Where to Meet Singles in Austin

There is a saying you will read and hear a lot in Austin, “Keep Austin weird.” If you have been in the city for more than a week, then you know locals really keep to this standard. Everywhere you turn is someone living their life in the most unique way they can. 

It is pretty interesting and, frankly, beautiful. However, it can make dating a little bizarre. The characters in Austin are bold and confident, and some can be a little bit more than you are prepared to handle. 

With such large personalities, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to date the traditional way. Luckily, we have some pointers for dating in Austin that will make the experience a lot simpler. From online dating to choosing your scouting locations properly, we’ve got the tips to help you succeed! 

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Find your Perfect Weirdo with Online Dating

In the last decade, online dating has become an increasingly popular form of socialization. It is a place where you can quickly and easily meet people in your area that are fun and match your personality.

Unfortunately, singles in Austin tend to use the wrong dating sites and end up with disappointing matches or meaningless flings. If you are looking for a real and happy relationship, you need to be sure to use the best dating sites for Austin singles. 

Once you have the right site, dating is a breeze. You can adjust your profile and searches to make sure you are only seeing singles that actually interest you. Then, you can take the time you need to evaluate singles, get to know them, and get yourself prepared for the actual “going on a date” part of the whole dating thing. 

No more failed setups and blind dates. No more dates leaving before the bill arrives. No more dates where you find out the person you’re with is less “quirky” and more “upsettingly crazy.”

Plus, you can ensure that you and the people you date online are looking for the same level of commitment. No misaligned expectations or hurt feelings. It is truly the most convenient way to date! 

5 Best Bars for Singles in Austin

  1. The Mean eyed Cat: When it comes to meeting singles, we prefer bars that have a lot to talk about and The Mean Eyed Cat holds up to that standard. This Johnny Cash inspired bar is covered from wall to wall with interesting art work, the front patio is a dog-friendly drinking space, and the stage hosts some of the coolest bands in Austin. There are a thousand ways to naturally break the ice when you are in The Mean Eyed Cat
  2. Half Step: Half Step is the kind of bar where you can make lasting friendships and meaningful relationships. The connected atmosphere is something you don’t see at many bars outside of Austin. When you’re at Half Step you can enjoy occasional live music, pop up food truck treats, and a consistent flow of fantastic conversation with other Austin locals. It is an experience like no other. 
  3. DrinkWell: DrinkWell is a nice bar with delicious drinks and great patrons, but do you know why we love it for dating? They don’t allow reservations! Reservations are the bane of the single person’s dating journey because typically people don’t make reservations to hang out alone at the bar. Since DrinkWell is first come first serve, it is an attractive bar for singles! 
  4. Kitty Cohen’s: Kitty Cohen’s is the best bar to enjoy Austin’s gorgeous weather and experience a rotating array of culinary events. That means you can enjoy a unique and entertaining experience without trying to make conversation over loud music. Plus, if you don’t want to spend time on the patio, you can head inside Kitty Cohen’s for a sexy  lounge experience! 
  5. Whistler’s: Whisler’s is a local favorite in Austin. The chic, yet rustic interior is extremely cozy and makes chatting up strangers feel like the most natural thing in the world. There is also outdoor seating where there is a little more room to breathe. Add to that the occasional live music and Whisler’s offers three bar experiences in one! 

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Austin

Bars aren’t the only places to meet singles in Austin. If you want to meet singles that enjoy similar hobbies and vibes, consider looking in places that pique your own interest. Here are just a few of the best, most unique places to meet singles in Austin. 

Have a Laugh with Esther’s Follies

Esther Follie’s is a fantastic comedy troupe that works hard to bring laughs to Austin locals. There are 5 shows a week, so it is super easy to find a way to work some laughter into your schedule. You will meet other comedy lovers and singles from all over the Austin area. It is one of the funniest ways to look for love. 

Enjoy Oddities at The Museum of The Weird

If you are a bit eclectic and enjoy all things unique, then you will love the Museum of The Weird on 6th street. The location is open every day of the week and advises that if you visit on a weekday, you can stroll through at a leisurely pace. This makes it simple to enjoy the exhibits and the other patrons. Strike up a conversation with fellow weirdos and see where it leads!

Take a Stroll Through The Domain

The Domain is a great indoor/outdoor mall with a ton of unique shops and experiences. From the Museum of Ice Cream to some of the most unique brands and shopping experiences in Austin, there are dozens of places to enjoy during your time at The Domain. See a cutie in a store you love? Sounds like a meet-cute could be in your future! 

Catch a Show During Free Week

Free Week is an awesome music festival that can be enjoyed by all. If you are a music lover but can’t exactly afford SXSW tickets, we think Free Week is a perfect place to meet singles. Plus, you get to listen to some of the best local bands that Austin has to offer. It’s pretty much a win-win! 

Experience True Speed at The Circuit of The Americas

If you are a bit sportier, consider going to a race at The Circuit of The Americas. From NASCAR to the Red Bull Grand Prix there are tons of races on the yearly schedule for you to enjoy. We especially love that the venue has a built-in “date” idea. When you meet someone you’re interested in, see if they want to accompany you for Cota Karting, where you can race one another and bond over your love for speed. 

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