How to Search Dating Sites for Singles More Effectively

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Have you ever heard the cliché phrase, “So close, but so far away!” If you haven’t, from now on if anyone asks you that question you can say yes. The phrase refers to times that you are so close to what you are looking for, but because of one little factor or mistake, you’re never going to find what you’re looking for.

While we aren’t the biggest fans of cheesy cliché phrases, this one is perfect for what we want to talk about today. Too often, we hear stories of people who join online dating sites to find love and just can’t seem to find anyone they are interested in. After asking them a few questions, it becomes evident that the problem is not the site or the people on it, but that our hero doesn’t know how to use the search functions properly to find what they’re looking for.

To help you out, we’ve included a few tips below to help you go from a searching beginner to a searching ninja. It’s easy to make mistakes dating online, but thankfully, they’re easy to fix and increase your results.

Use the Advanced Features Tab

On almost every dating site, they have a button towards the bottom of the search page that will expand a list of advanced search features. For some reason, people miss this a lot and think that all you can search with is the gender and location of a person.

This is a big mistake. The advanced feature will let you look by hobbies, specific preferences, physical traits, and so much more. If the site you’re on does not have this, you might want to click on our list of top sites below and get with the times 🙂

Usually, this is a small plus sign or a little down arrow that you click, and it opens up a bunch of options for you. Take a second and look for it on the site you are using. If you happen to be on a site with no search function, this tips also goes for the preferences area of the site. You can update a ton more than you might think at first glance.

City Settings vs. Zip Codes

We can’t think of a single online dating site that doesn’t allow you to sort your matches by location and proximity. One thing that you may want to do if you aren’t seeing what you’re looking for is to expand the number of miles out you’re willing to date. If that is not an option, you can try searching by city instead of zip codes or vice versa. A lot of times it can show you some new results as sometimes the labeling of cities can be stranger than you’re aware of.

Search Regularly

The absolute best tip that we can give you, though, is to search regularly. If you search all of the matches today, will you see the people that join tomorrow? Nope. With thousands of people joining online dating sites every single day, the search results will constantly be growing and constantly be changing.

Does this mean that you need to search every single day or maybe even hourly to make sure you see everyone? No! All you have to do is periodically check back through the matches if you haven’t found anyone yet that peaks your interest.

One Last Thought…

The last thing we want to say is be careful with your newfound searching skills that you don’t turn into a quantity-chaser. Remember, it only takes one special person to change the rest of your life. You don’t need thousands of people; you only need one of the right people. Heck, some of us struggle to keep up with one person anyways 🙂 We wish you the best of luck and hope these tips help you in your journey of finding Mr. Right or Ms. Right.

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