Where to Meet Singles in Denver

Let’s not mince words – dating in Denver is the freaking worst. It is expensive, the town is full of tourists, and the majority of the local population is already in a committed relationship. 

That means you have to really stretch outside of your bubble to find new people, and even then your odds of meeting someone aren’t amazing. 

But all hope is not lost! 

I know, we’ve made it sound pretty bleak, but dating and finding love is definitely possible in Denver if you take the proper approach! 

Downtown Denver at sundown

Finding Love in Denver is Simple When you Use Online Dating

Online dating was practically created for Denver singles! Okay, maybe not created for them specifically, but it was definitely created for singles that are struggling against their surroundings to find love. 

The best dating sites and apps will allow you to expand your search range, find singles based on your interests and beliefs, and get to know them digitally before wasting money on dates that may or may not go well. 

In fact, even the priciest online dating site can save you money compared to traditional dating in a town like Denver. 

It is important to remember, not all dating sites are created equally! 

Some dating sites are heavily focused on quick hookups and are magnets to tourists looking to fill their time with some local fun. Don’t fall for that!

Instead, take a look at our list of the best dating sites for singles in Denver! You will be able to compare each site to find one with the features you want and need.

5 Best Bars for Singles in Denver 

  1. Adrift – Adrift is a quirky little Tiki bar that brings a tropical vibe to the cold winter nights in Denver. The bar seating is first-come-first-serve, which we love for the dating scene. This means that your odds of meeting other singles Adrift are greatly increased, plus you’ll get delicious, exotic drinks in the process. 
  2. Occidental – The vibe of Occidental could not be more different than Adrift, but for certain singles that is EXACTLY what you want. Occidental caters to those who are a little counter culture – a little punk rock. If you are looking for singles that understand your style and attitude, Occidental is the place to go.  
  3. Retrograde – Retrograde is a cozy little cocktail bar that makes meeting singles instantly more romantic. We love the slightly vintage feel in Retrograde, but we especially love the inviting atmosphere and friendly staff. If you get uncomfortable talking to strangers, Retrograde may help you feel more relaxed. 
  4. Star Bar – Star Bar is a place you can make a habit out of visiting since it has been standing tall in Denver since 1959. It has that hole-in-the-wall, neighborhood water hole feel, but comes packed with modern cocktails and young singles abound. Star Bar is majorly popular with the singles crowd in Denver, so you don’t want to miss out! 
  5. Whiskey Bar – The name likely gives it away, but Whiskey Bar is the kind of place where you go after work, relax, chat up strangers, and drink some whiskey. There are over 610 varieties of whiskey available and tons of friendly staff and regulars to help you choose something you’ll love. The bar goers feel like old friends, which creates a great atmosphere for meeting new people. 

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Denver

There are so many fun and unique things to do in Denver, that it is a total waste to only hit up the same events in your local neighborhood over and over again. If you need some tips for unique places to meet singles, check out a few of our favorites:

Get Wild at a Foam Party

If you’ve never been to a foam party, you are missing out. It is a bit messy, but in a freeing way. You show up in swimwear (or anything you don’t mind getting wet) and your phone and electronics in a plastic ziploc. Then, you let the foam surround you as you listen to music, meet new people, and dance the night away with hot strangers. Every year, Foam Wonderland comes through Denver at the National Western Complex.

Enjoy Gender-Bending Fun at Bump & Grind

Sure, it’s a little raunchy, but it is a LOT of fun! This cafe has a raucous, bar feel and it is totally normal to grab a bite and chat up strangers in the process. The waiters help facilitate communication and fun between all patrons, which makes it a great place to meet singles! Plus, if you head in when they host drag shows, there is even more to talk about! 

Get a little Retro at Fifty-Two 80’s

Fifty-Two 80’s is filled wall to wall with 80’s memorabilia and pop culture toys and trinkets, all for sale. If you are a pop culture lover, head into Fifty-Two 80’s and get hit by wave after wave of nostalgia. You’ll meet tons of other locals in the shop, so feel free to start a conversation and see where things go!

Single Parents Love it at The Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Single parents, we haven’t forgotten you. If you have time away from the kids, feel free to try any location on this list! However, we don’t all have a babysitter on standby to go out and meet singles! In that case, consider heading to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. There are dozens of hands-on exhibits your kids will adore and dozens of single parents that you may adore as well. 

Nerd Out at Mile High Comics

Mile High comics Megastore is mostly a wall-to-wall comic emporium, but it’s a bit of a nerd culture museum! We stand by the fact that everyone is a bit of a nerd for something, so if you are a nerd for comic books and memorabilia, Mile High is the place for you! Come in and entertain yourself, maybe buy a few new pieces for your collection, and chat up some cute singles that are as interested in comics as you! 

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