Where to Meet Singles in Boston

Dating in Boston is a struggle, as most local singles know. If you aren’t stuck inside during unpleasant winter weather, you are trying to avoid tourists while finding time for dating in your busy life. 

That’s not even covering the fact that Boston is an expensive town to live in. How much can you afford to spend while trying to find compatible singles in the wrong places?

It can feel overwhelming. 

The best way to approach dating in Boston is by understanding the best places to actually find local singles. If you are single in Boston, check out this guide with the best, most unique places to meet singles.

Buildings in the city of Boston, Massachusetts

Save Yourself the Headache – Try Dating Online

Even though Boston is only 48 square miles and filled with hundreds of thousands of people, the massive population actually works against singles. 

It is like going to a strawberry patch and trying to pick one with the perfect number of seeds. At a glance, they all look the same! Then you get home and realize you’ve chosen wrong. 

Don’t fall into the trap of settling for someone you aren’t compatible with. Instead, try online dating. With the great online dating sites for singles in Boston, you can narrow down your search results to make sure you are only talking to singles with the exact personality traits and features you desire. 

If you are ready to bring home the perfect strawberry, give online dating a try!

5 Best Bars for Singles in Boston

  1. Croke Park – Croke Park, also known as Whitey’s, is a hugely popular bar in Boston. A self-titled hole in the wall, this bar has cheap drinks, free pool, and a huge crowd of Boston singles. You are sure to meet a few interesting singles at Croke Park, just get there early enough to skip the entry line!
  2. Haley.Henry – If you want something a little cozier and a lot more upscale, try out Haley.Henry. This wine bar has a huge selection of unique wines and claims to offer an exciting experience to anyone who walks in the door. You know what’s great about new and exciting experiences? They make great ice breakers with other singles in the bar! 
  3. OFFSUIT – It doesn’t get much more intimate than a 20-seat cocktail bar with a first come first serve approach to seating. Groups of more than 4 are not even allowed in the bar. This makes OFFSUIT a prime place for singles to hang out, taste amazing drinks, and get to know one another. 
  4. Parish Cafe & Bar – Sometimes you want to go somewhere where you can easily meet singles, but where drinking booze isn’t the only option. That’s why we love the Parish Cafe & Bar. Stop in for a hot coffee or a cold drink, either way, you will be joined by dozens of other interesting Boston locals. 
  5. Lucky’s Lounge – Lucky’s is a Sinatra themed bar, which means it automatically has those single and looking to mingle vibes. Dress in your best and enjoy the live music or attractive company at Lucky’s for an old school dating experience. And if you strike out, the food and drink will make your night worth it either way!

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Boston

Boston is so full of interesting things to do, that the options can completely overwhelm you. Not only that, but you might run out of money before you’ve tried all the places where singles may be. None of that compares to the dismay of showing up someplace and finding only tourists and passers through. 

Lucky for you, we’ve done some in depth research on where to go to actually enjoy yourself and meet amazing singles from the Boston area. Here are some of our favorite options:

Meet Over Music and Food at Big Night Live

If you’ve been in Boston for long, you’ve likely heard of Big Night Live – the amazing concert hall and VIP club in the Westend. You don’t have to be a VIP member to enjoy the concerts at Big Night Live, which makes it a great place to go meet other Boston music lovers. 

The best part? You can also enjoy some rad food at Guy Fieri’s Tequila Cocina, which is open before shows and after! 

Find yourself a new friend out on the concert hall floor and invite them for some delicious tacos after!

Have an Urban Adventure with Strangers

Okay, so this might be a little out of your comfort zone, but boy is it a blast! If you’ve never heard of Urban Adventure Quest, it is a digital self-guided scavenger hunt base in many cities in the US. There are two based in Boston – one at the harbor and one on the Freedom Trail. 

Typically, a group of friends would purchase a scavenger experience and do it together. However, many people are turning to Boston Locals Facebook pages and posting about starting a quest and looking for others to join!

You can look for others already starting a group or request to start one of your own to give yourself the opportunity to meet some interesting locals near you! 

Avoid Tourists at Arnold’s Arboretum

Okay, let’s be clear – you might still run into a few tourists at the Arboretum. It isn’t like they are banned from the grounds or anything. Still, most visitors to Boston tend to stick to the historic parks and often overlook this beautiful gem. So, if you want to enjoy a bit of nature and strike up conversations with others doing the same, Arnold’s Arboretum is the place to go!

If you really want to avoid any tourists that may show up at the Arboretum, don’t join any of the guided tours. Most locals prefer to travel through the gardens at their own pace. 

Get Smart at the Boston Athenaeum 

The Boston Athenaeum is a library and museum all wrapped up into one beautiful, historic location. What we really love about it is that the top floors of the building are for members only, or those willing to pay for an expensive day pass. 

While the majority of things to see are on the open access floor of the Athenaeum, we love the members only discussion groups. Choose a historical topic, writing genre, or another subject and show up for thought-provoking discussions with others with similar interests. 

It is one of the greatest ways to find singles that are interested in the same things as you! 

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