to meet singles, you should focus on the core traits you want to see in a partner. 

Is it important that they love art? 

Maybe you want someone who is passionate about the environment? 

These details can help you pick the perfect place to meet singles. Add to that the need to choose places that aren’t inundated with tourists and you basically have a formula for romance! To get your search started,  here are a few of our favorite places to meet singles in New Orleans! 

Haunted Cemetery Tour

Though mostly popular in the Halloween season, these haunted tours can take place any time of year. They are a perfect place to meet other people interested in the paranormal or who have a soft spot for all things scary and macabre. 

New Orleans Opera Association

New Orleans Opera Association is consistently putting on amazing operatic performances that can satiate your desire to take in culture and a historic art form. If this passion is important to you, then a NOOA show is a great place to meet compatible singles. 

Festin at Faubourg

Festin at Faubourg is a popular NOLA jazz festival. It is a great amount of fun and is a less popular tourist attraction than mardi gras and Christmas. That means you are more likely to meet local singles who won’t be gone across the country at the end of the week. 

New Orleans Saints Game

If you are a hardcore Saints fan, then football season is about more than just the games. It is a season where it is easy to find a fellow fan to potentially fall in love with. Head over Caesar’s Superdome and enjoy a day of football and looking for love. 

Magazine Street Shopping

There’s a little something for everyone on Magazine Street, which makes it a great day to spend a day browsing shops and meeting singles. Whether you are looking for antiques, delicious treats, or stunning clothes, you will find it on Magazine Street. It is also less crowded with tourists as compared to the French Quarter, which we love! 

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