Where to Meet Singles in Atlanta

Atlanta is not only a beautiful city, but one filled with a variety of cultures and people. Everywhere you turn there are interesting things to see or do, which is why the population grows each year as people pick up and move their lives to the hot city. 

But no matter how beautiful and fulfilling it may be to live in Atlanta, it doesn’t change the fact that dating and finding love can feel nearly impossible. 

The city has a few things working against it:

  • Local singles are business-focused (aka super busy)
  • The area is hot for tourism which makes it harder to meet locals
  • There are more single women than men
  • Public interactions on transit are basically non-existent

If you’ve been struggling with the single life in Atlanta, you are not alone! This guide is here to help guide you on your dating journey. We have researched some popular events and locations in Atlanta and put together a list of the best places to meet singles!

Ready to find your next partner? Read on for our research results!

Jackson Street Bridge in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta May be Hot but the Dating Scene is Ice Cold – Try Online Dating Instead!

How much free time do you have each day? How many weekends are totally open to going to clubs and bars and hoping you meet someone great? 

If you are like most singles in Atlanta, the answer is “not much” and “very few,” respectively. 

We get it. Nobody wants to waste their time on a dating journey that has no guarantee of going somewhere. That’s why we love online dating!

With online dating, you can search for singles on your own time. Want to browse while you wait for your moisturizer to dry? Maybe you can squeeze in some chat replies while in line at the grocery store. Online dating makes it possible to meet a partner literally anywhere you are and at any time of the day. 

Plus, you can narrow your search results so you are only seeing singles that actually make sense for you. Not only does that take away a lot of stress surrounding dating, but it keeps you from wasting time on wholly incompatible singles. 

Intrigued? If you want to try your hand at online dating, check out our comprehensive list of the best dating sites for singles in Atlanta. We even have links to free trials of each app on the list. You don’t want to miss it! 

5 Best Bars for Singles in Atlanta

  1. Lips – It’s a bar, it’s a music venue, it’s a restaurant, it is the Drag Queen Palace. Lips is a fun place to spend an evening and get to know others who love Drag fashion and enjoy pure entertainment. You will have such a great time that striking up conversation with others in Lips will feel totally natural!
  2. Red Phone Booth – The Red Phone Booth offers a true prohibition experience in their modern speakeasy. Not only does the bar have amazing food and drinks, but they even have a walk-in Humidor. When it comes to bars singles enjoy, speakeasies always top the list! The cozy environment and laid back atmosphere make The Red Phone Booth a perfect place to meet new people! 
  3. Smith’s Olde Bar – Smith’s is another bar with an old fashioned aesthetic, but with a modern take on amenities to keep patrons entertained. This includes a gorgeous stage where you can enjoy some really great music and other live performances. Locals love Smith’s Olde Bar which makes it a great place to find singles that actually live in Atlanta!
  4. Steam House Lounge – Steam House is one of the oldest bars/lounges in Atlanta, though they did relocate in 2008. The move has only enhanced the atmosphere at the Steam House – a place where you can get cold drinks and delicious seafood that would make a Bostonite blush. Our favorite thing about the Steam House is the focus on meeting new people and growing as a community. If you want to meet singles in Atlanta, The Steam House is a great choice of venue .
  5. Gaja- If you want a slightly more exotic bar experience, check out the Gaja Korean Bar. The food is impeccable, the drinks are delicious, and you can find singles that are just as adventurous when it comes to cuisine. If you are Korean yourself, Gaja can make you feel a little more like you are at home. It is a must stop for any single looking to mingle!

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Atlanta

Want more ideas on places to meet singles? Here are some of the most peculiar places we found that are actually amazing for meeting singles in Atlanta! 

Enjoy the Exhibits at the Fernbank Museum 

There is something to be said for a place where you can meet new people, avoid the blistering Atlanta heat, and learn something all at once. That’s why we love the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Not only is it one of the most beautiful natural history museums in the US, but finding singles with similar interests is a breeze when you literally meet them inside of a building filled with those interests. 

Catch a Show at The Alliance Theatre

If you are interested in the performing arts but don’t have a Broadway budget, catch all the season’s best shows at the Alliance Theatre. Before the show starts and during the intermission you will be able to lounge around the common area and mingle with other Atlanta singles. You’ll even have a built in idea for a first date since you know they like the Theatre!

Make Your Single Life Disappear at the Atlanta Magic Theater

Whether you love or hate magic, the atmosphere at the Atlanta Magic Theater is perfect for meeting new people! The shows aim to make you laugh, which will put you in the right mindset for taking the leap to talk to an intriguing stranger. There’s no better place to feel the magic of romance than at a magic show! 

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