Pros and Cons of

If you ask anyone, married or single, to name online dating services, will undoubtedly end up in the top three. When it launched in 1995, it paved the way for an explosive new industry.

Along the way, Match has had its share of successes with new ways to communicate and a better algorithm. But it’s also experienced bumps in the road, primarily caused by holes in its screening process. So, we’ve decided to focus on both the pros and cons of That way, you can make an informed decision on which outweighs the other.

Also, if you decide the site isn’t the best of fits, we’ve included some great alternatives for you to check out!

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Pros of

  • Compatibility Percentage
  • Reverse Matching
  • Events
  • First-rate App Experience
  • Match Guarantee
  • The Most Established Service

Compatibility Percentage

Let’s say that religion is important to you, and you’d never date a smoker. Isolating that information in other Match single profiles can be tedious.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend too much time on research because one of the pros of is that the service does most of it for you. It compares likes and dislikes and assigns a percentage based on similar priorities and goals.

So, instead of reading through hundreds of profiles, you can go straight to the best matches. Another benefit of the compatibility percentage is that you can reevaluate your profile if you see your numbers are consistently low.

Reverse Matching

If you’ve used other services, you’re used to receiving lists of singles that closely align with your wish list.

But’s reverse matching not only narrows the field based on your perspective but others. The list you receive sticks to people looking for your specific traits. Let’s revisit the religion and non-smoker example. With reverse matching, your proposed singles are also searching for non-smokers who prioritize religion. Events

Our pros list of wouldn’t be complete without including Match Events, taking online dating offline. It’s one of the twists that take this dating service to a new level.

Actual users host some of the events. So, if you’re a registered member and you want to get a group of local singles together, you can propose an activity. If Match gets behind it, it’ll spread the word to members in your area.

These outings are the number one benefit of for anyone who prefers the face-to-face vetting process.

First-rate App Experience

Most of today’s dating sites have a corresponding app. Some are even entirely app-based and forego the website alternative.

But gives users the option. While you can grab your laptop and build your profile, you can just as quickly take out your smartphone and video chat with a potential match. For the most part, users are complimentary about the app experience. It even gives you an option to check in with family and friends when you’re on your way to a first date as an added safety precaution.

Match Guarantee

While isn’t the most economical option, the Match Guarantee is enticing.

The Match Guarantee establishes a refund policy if you’re coming up short in the love department. If you don’t end up with any matches in your first six months, you’re entitled to your money back.

We’re sure you’d rather have that special someone, but who would say no to money back, right?

The Most Established Service

We’re rounding out our pros list with its longevity. launched in 1995 and is the leader in online dating. It has one of the most familiar names and promotes millions of users around the world. So, it’s an excellent choice for singles who want a massive dating pool.

Cons of

  • Restrictions on Trial Membership
  • History of Fake Profiles and Messages
  • Inactive Free Users
  • Comparative Success Rate

Restrictions on Trial Membership

Free is an eye-catching word. We all love the idea of getting something for nothing. But if you’re intent on finding someone for a serious relationship, free might not be your best way to go.

You can set up a profile and start touring However, you’re going to bump into restricted areas as you make your way around.

One of the most frustrating things about trial use is the lack of messaging. So, someone could catch your eye, but you have no way of communicating without upgrading. Free users can receive messages, but they can’t send them.

History of Fake Profiles and Messages

Let’s face it. Online dating is never going to be perfect, as even sites with the tightest security run into issues with hackers, catfishers, and other disreputable users.

But we include fake profiles on our cons list as the issue has come up frequently over the years. Additionally, the FTC sued the dating service in 2019, alleging that Match created false messages to entice free members to pay.

We mentioned that trial users couldn’t send messages. So, the suit claimed that sent free users false communication. The correspondence led them to believe that quite a few singles were interested in them, prompting a plan upgrade.

Yes, the dating service has been called out for deceptive practices, leading it to evolve its registration process and service. But, it’s something to keep in mind if you decide to join the Match community.

The good news is that users report that it’s pretty easy to distinguish a fake profile from a legitimate one.

Inactive Free Users

Another one of the cons of is the way that inactive users are handled.

If you’re a free member and move on to another dating site or you’ve already found your perfect match, your profile stays active in the community. That might not be a big deal to you. However, it skews the number of active users. So, promoting four million users in the US isn’t accurate as there could be a million inactive profiles.

Comparative Success Rate

Long-term relationships are both a pro and con of Match has a relatively high matchmaking success rate. Some of that is sheer volume. With millions of users, love is definitely in the air.

However, there are sites like eHarmony that fare better in the marriage department boasting a low divorce rate.

That’s why we’ve decided to include a few alternatives below.

You Might Appreciate Some Alternatives

Without a doubt, has a relatively high success rate, and that includes long-term relationships as well as casual dates. But when it comes to lifetime commitments, eHarmony has a slight edge.

Other alternatives come in with lower pricing or different features that you might find even more appealing.

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