Top 5 Dating Apps that Work

The sea of dating apps on the market is seemingly endless. Many of these apps are low-quality, unsafe, and have terrible success rates. They pull in users with their shady advertising and then give the entire online dating industry a bad reputation. We are here to tell you that online dating can and does work! 

Keep reading to learn about some dating apps that actually work and to find tips on determining which dating app is perfect for you!

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What Makes A Successful Dating App?

  • A High Number of Quality Singles
  • Track Record of Successful Matching
  • High User Satisfaction
  • Features are Helpful and Consistently Updated
  • Pricing Tiers Actually Make Sense

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1. A High Number of Quality Singles

These apps aren’t going to trick you into paying for matches that don’t exist. They all have huge user pools so you don’t have to settle due to lack of options. 

2. Track Record of Successful Matching

These apps are all consistently praised for their impressive numbers regarding matches that have led to long-term relationships and marriage. 

3. High User Satisfaction

Whether looking at reviews for these sites or their apps, users are consistently impressed what they have to offer. 

4. Features are Helpful and Consistently Updated

These apps don’t add features and then leave the platform unchanged for years. The moderators and developers work hard to ensure these apps keep up with modern dating needs through updated features and amenities. 

5. Pricing Tiers Actually Make Sense

When a dating app doesn’t actually have anything to offer, their pricing tiers are a bit nonsensical and don’t have much to show for each payment level. The apps on our list actually offer benefits to those wanting to pay for higher-tier service, but are still functional at their base/ least-expensive levels. 

Why Some Dating Apps Don’t Work

1. You’re Not on a Quality Dating Site

Creating a bare-bones dating site is a fairly easy endeavor, which means many people have tried that avenue for a way to make quick money. Unfortunately, they often don’t put in the work to keep their platforms updated, safe, or even functional. This can lead to users wondering why online dating isn’t working for them, when in reality it is the dating site’s fault, not theirs. 

2. You’re Using the Wrong Site for You

Not all dating sites are created equal. Some sites are great for religious singles seeking marriage, others are meant for a mature crowd with established life plans, and there are even sites for those wanting to find a partner in another country. Depending on what your goals and needs are, you may have far more success with one dating site over another.

3. You Aren’t Doing Your Part

Online dating takes more than throwing up a picture and some bio info and waiting for the dates to roll in. You need to put in the same effort into establishing your profile and seeking matches as everyone else. Then, actually stick around to reply to messages and initiate conversations. It doesn’t take hard work, but it does take some work. 

4. You’re Not Taking Advantage of the Right Features

Each dating site will have specific features that aid in matching, searching, and communication. You don’t want to ignore these features because they have been created to make your experience better and easier. If you aren’t sure how to use these features, reputable sites have customer service reps always willing to help. 

5. Too Niche of a Site

Niche dating sites can be a lot of fun for those with a specific preference, but they also narrow your search pool by huge percentages. You can actually have much better results by using mainstream dating sites and using search features and filters to narrow the results down to the singles you are most interested in. 

What Dating App Has the Highest Success Rate?

Though all the apps on our list are consistently successful at creating loving relationships, the highest success rate in the industry belongs to eHarmony. Maybe it is their complex matching algorithm or their years of experience, but they manage to create more long-term relationships and happy marriages than any other dating app on the market. 

How Can I Find a Dating App that Works?

The best way to make sure you are using a dating app that will work for you is by knowing what it is you want. Take a little self-inventory and reflect on your dating needs and goals. Once you know what it is you are looking for, you can use our best dating app breakdown to find the perfect app for you. 

No matter your age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or anything else, we can show you a dating app that you’ll love. Look through our list of over 60 categories and find all the info you need to make the best choice. It takes a little bit of effort, but the research is definitely worth it! When you use an app that works, finding love gets so much faster, easier, cheaper, and fun!

How Dating Apps Work

Dating apps are not all made the same, but the reputable sites on our list of the top 5 dating apps that work all have a similar functional approach. They start by using their version of a matching algorithm to narrow down their pool of singles to those that will work for you. 

Some sites do this through easy personality questionnaires, others use abstract psychometric assessments to learn more about your personality than you may even know yourself. These results are  compared to the results from other users along with your specific wants. 

“Specific wants” refer to requests regarding proximity, religious beliefs, education level, hobbies, etc.

Once your first set of matches are found, you can search through and find singles to contact. You may also receive messages from singles who found you. Some sites require that interest be shown on both ends before a conversation can take place. 

Once communication begins, online dating is all about building friendships remotely and creating bonds to help you find which match has real relationship potential. 

Communication can be held through the app and is typically encrypted and secure. This is a great way to keep yourself safe, and we recommend using this option versus giving out your personal contact information. 

How Dating Apps Work – The ELI5 Version

Great dating apps show you singles that have potential to be a good partner for you. You pick the people you like from their options and chat with them to build a base for potential romantic relationships.  

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