Where to Meet Singles in Los Angeles

Los Angeles – the city of Angels. It is one of the most amazing cities in all the world and is home to dreamers looking to make a new start in a place as bright and shimmering as their aspirations.

Unfortunately, the city isn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

Los Angeles is an extremely expensive place to live, which has created a strange disparity in the population. There are singles that are extremely wealthy and living the high life or singles that are down on their luck and struggling to get by. There seems to be nothing in between. 

When you are searching for singles in LA, it can feel a bit overwhelming. If you are worried about the intentions of the singles you meet, maybe it is time to switch up where you are actually meeting them. 

We looked through a lot of events, local hangouts, bars, and more to discover the best place to meet LA singles that are looking for genuine connections. If you are tired of the tumultuous LA dating scene, check out these awesome spots! 

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Find Down to Earth LA Singles with Online Dating 

LA is a city full of actors, and that can seriously affect your dating experience. How many times have you met someone and noticed they tend to adjust the answers to your questions based on what you have previously mentioned enjoying. This type of emulation is common when dating immature people who are desperate for attention.

Online dating lets you avoid that! 

When you meet singles on the best LA dating sites, you get the unique opportunity to vet them before wasting your time and money taking them out. You can see what they claim as their hobbies and personality before you ever start talking, so you’ll instantly know if they start in on that mimicry nonsense. 

Plus, you can even narrow your search results down based on things like careers, religion, dating goals, and more. 

Online dating looks at the LA lifestyle and laughs. It returns the power of dating back to those who need it and makes it safe and fun to meet new people. Whether you are one of the high-end earners trying to avoid sugar babies or a regular person wanting to meet down-to-earth singles, online dating can help you!  

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5 Best Bars for Singles in Los Angeles 

  1. Golden Gopher: Golden Gopher is a fun place to spend your evenings and is popular with locals from all walks of life. There are vintage arcade games, amazing cocktails, and a friendly, neighborhood vibe that we love! Golden Gopher is a top choice for meeting singles in LA that love having fun. 
  2. Library Bar: Library Bar is a little swanky, a little intriguing, and just a relaxing place to spend an evening. The bar has a quaint environment and is first come first serve, which translates to more singles than couples! If you want a relaxed place to meet new people, Library Bar is the place to be. 
  3. Big Bar: Big Bar, a sister establishment to The Alcove Cafe, is a bar that has a rustic style while remaining modern in ideas. The drinks are interesting and delicious and the large seating area attracts large numbers of locals every night. If you want a place where you can meet the most singles at once, Big Bar is for you! 
  4. Chatterbox: The Chatterbox is a bar that welcomes all the most talkative and outgoing people in LA, which makes it a perfect bar for meeting singles. If you find it hard to start up conversations with new people, you’ll love how those at Chatterbox always seem willing to start the conversations themselves! 
  5. Old Man Bar: Sometimes it is easier to make connections in a bar that has a sultry mood built right in – The Old Man Bar is a perfect example. This cool, intimate space serves a wide selection of American spirits and deliciously aged whiskey. The perfect things to sip on while getting to know the sultry singles that fill the bar. 

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Los Angeles

While online dating is the easiest and most effective way to date in LA, sometimes you just want to go out and see who you can find. There is no shortage of things to do in LA, but you may find it difficult to find locations that aren’t either overrun with tourists or outstandingly expensive. So, we’ve put together a list of the most unique places to meet singles in Los Angeles that are both affordable and filled with locals. 

Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura is a fantastic location for those interested in photography, history or art to meet. While you won’t technically meet people while using the historical imaging device, you will meet plenty of great people around the loft and on the beach with the same interests as you. You’ll want to show up with your ID because you have to leave it at the front desk to get a key to observe the 19th century photographic marvel.  

Craft Contemporary

If you love crafts, art, and hands-on education, then you want to check out craft contemporary. Filled with amazing exhibits, the business also offers learning opportunities and hands-on workshops. It is an amazing place to spend a day doing what you love and meeting like-minded singles.  

Grand Central Market

Grand Central Market is one of the most “LA” markets you’d ever find. It is a funky place where you can eat delicious food, make new friends, and even find love. Everybody needs to shop, so you might as well spend your shopping time meeting some of the coolest people in all of Los Angeles. 

Events at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery

One of the best things about LA is that the city opens its arms to all people, no matter how peculiar they may be. If you are someone who enjoys things that are a bit macabre, LA is a town where you can let that side of you shine without getting bizarre looks everywhere you go. One location you may truly enjoy is the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. This is a real cemetery where cultural events and movie screenings are often held. It is a unique and interesting place to enjoy an evening and meet other LA singles.

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