Where to Meet Singles in Houston

Houston is full of single people! We’re talking over half of Houston’s adult population is apparently going solo. So, why is it so ridiculously difficult to find a partner?

The truth is, you are probably looking in the wrong places! 

When you’re in a big city like Houston, being in the right place at the right time is like finding a needle in a haystack – super freaking unlikely! There are so many places to go and things to see and crossing paths with your soulmate doesn’t happen like it does in the movies. 

Today, we are going to help you bridge that gap between you and your future partner by showing you some of the absolute best places to meet singles in Houston!

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Too Busy to Travel all Over Houston? Try Online Dating!

Online dating has seriously changed the game of social interaction. It is wild to think that 10 years ago people were ashamed to admit they met someone online. Now, a huge chunk of committed relationships have started that way!

It is especially helpful for people in Houston – a town where everyone is focused on advancing their career and very few have time to spend every night out on the town. With online dating, you can gain instant access to the people in your area that are actually interested in dating. 

That’s right; you don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of asking someone out right as their significant other walks up. 

Online dating is also great because you can literally filter singles out of your matches based on some of your romantic deal breakers. Want to avoid smokers, people who hate cats, and anyone that believes the Earth is flat? Online dating makes that so much simpler!

If you are interested in trying out online dating, check out our list of the best dating sites for Houston singles!

8 Best Bars for Singles in Houston

  1. Neil’s Bahr- Neil’s Bahr is one of Houston’s newer establishments, but it has quickly gained a loyal and impressive fan base! The bar already has over 1,000 raving reviews, and we totally get it. This place is geeked out in the best way. There are free multicades, a huge array of comic books, board games, card games, and a Sega system that is available to play while you drink. If you are looking for a partner that appreciates a little nerd culture, Neil’s Bahr is the place to go! 
  2. Bishop Cidercade- Bishop Cidercade is a full arcade experience with a huge offering of adult beverages. This is a place that makes consistent visits more affordable with a “pay once, play as long as you like” system. You can head to the Cidercade to play one of 275+ arcade games, table tennis, pinball, foosball, air hockey, and more! Looking for singles at Cidercade is great because even if you strike out, you are still going to have a blast. 
  3. Axelrad – If you are a nature lover, you will like the singles that go to Axelrad. This beer garden lets you lounge around a gorgeous array of plants and enjoy your drinks while listening to bands, djs, comedians, and other forms of live entertainment. The garden is filled with colorful lawn chairs, benches, and even hammocks, which makes you feel like you are lounging in the coolest backyard, ever. The inclusion of live music and djs makes it a great place to meet singles because it offers a club experience without the overwhelming club atmosphere. 
  4. Monkey’s Tail – If you want a more traditional bar experience, then you want Monkey’s Tail! This spanish inspired bar has cold, delicious beer on tap, pool tables, and a friendly “hole in the wall” attitude. Though, it is too clean and beautiful to truly be considered a hole in the wall! It is located near the Metro Rail, which makes it a prime spot for singles to stop in after work! 
  5. PJ’s Sports Bar – There is no shortage of sports bars in Houston, but the best place to meet sporty singles is at PJ’s! PJ’s offers a friendly atmosphere that you won’t find at large, franchise sports bars. From the delicious southern food to the indoor and outdoor drinking options, you can feel at home. The laid back atmosphere makes it a perfect place to find singles, as mingling and chatting up strangers is a pretty common occurrence at PJ’s!
  6. Houston Watch Co: Houston Watch Co is a unique place where you can meet Houston singles that enjoy good drinks and a truly vintage appeal. The bar was established in 1912 and the owners have worked hard to maintain the swagger and style of the era. We love Houston Watch Co’s unique aesthetic and the sexy vibes you feel just walking in the door. 
  7. Poison Girl: What happens when you create a bar that is 2 parts delicious beverages, 1 part arcade madness, and 1 part creeptastic? Well, you get Poison Girl! This unique little hang is perfect for those with a darker aesthetic. The relaxed vibes make it easy to relax, which is why Poison Girl is such a great place to meet singles. 
  8. Little Woodrow’s Midtown: Little Woodrow’s is a hopping sports bar truly loved and celebrated by Houston locals. We love Little Woodrow’s because you can not only meet singles who enjoy sports and good drinks, but the patrons are almost always locals. That means you don’t have to play a guessing game with tourists to keep from wasting your time!

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Houston

Sure, bars are a great place to meet singles, but Houston also has some incredibly interesting places to visit and meet others with your same hobbies and interests. Here are a three of our top places to meet singles in Houston!

The Vintage Shops on 19th Street

If you love all things vintage and unusual, then you should consider spending some free time at the vintage shops on 19th street. There, you can spend your day strolling around and meeting other people searching for hidden treasures and pieces of fashion and decor history. We specifically recommend Retropolis, but all the shops on the strip are worth a visit! 

The Annual LiveStock Show

The old cliche “everything is bigger in Texas,” may get pretty annoying, but when you see Houston’s annual livestock show and rodeo, you kind of get it. There is so much to do that you could fill multiple evenings exploring the vendors and playing games and you still won’t see everything. This event draws in locals like crazy, which makes it a perfect place to meet singles! 

A Houston Museum

There are so many museums in Houston! Many people even perform museum crawls in Houston the way they do art crawls in NYC. It may be a nuisance during tourist season, but the beauty of having so many thematically specific museums is that you can use them to find singles with similar hobbies to your own. Do you love space? Go to the Space Center! Do you love archeology? Try the Natural History Museum! You can even have a more niche experience by looking into the current exhibits at more avant garde museums like DiverseWorks. 

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