Where to Meet Singles in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is one of the greatest places to live in all of Florida. The city is safe, filled with things to do and people to meet, and it offers all the stunning weather Floridians know and love.

Unfortunately, it is a terrible place to try and date. 

According to polls and studies done among citizens, singles in the area feel that dating isn’t something that makes economic sense. The city is expensive and the minimum wage is low. So, many people struggle to manage the price of their everyday lives, let alone picking up the tab for dates they barely know. 

While many singles in Jacksonville feel that they have to put their love life on hold for long periods of time, we know places where you can meet singles easily. Spending less time searching means less money wasted, so these tips are a great way to keep dating within your budget! 

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Stop Wasting Money on Failed Dates with Online Dating

Online dating is the modern alternative to going to the club and buying every attractive person a drink. It’s a way to get numbers and meet potential lovers without the fear of public rejection. Honestly, it is one of the absolute best ways to navigate dating. 

When you use a Florida dating app, you can find thousands of great matches that you may never meet in real life. You can then narrow them down based on your personality and interests to keep from wasting your time on incompatible matches. 

Online dating even lets you get to know a person and “shoot your shot” from the safety and privacy of your own home. 

Get rejected? Who cares?! Nobody was around to see it! 

The best thing about online dating, as it pertains to Jacksonville singles, is that each site has a different pricing structure to help you choose one within your budget. You can even try free trials on most sites. 

This can save singles a ton of money versus the cost of going out to meet singles in a public setting. Digital dating is not only way cheaper than traditional dating, but it can be safer and less anxiety inducing. It’s a win-win-win situation!

5 Best Bars for Singles in Jacksonville

  1. Monkey’s Uncle Tavern: One of the oldest and longest standing bars on the Jax beach, Monkey’s Uncle is a neighborhood hang with a laid back style. Head in to play some pool, drink some ice cold beer, and make conversation with some of the area locals. If you prefer an old-school bar experience, Monkey’s Uncle Tavern can provide!
  2. Jax Craft Beer: Jax Craft Beer isn’t just a “to-go” kind of shop, patrons are invited to sit at the bar and enjoy their beer on-site. If you love unique beers with artisan flavors, you can meet other enthusiasts at Jax Craft Beer. The staff is always friendly, so you’ll feel right at home! 
  3. Dos Gatos: Many reviewers refer to Dos Gatos as the best bar in all of Jacksonville, but that’s not the main selling point for singles. The best thing about Dos Gatos is the huge fanbase and intimate setting. Anytime you go to Dos Gatos you know you will be around dozens of other locals and have the best chance at meeting someone new and interesting! 
  4. Grape & Grain Exchange: Grape & Grain Exchange is a super interesting bar that doubles as a liquor store. The bar is located in the middle of the shopping area, meaning you’ll have a chance to chat up double the people you might at a standard bar. The drinks are modern and delicious and the mood in Grape & Grain Exchange is always upbeat and welcoming! 
  5. The Volstead: The Volstead is a speakeasy style bar in Downtown Jacksonville. We love speakeasies for singles because they exude a sexy and romantic vibe without really trying. It’s perfect for making connections! Volstead is no exception and their intimate atmosphere is coupled with cool and modern drinks and a devoted local presence.  

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Jacksonville

The best way to meet the right single for you is to search for them in places that reflect your interests or personality. However, this can often get a bit expensive! If you want to know where to meet singles in Jacksonville without spending your entire savings, we’ve got some great ideas for you! 

Check Out the Freshwater Beaches

If you’ve been spending your time ocean-side, consider switching it up and heading to the river or intracoastal waterways for a day of fresh water fun. You can meet tons of singles that love the water as much as you! If you are seeing the same people, over and over, at your regular beach hangout, then switching up your location is a free and easy way to improve your search! 

Enjoy a Minor League or College Game

Jacksonville residents love sports! But heading to a Jaguars game isn’t exactly in everyone’s budget. Luckily, there are alternative teams in Jacksonville that are extremely talented but less expensive to enjoy! The Jumbo Shrimp are a blast to watch and their tickets are much more affordable. The same can be said about the JU Dolphins, and students may get an extra discount! 

Relax at a Blues Festival 

Jacksonville is home to Springing the Blues, which is a free blues festival that is usually held in April. It is a perfect place to meet music-loving singles without spending hundreds on traditional festival tickets. Just bring your favorite blanket or some lawn chairs and get ready to make some friends. 

Fill Up at a Taco Festival 

If you are less interested in people’s hobbies and more interested in their ability to keep up with your appetite, consider meeting singles at the JAcksonville Taco and Tequila Festival. This event is held in May and is a fun and relaxed place to meet hundreds of locals. 

Geek Out at Collective Con

An all inclusive place to meet others with your interests and hobbies is a good, broad convention like Collective Con. Whether you love sci-fi, comic books, anime, or anything else, this pop culture celebration is perfect for you. Unlike some conventions, the 3-day passes are extremely affordable! It’s a recipe for a great time.

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