What’s It Like Dating a Lawyer?

If we had to guess, you fall into one of three categories—you’re just starting out a relationship with a lawyer, you’re interested in trying to meet a lawyer, or you’ve just gotten done binge watching Law and Order or Suits and you’re curious how things really are.

No matter which of these camps you fall into, this blog is for you. We’re going to take a look into the world of smart legal minds and talk about what it’s like dating a lawyer or an aspiring lawyer in law school. We’ll talk pros, cons, where to meet single lawyers, and the day to day details you need to know to be successful.

Young lawyer at her computer next to the scales of justice

The Best Places to Find a Lawyer to Date

If you’re reading this article because you’re interested in meeting a lawyer, we can help. Below, you’ll find a link to our dedicated page on the best dating sites for lawyers. But you’re not a lawyer, you’re looking FOR a lawyer?

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The Pros of Dating a Lawyer

The first step to understanding what it’s like to date a lawyer is to look at the positive perks that come with the territory! Here are the biggest pros to dating a lawyer or someone in law school.

  • Always sound legal advice – While you shouldn’t take advantage of your legal boo (especially early in the relationship), there’s nothing wrong with getting good information from a reliable source when you have questions. Don’t look to use your significant other for free legal services, but when you’re dating a lawyer, there’s nothing wrong with curing your curiosity with a correct answer.
  • You’ll be dating someone with style – When lawyers go into the court room, their appearance is important. One of the best pros of dating a lawyer is they’re going to have a great sense of style (or at least someone who has helped them fake it till they make it)! Just imagine meeting your man or woman for drinks after work and they roll in with a flashy suit, pant suit, or business skirt ensemble.
  • You’ll be dating someone financially sound – Most lawyers make pretty good money. And even if you’re dating someone eating ramen noodles to get through law school, they’ve got a sweet paying gig waiting on the other side of that bar exam. While you should never date someone for their money and you should also never expect someone to pay for everything, there are a lot of nice perks and less worries that come with dating someone who is financially sound.
  • They can talk the talk – If you’re tired of dating people who are bad at communication, that’s not the case with an attorney. Dating a lawyer is like dating someone who is a professional communicator. Sure, they might be able to beat you in a debate, but they are also very good at relaying their feelings, thoughts, and opinions clearly.
  • Compromise masters – Relationships often are about compromise. When people ask what’s it like dating a lawyer, one of the most exciting things to tell them is how great they are at compromise. Lawyers are masters at identifying win-wins and helping everyone involved in a situation come out better on the other side.

The Cons of Dating a Lawyer

It can be tempting only to talk about the good stuff when looking at what it’s like to date a lawyer. However, that’s not a realistic approach. If you want to have a successful relationship with an attorney, you have to be prepared to handle the good with the bad. It’s that compromise we alluded to, remember?

Here are some of the drawbacks, cons, and potential challenges when you’re dating a lawyer or someone in law school.

  • Long hours – Even though the courts close at 5 PM every day, that doesn’t mean the job ends for an attorney. When you’re dating an attorney, you can expect them to have some long days, especially during trials or near deadlines. While they may make it home every night on those days, it will probably be super late and their minds will probably be mush.
  • Stress – Unfortunately, part of the reason that lawyers are paid so well is because they tackle stressful work. The culmination of months or years of hard work can hinge on a single second decision by the jury. And while their stress at work won’t directly affect you, it may come home with them from time to time.
  • Potentially high profile – If you’re dating a lawyer who gets involved in a higher profile case, you can expect to see them thrust into the limelight. Is this necessarily a con? Not really. But if you’re not someone who likes to be the center of attention (and possibly negative attention for no reason), it certainly is.

So, What’s It Like Dating a Lawyer?

With all of that information, or dare we say evidence (since we’re talking lawyers and all), what’s the day to day of dating a lawyer like? Well, it’s largely similar to dating anyone in many other professions. If it’s early in the relationship, you’ll be able to go out on weekends or maybe for happy hour. They’ll probably be limited on late nights out, at least during the week.

As you get more and more into the relationship, you’ll probably learn more about their job. You may have to cancel plans from time to time because something at the office comes up. And you should be ready for the fact that sometimes they might not be legally allowed to talk about aspects of their work.

But outside of that stuff, lawyers are just people! They have to eat, they like to have fun, and they have emotions. Yes, they may have a higher profile career than some, but at the end of the day, it’s like dating a normal person.