Where to Meet Singles in Madison

Dating in Madison has so much potential! There is a huge pool of singles that are split very evenly across gender lines, the city is stunning, and there is a decent amount of things to do. But, the city is seriously expensive! 

From the cost of going out to a club or just the cost of Ubering to the club, prices are way higher than in similarly sized cities! 

While this may not affect some singles, the majority of singles in Madison live on a middle-class or lower wage and simply can’t afford to waste hundreds of dollars a month looking for singles! 

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best, most affordable places to meet singles in Madison. If you are trying to improve your dating game and find a perfect match without going bankrupt, check out our list below! 

Madison Wisconsin at Dusk

Save Money on Your Dating Journey with Online Dating

Not all online dating sites are free, but the best ones do have free trials to let you get a feel for their platform before you buy. Plus, the monthly cost of good dating sites are far less compared to the price of going to clubs, using matchmakers, and other real-world options. 

Some dating sites/apps can be a little scammy, so you’ll want to stick to the reputable sites like the ones on our list of the best dating sites for Wisconsin singles.

These sites are simple to sign up for and use. Even if you are terrible at working with computers, you can figure out these sites. Here is the basic breakdown of what online dating looks like:

  • Try out the free trials offered to you so you can find a site you like. 
  • Pay for a membership at the site you choose (unless it is a free site).
  • Make sure your profile is completely filled out with interesting details about yourself. 
  • Upload your photos, focusing on photos that show off your personality. 
  • Either search for singles and use the filters offered to you, or look through your delivered matches from the site. 
  • Scroll the matches and read their bios and send a like or quick message to the profiles that interest you. 
  • Begin getting to know your matches through the on-platform chat area. 
  • Unmatch and/or block anyone you are no longer interested in. 

The exact breakdown will vary based on the site you choose, but generally speaking you could be talking to your potential true love on the first day! 

5 Best Bars for Singles in Madison

  • Wandos: Wando’s is one of the most popular bars in Madison, especially for Badgers fans! Come in to watch a game, listen to a live DJ, or meet new people! 
  • SconnieBar: SconnieBar is a sports bar in Madison with an upbeat vibe that is perfect for trying to meet new people. 
  • Jordan’s Big 10 Pub: Another sports bar in Madison, Jordan’s is often filled with college goers. It is a perfect place for young singles. 
  • City Bar: Our first non-sports bar on the list, City Bar is a classic bar with a clean and relaxed aesthetic. It is a perfect place to meet mature, business-minded singles. 
  • Woof’s: Woof’s is Madison best LGBTQ friendly bar, located downtown. If you want a bar that is welcoming and full of fun singles, check out Woof’s.

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Madison

We know that meeting singles in Madison is sometimes tough because it is expensive to travel outside of your neighborhood and surrounding areas. So, we’ve put together a list of some of the best places to meet singles based on different Madison neighborhoods! Find the best places near you and you can save on going out to meet new people. 

Where to Meet Singles Near The Monroe Street Neighborhood

  • Henry Vilas Park Zoo: This zoo is not only a great place to meet singles because it is a fun place filled with interesting exhibits, but it is free to enter. It means that it attracts a lot of locals, plus you can save money by going there! 
  • UW-Madison Arboretum: This great outdoor adventure is a beautiful place to enjoy the natural scapes of Wisconsin and meet intellectually minded singles from the local University.
  • Wingra Boat and Park Livery: A great waterside park where individuals and families can all feel welcome. It is a great place to meet new locals from the neighborhood, especially if you are a single parent! 

Where to Meet Singles Near The Shenk-Atwood Neighborhood

  • Midwest Clay Project and Studio: If you love crafts and getting your hands dirty, the classes at the Midwest Clay Project are perfect for you. The singles you meet there are likely to have similar tastes, giving you a good starting place for getting to know each other.  
  • Olbrich Sledding Hill: During the winter, the sledding hill is a perfect place to get out, get some exercise, and meet other fun loving locals! Whether you head out with friends or solo, you are bound to have a blast! 

Where to Meet Singles Near The Williamson-Arquette Neighborhood

  • The Sylvee: The Sylvee is a great music venue in the Williamson-Arquette neighborhood. If you love music, or just want to meet a lot of people at once, heading to a show at the Sylvee is the right choice for you!  
  • Madison SkatePark: Whether you are a single parent taking your kids out for the day or a skateboarding or inline enthusiast, the Madison Skate Park offers a great place to meet other local singles with shared interests.  

Where to Meet Singles Near Downtown

  • Madison Museum of Contemporary Arts: A perfect place for art lovers to meet one another and spend a day looking at some of history’s greatest pieces. 
  • Comedy on State: Comedy on State is one of our favorites places to hangout and meet singles in Madison as a whole, but especially for downtown locals. The shows are hilarious, drinks are delicious, and the environment is perfect for meeting new people. 
  • Café Social: Do you like the idea of meeting people in bars, but don’t drink? Consider the Cafe Social, a café with a bar-like atmosphere where you can chat up strangers while sipping on delicious drinks. 
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