Where to Meet Singles in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a city filled with opportunities and young adults finding their way. It is also filled with thousands of singles struggling to meet others. Younger singles in large cities tend to struggle with dating as they are learning who they are and tend to be incredibly busy building their lives. 

It can feel like a waste of time to go out on the weekends, wildly aiming toward meeting someone. We know the struggle, so we are here trying to make your dating life a little bit easier! 

Read through our guide to learn about the best places in Indianapolis to meet singles. We’ve got the scoop on special events, bars, and even the online dating scene. If you want to get out of the singles club, this is the guide for you!

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Save Your Weekends and Switch to Online Dating

Dating in the real world is such a drag. You have only a few hours of free time to begin with and you have to waste them desperately hoping to run into singles who are interested in and open to getting to know you. 

You can be the hottest/ smartest person in the room and your success still comes down to total chance. It’s exhausting. 

With online dating, you can cut out all the stress and wasted time. 

You sign up, fill in a profile, and utilize the site’s search and filtering features to narrow down your results to the exact singles that are right for you. No rude rejections, no “I have a boyfriend/girlfriend,” just chatting with singles that are already interested in getting to know the real you.

If you are tired of traditional dating and ready to improve the odds of finding a partner, it is time to try online dating. Better yet, check out our list of the best dating sites for singles in Indiana. It is the fastest way to make sure you are using the perfect dating app. 

5 Best Bars for Singles in Indianapolis

  1. Tappers Arcade Bar – Arcade bars are a top place to meet singles and Tappers is no exception! This is Indianapolis’ most popular place to play pinball and traditional arcade games. Head over and grab a drink and mingle with others embracing the fun of gaming. Who knows, maybe that hottie you beat at Pacman is your soulmate. 
  2. 1933 Lounge – The 1933 Lounge brings all the sexy, sultry appeal of a 1930’s speakeasy and the delicious tastes of a modern cocktail bar. It is a perfect place to meet singles and strike up alluring conversations. Our favorite part is that you can even get a delicious St Elmo’s steak, which is way more than most bars offer. 
  3. 16-Bit Bar Arcade – The 16-Bit arcade is another gaming bar with lots of classic consoles to choose from, but with an overall 80s theme. You can choose from drinks like the Molly Ringwald or Lisa Frank! If you have a passion for vintage gaming and 80’s culture, you are sure to find a single that interests you when visiting 16-Bit!
  4. Tomlinson Tap Room – The Tomlinson Tap Room is all about bringing together locals and giving them a place to hang out and make new relationships. This is why it is such a great place for singles! You can enjoy tons of local beers and on-tap classics and chit chat with other Indianapolis locals looking to relax and have a good time. 
  5. The Mousetrap – The Mousetrap calls themselves Indy’s favorite music bar, and the reviews from patrons seem to back that up! When you head to The Mousetrap you know you are going to enjoy good drinks, great food, and fun entertainment. It creates a relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for meeting singles and trying to start a little romance. 

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Indianapolis

Online dating is great, but there are still a few places and events in Indianapolis that are great for meeting singles. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Garfield Park Art & Music Festival

If you’re looking for an event where you can meet singles in a relaxed environment, then the Garfield Park Art & Music Festival is exactly where you want to be. Listen to some great music and peep some beautiful exhibits all while meeting other Indianapolis art lovers. 

Nerd out at Indy PopCon

The PopCon International Film fest is one of the greatest events in Indianapolis for meeting singles! There, you will meet others with an interest in multiple facets of pop culture including classic cartoons, modern movies, and everything in between! Go to panels with some of your favorite celebrities and take the opportunity to make a connection with one of the great singles at PopCon. 

Jam out at Ruoff Music Center

Ruoff Music Center is one of the most popular concert venues in all of Indianapolis. They host so many great bands including classic bands that we’ve loved since our younger years. What better place to meet a new partner than at a Backstreet Boys or Boyz II Men concert? The venue is outdoors, which means you can bring a picnic blanket and create a cozy space to invite other concert goers to. 

Get Spooked at Days of the Dead

Days of the Dead is one of the gnarliest and most exciting places to meet singles. If you love everything horror and spooky, then this is the convention for you. Meet your horror heroes, check out some amazing exhibits, and make a connection with some singles who are positively eerie (in a good way)!  

Stroll The Canal Walk

If you are a more active individual looking for a way to meet other health-conscious singles, you might enjoy a stroll around the Canal Walk. Many people show up to the Canal to get in some cardio while enjoying the sites. It makes it a truly great place to meet others who have a similar focus on maintaining their health and making time to get a little fresh air and exercise. 

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