Where to Meet Singles in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is a city alive with art, industry, and modern living. It is a beautiful place to live and an interesting place to visit, but it can be a crummy place to try and date. Not because people in Fort Worth aren’t great, but because the nature of such a youthful city is that many people are only passing through. 

It is hard to foster a long term relationship when your partners keep moving for work or college. 

There are a few ways to help ensure the target of your affections are actually here to stay. We even have some great ideas for meeting Fort Worth singles when you suffer from issues like anxiety, social awkwardness, low levels of free time, and more! 

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Meet Singles That will Stick Around with Online Dating

Here’s the deal. You can meet great singles in Fort Worth that plan to stick around, but it takes a lot of work. Oftentimes you can spend months going from date to date without any actual results. It can become emotionally draining! That’s why we are such huge advocates for online dating in the Fort Worth area. 

When you use a great Texas dating app you are setting yourself up for success. These apps allow you to narrow your search by your wants and needs, avoid those who aren’t true locals, and avoid any awkward misunderstandings regarding sexual orientation or relationship desires. 

The best part of online dating is that it saves so much time. Forget all the blind dates and awkward setups. Don’t waste years trying out the traditional route only to realize that the singles in your immediate bubble aren’t right for you! 

Dating apps and websites allow you to look at all the singles in your area and surrounding areas. You narrow them down by sexual orientation, interests, education, or anything else you’d like. Then, you presented the best group of singles for you to interact with. Now, that’s an experience you’ll never get at a nightclub!

5 Best Bars for Singles in Fort Worth

  1. The Dirty Water Saloon: Don’t let the name fool you, the drinks at The Dirty Water Saloon are more than just glorified tap water. The bar has some of the best beer and cocktails in Fort Worth. The atmosphere is extremely friendly and wandering around to meet new people is not only welcome, but encouraged! 
  2. The Library Bar: There may be no lounge and bar in Fort Worth more unique than the Library Bar. The main floor of the bar is a casual, hole in the wall style hangout with skeeball and other fun games. Upstairs is a library-inspired lounge where you can get more intimate with the people you meet throughout the night. We love the vibe The Library Bar brings to the evening because it is perfect for inspiring meet cutes and romance. 
  3. The Basement Bar: The Basement Bar has a classic Texas feel. Maybe it’s the bull riding or honky tonk theme, but we think that Fort Worth singles will feel right at home in the Basement Bar. There is a lot of fun and dancing to be had, which is perfect for leaving an impression on the singles you meet! 
  4. Houston Street Bar and Patio: If you live or work near Sundance Square, then your local hangout should be the Houston Street Bar and Patio. This little watering hole is a place locals love to stop in after a hard day of work, which makes it a great place to meet singles from around your neighborhood. The bar hosts fun events like Karaoke nights, which are perfect for helping you break the ice with other bar goers! 
  5. The Amber Room: This speakeasy inspired bar is referred to as Fort Worth’s best kept secret. To get to the bar, you must pass through the golden door inside the Wishbone and Flynt restaurant. Once inside, you will experience an intimate night of drinking with other locals. If you are looking for a place where cozy conversation can grow, The Amber Room is it! 

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Fort Worth

If you are looking for unique places in Fort Worth where you can meet singles that have the same interests and hobbies as you, then look no further. We’ve put together a list of 5 of the most unique places to meet interesting singles! 

Kimbell Art Museum

The Kimbell Art Museum is filled with a mix of permanent galleries and travelling exhibitions that are sure to spark the interest of any lover of the fine arts. Whether you are interested in expansive cultural art history or pieces from local talent, there is something for you. It is a perfect place to enjoy a day, take in the sites, and meet other singles who have a passion for the arts. 

Texas Motor Speedway

Do you like to go fast? Well the Texas Motor Speedway is a great place to enjoy alternative sporting and meet singles who get you. The speedway hosts more than just races, there are conventions, charity events, car shows, and much more! Any time of year you can find an event to enjoy where you can meet incredible singles! 

Lone Star Film Festival

Are you a fan of cinema? The Lonestar Film Festival is a yearly, 5-day event held in the Sundance Square. The festival is a huge event where some of the most anticipated films of the year are shown to those in attendance. If you are looking for a place to find a fellow cinephile, the Lone Star Film Festival is it! 

Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

Are you a true Texan cowboy? Do you love dust and mud and enjoy the smells of the barnyard? The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is a perfect event for you. You can spend the day looking at the fruits of ranchers’ hard labor and even sit down to see top athletes compete in the Rodeo. It’s a perfect place to meet a partner that understands your love for a country aesthetic. 

Rockin’ The River

Music lovers will have a blast meeting singles at the annual Rockin’ The River event. This waterfront concert utilizes the Panther Island Pavilion and gives 4 days of amazing music to those on the beach, in the water, and all around the Trinity River. If you want to meet singles that love the water and/or music, then Rockin’ The River is the best event for you!

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