Pros and Cons of The League Dating App

If you asked us to put a label on The League dating site, we’d have to slap on a VIP designation. It’s an elite service for singles searching for love but established in other areas of their lives.

You could say that The League is to dating apps, what LinkedIn is to social media. In fact, it’s one of the few, if not the only one, that lets you use LinkedIn in the verification process. So, if you’re a discriminating single looking for someone in a similar stage of life, then check out our lists detailing the pros and cons of The League

By the time you finish this short read, you might see enough in the pros column to check “find a dating site” off your to-do list.

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The League’s Pros and Cons are Unmatched

As we walk you through the pros and cons of The League, bear in mind the service’s exclusivity, as you may be inclined to swap some of them at first glance.

For example, a lengthy vetting process might be a con in a typical dating app, whereas users of The League appreciate safety and security. The extensive verification process might be time-consuming and maybe even a little frustrating, but it takes fake profiles out of the equation.

Another consideration is that The League is a quality over quantity club. The goal is to save members time by proposing only the best of the best matches. So, if you’re someone who prefers a long list of choices, this particular site probably isn’t the best. However, if you are discerning and appreciate a narrower but superior dating pool, then keep reading.

Pros of The League

  • Enhanced privacy and security
  • Concierge support
  • Wider age range
  • League Live events
  • Optional tickets to expedite the process
  • Free trial
  • High ratings

Private and Secure

While there are quite a few benefits to becoming a part of The League, one of the all-around best is the safety, privacy, and security.

If you’ve used other dating apps, you know there’s always the possibility of coming across bogus profiles. And, of course, there’s nothing foolproof. But there’s very little chance of that happening within The League community. That’s because there’s an extensive verification process. Potential users are waitlisted, and The League approves each registration individually.

The higher price is also a deterrent to anyone not interested in legitimately participating in the service.

Concierge Support

Yes, concierge is a more upscale way of describing The League’s customer service specialists. But when you’re looking for a VIP experience, every tiny detail matters.

The concierge support, particularly for paid members, is attentive and helpful. So, you never feel like you’re alone as a part of the club.

Wider Age Range

There are more members in their late 20s than any other age within this particular dating community. However, The League changed its membership rules a few years back, extending an invitation to singles over 40.

League Live Events

What is League Live?

The easiest way to understand the concept is to think of it as virtual speed dating. On Sundays and Wednesdays, League members can participate in two-minute online dates.

It’s the same premise as with in-person events. You get just two minutes to sell yourself and evaluate the other person before the prompt to switch partners. As The League doesn’t overwhelm with potential matches, Live Events are great opportunities to widen the field.

Make Power Moves

In addition to League Live, you have some options to speed up the matchmaking process if you’re willing to make a few purchases.

League Tickets are used for Power Moves or elevating your profile status. You can also use them for additional introductions and other opportunities.

Free Trial

We’ve got some good news and bad news regarding The League’s free trial.

The good news is that there is one, and you’re welcome to try to take advantage of it. But, the word “try” is your hint on the free trial bad news front. Not everyone is accepted into The League’s dating community.

In addition to the waitlist, your application has to be approved. Now, you can expedite things by going all-in with a paid plan. But, even then, every potential member is vetted.

High Ratings

Actual users of The League’s exclusive online dating service overwhelmingly provide positive feedback and high marks. And, if you’ve read our comprehensive review of The League here at Healthy Framework, you’ll see that we agree.

We don’t compare The League to other dating apps. Instead, we provide you with detailed impressions of every aspect of the service, and you’ll see that there’s a lot to like.

Cons of The League

  • Not available in all locations
  • Comparatively high priced
  • Waitlists


Even though it’s an online dating service, location still matters. After all, if you live in Philadelphia, you’re probably not enthused about meeting singles in Los Angeles.

The League covers quite a bit of territory in the US, Canada, Europe, and worldwide. However, the doors aren’t open everywhere. So, if you’re interested in getting on the waitlist, we advise that you check out currently active markets first.


The pricing is on the negative side of the list of pros and cons of The League. However, it’s also the catalyst behind quite a few of the benefits.

The League is one of the highest-priced dating apps you’ll come across. But, again, it targets singles who are established and willing to pay. So, even with the free trial, potential members have to be approved.


You could compare waitlisting to the pricing aspect, as it’s both a pro and con.

Even if you’re willing to pay for a premium membership, you’re still starting in the virtual queue. However, prepaid registrants have access to coaching that’ll help build a desirable profile. So, you start behind the ropes but then move to the front of the line ahead of free trial applicants.

More Benefits to The League

We’ve just hit the highlights of what we’ve identified as the pros and cons of The League. It’s an exclusive membership club and a proven way to meet other singles you feel are in your “league.”

You know the saying “you get what you pay for,” and it holds in this case. If you’re willing to invest, you could consider The League as your personal dating assistant. You’ll have access to scheduled video dates and a top-notch list of other singles with similar life experiences and priorities.