Where to Meet Singles in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is the number one large city in the United States for singles. It is full of exciting locations, a diverse population, high levels of education, affordable living, and every other facet singles need to thrive. 

So, if you are single in Minneapolis, you may feel like a bit of a failure. If dating in the city is so easy, why is it so hard for you?

Here’s the reality – if you don’t know where to go to find the right singles for you, dating will always be hard. 

That’s why we’ve put together this guide. We have found all the best digital tools, bars, and general locations where finding singles is easy and fun. We even have some locations sorted based on your personality! 

So, if you are a Minneapolis single and ready to improve your dating life, simply read on!

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Finding Love Doesn’t Have to Be so Complicated With Online Dating

If you are struggling with dating in Minneapolis, we highly recommend that you give online dating a try.

Even if you’ve tried it before without success, there are dozens of amazing dating sites out there that can help you. It all comes down to finding apps that are meant for singles looking for a serious relationship, and not those that are just seeking to aid hookups or scam users. 

We have a list of the best dating apps for Minnesota singles, which can help you begin your journey! 

With online dating, it is easy to overcome social anxieties and other common dating mishaps. You will be able to take your time during communications and carefully decide what you’d like to share, how you’d like to share, and with whom. 

Online dating take away all the nasty parts of real-life dating and creates a safe environment for people to find love at their own pace. 

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5 Best Bars for Singles in Minneapolis

  • Tilt Pinball Bar: We think the best way to open up and meet singles is to go places where you can relax and have a little fun. That’s why Tilt Pinball Bar is so high on our list! Here, you can let your youthful side out to play and meet other singles with a similar love for life! 
  • Meteor: Meteor may be one of the most beloved bars in all of Minneapolis, especially among business professionals. If you find it hard to meet mature, passionate singles in a bar setting, you should give Meteor a try! 
  • Grumpy’s: Grumpy’s is an intimate bar that crosses the aesthetic of a classic diner with the innate sex appeal of a dive bar. That’s not to say there is anything dirty about Grumpy’s. We love the unique environment at Grumpy’s and we think you will too! 
  • The 1029 Bar: Where can you go to get seasonally themed drinks, meet amazing Twin City singles, sing karaoke, and gamble for charity? The only place we know of is The 1029 Bar. This place always has something fun going on, which is why it is such a perfect hangout for singles! 
  • Cuzzy’s Brickhouse: If you love sports but hate corporate sports bars, we recommend Cuzzy’s Brickhouse! This local hang it a perfect spot to catch the game, meet new people, and spend a genuinely enjoyable evening away from home. 

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Minneapolis

Finding the right place to meet singles is heavily dependent on your personality, hobbies, and general dating goals. With that in mind, we’ve found the best places to meet singles in Minneapolis and have separated them based on some popular personality types! 

Best Places to Meet Singles for Introverts

  • Concerts at the Fillmore: While going out in a large crowd may not sound like an Introverts dream, many introverts report that events like concerts where sounds are drowned out are actually quite comforting. Add to that the smaller, balcony seating area and Fillmore is a great space to enjoy yourself and determine when and if you are ready to speak with others and make connections. 
  • Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum: On the opposite end of the noise spectrum from concerts are art museums. This location provides security in the general expectation that visitors are quiet and don’t necessarily attempt to speak to everyone they see. Still, if you find someone particularly interesting, starting a quiet conversation is a great way to get to know them. 
  • Minneapolis Central Library: As far as quiet places go, there may be nowhere better than the Minneapolis Central Library. Sit in and read a great book and you may find yourself chatting up another local about your favorite authors. 

Best Places to Meet Singles for Ambiverts

  • Hidden Beach: Hidden Beach is a small hideaway that is usually only inhabited by locals. It takes a slight bit of extroversion to head out to the Beach alone, but if you do you will find a quiet and relaxing place where you could potentially meet great locals. 
  • City Salvage: City Salvage is a unique, architecturally-focused antique shop in Minneapolis. The staff loves chatting about their treasures, so you will need to have a slightly more outgoing personality to enjoy this location. Still, the overall vibe is very chill and perfect for meeting new people. 

Best Places to Meet Singles for Extroverts

  • Twin Cities Jazz Fest: Musical festivals are an amazing place to meet artistic and outgoing singles, but it is an event best suited to extroverts. There are a lot of crowds to traverse and a lot of noise to shout over. Still, the fun and adventure is worth the effort and you may find dozens of amazing singles along the way. 
  • 56 Brewing: This brewing company has everything an introvert needs for a fun night out. Loads of people, games to play, live music to enjoy, and an environment where talking to strangers is completely welcome! 
  • Ground Zero: This dance club with a gothic twist is a wonderful spot for extroverts to enjoy themselves while meeting some of the wildest singles in all of Minneapolis! 
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